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Eddie B 9:33 Sun Oct 15
Toni Martinez
Scored a hattrick today for the U23s.

With the Geordie bumper out on Friday, surely he deserves a place on the bench, or will our tactical genius stick Ayew up front.

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swindon hammer 8:24 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
I don't have a problem with Martinez not being in the squad at this moment because we have 3 strikers who are fit and 2 of them are in form.

I do have a problem with Bilic when the only attacking player we had on the bench against Brighton was Ayew and he chose to have 4 defenders on the bench instead of including Martinez or Nathan Holland on the bench.

Eerie Descent 8:13 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Whatever happens with Martinez, we're clearly in a much better place with our youth set up under Westley. We had stagnated so badly under Tony Carr, and I'm so glad the embittered father of a player who hasn't gone on to do anything was completely wrong about it all.

Lee Trundle 7:13 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Using that logic, then none of our team is ready for the Premier League as we were shit preseason.

Huffers 6:35 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
The perception is that u23 is a completely different level and he only scored 1 in pre-season with the first team so he isn't ready.

He doesn't even train with the first team.

Mart O 5:48 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
DJH 5:17 Fri Nov 3

Exactly. He's one paced and lazy. He can finish but he's got no movement, no tricks. He'd get found out big time if he moved up.

Northern Sold 5:42 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
I thought we was getting on Dancer.... big time... but you get in my face again... all for what?? Saying I don't think Martinez is ready... you need different prey you fucking weirdo...

Private Dancer 5:37 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
You have an obsessed personality mate. Take a step back.

Northern Sold 5:30 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
our wife?? I thought you was single... you know cruising the bars in downtown Bangkok... looking for a chick who is legal age (13) that does not have a cock?? You shocked me you fucking sweaty palmed individual...

Private Dancer 5:28 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Sold - If you are this nauseating in real life then fuck knows how our wife puts up with you.

Seriously, you're fucking boring.

Northern Sold 5:25 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
simon.s 5:05 Fri Nov 3

What I am hinting at is like the thread from teh Summer... virtually everyone on here was saying it was like the 2nd coming of the lord.... you know the best finisher we'll have at this club since Vic Watson... you know even though he had barely played for City... now this lad has gone out on loan ... not done a lot... yes has scored goals for the U23's... but with people like Herandez, carroll, Sakho and Ayew on mega bucks on the payroll they are all going to get a gig before him... be very few managers chucking this kid in who went out on loan and did fuck all...

boleyn8420 5:19 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Whenever I have seen him I have got the impression that he is a bit slow for the premier league. Nathan Holland on the other hand looks really good

Lee Trundle 5:18 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
easthammer 4:05 Fri Nov 3

I'd never want Westley to be the manager of our seniors. And I'd be concerned if Martinez was starting up front for us (I do think he should have been on the bench against Brighton though).

I just think he's doing a pretty good job considering the amount of grief he got on here for being a CLUB MURDERER, etc. It does seems like we've got a handful of decent prospects in the U23's. Something to be hopeful about.

DJH 5:17 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
I saw him play at a few games on loan at Oxford where to be honest I was left with them impression he was nothing more than a typical poacher who was pretty lazy without the ball much to the annoyance of his teammates in a couple of games and his taken off.

In the right team he might be useful but we are not that team and I doubt many Premier League teams are either in the current era, I think if he stays in this country he will not be playing regularly in the top flight based on what I have seen of him for Oxford and the U23's.

simon.s 5:05 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
It's nothing like it really, NS.

Iheanacho went for 25 million. This is a youngster who is already on our books and whether he deserves a chance in the 1st team.

Northern Sold 4:10 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
This thread has got a bit of the Iheanacho's about it... remember that thread back in July/August time.. anyway... this is a bit like that thread...

Eggbert Nobacon 4:06 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
wasn't that mainly said by a fella who's boy had been let go though Trundle?

easthammer 4:05 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
LT ( not that you suggested this)

but I doubt that the answer is as simple as

Westley to Manager
Martinez to Centre Forward

although in desperation we might start thinking that way.

Lee Trundle 3:51 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Terry Westley seems to be doing a fine job seeing as he was part of the whole "club killers" nonsense that was posted up here frequently.

easthammer 3:49 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Its not so much Bilic's judgement of who is a good player but his (or his coaching team ) to harness that ability that seems to be the problem.

ZaZa would seem to be a prime case in point.

Other players have managed to spectacularly under perform when they start playing for him. I fear Martinez might just be another one when he gets in the team.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:48 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Alex V 3:32 Fri Nov 3

Agree with that. Also how quick those that have had a chance fall out of favour.

Even worse than Allardyce, considering we actually have quite a successful crop in the u23's now.

simon.s 3:44 Fri Nov 3
Re: Toni Martinez
Eggbert Nobacon 2:49 Fri Nov 3

Very true. I’ve seen him twice now and he’s scored three goals, so he is doing something right.

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