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SilverSurfer 3:10 Mon Oct 16
BT contract renewal is too expensive now.

I want 'truly unlimited broadband, and line rental' only.

Any ideas of Real Deals Hammers?


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SilverSurfer 1:08 Tue Oct 17
Re: Broadband
thanks for your help folks, I reckon I'll leave it till the end of the last 30 days are closer then ring up to ask what to do, to end my contract.

We get a massive 3MBS btw.

SilverSurfer 1:04 Tue Oct 17
Re: Broadband
Hello W, bloody long time mate.

Wham1966 9:15 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
If you fancy plusnet, signup through Topcashback and get up to £85 cashback.

Sniper 7:59 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband

It was them who blamed it on the wifi!!!

wmc3205 7:28 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
have been with zen for years

now I am on a month to month contract for fttc
78mb down 18mb up

Trevor B 5:02 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband

did you have no luck speaking to the executive team??

Dr Moose 4:47 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Sniper 4:25 Mon Oct 16

What is the average speed in your area? (can check online).

0.5mbps is ridiculously slow, sounds daft but give your router a reboot (yes, turn it off and on again).

If you have a separate micro filter try replacing it.

Also try putting the micro filter in the test socket on your phone line (unscrew the plate, you should be able to see the socket)

When you get someone competent at Sky they will ask you to do this, you can at least say you have performed those troubleshooting tasks. They should also perform a line test to see if there are any problems on the line, it can be as simple as an incorrectly wired line, that although works, can be causing a problem with the speed.

Are you confident in logging into your router? (username and password details are usually on it) as you can perform some checks on that.

Sniper 4:25 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
I'm with sky at the moment and for the first time in 7 year s I'm having real issues with them

Broadband is so slow - last time I did a long test it came back at 0.5. Dial up was quicker than that.

So I did a screen shot and called to complain - when I sent the screenshot over they said 'oh that's because you're using wifi '


Thames Ironworks 4:23 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Alan 12:03 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband

I went with Zen, pretty good and customer service is better than BT.

Crap router though, suggest using the home hub as a wireless AP or buying a new router.

Claret Badger 4:03 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
hard to get a consistent strum going

Claret Badger 4:02 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
don't get virgin

since i've been with them I can't recall a day that the service has been up more than down

some days the fucking router resets itself 5 times an hour

Lee Trundle 2:03 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
"Plusnet is owned by BT"

Yes, but they're allowed to run their company without BT's interference. I can guarantee that BT will not be able to match the best deal Plusnet can offer you.

cygnet 1:50 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Plusnet is owned by BT

Joe C 12:48 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
What NS and Dr M said.

BT are desperate to keep customers so just tell them you’re off and they’ll do a deal. Got 40% off and free HD for the sports when I did it

Lee Trundle 12:05 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Go with Plunset.

They'll always be cheaper than BT, and their call centres are UK based which is always a bonus.

Alan 12:03 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
From Love Money:-

New figures from Which? reveal that, once again, smaller broadband providers are thrashing the bigger names when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The service you get from the nation's broadband providers can vary massively. Which are the ones you can trust, and which are the worst offenders?

Consumer champion Which? regularly surveys thousands of internet users to compare experiences with various broadband providers.

Once again, the only company that performed worse than BT in the customer satisfaction survey is TalkTalk with Plusnet 3rd worst.

The results show that smaller suppliers are dramatically upstaging some of the biggest names in the industry.

Zen Internet and Utility Warehouse are rated by Which? as they offer packages which don't tie the customer down and are considered good value for money.

Dr Moose 11:57 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Agree with what NS said, BT will drop the price if you threaten to leave as the competition is much better than it was. You've even got Sky pushing out unlimited for £18 a month with a max speed of 17mbps; depending on what speeds you're getting now, you can find better deals in the £24.99 a month bracket if your current speed is a lot higher than 17mbps. if you want the fastest speeds out there then look at Virgin in the first instance as Sky's Fibre Max is £38 a month.


Northern Sold 11:52 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Barter with them... just like you would with SKY... I told them they was way to expensive said I was going to leave... got 40% off in the end...

SnarestoneIron 11:09 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Try PlusNet.

PS how much porn do you watch to need totally unlimited??? :-)

Queens Fish Bar 9:33 Mon Oct 16
Re: Broadband
Deals localised dwpending on service avaiilable.

Try moneysavingexpert.com

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