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charleyfarley 6:49 Mon Oct 16
Newcastle up for sale

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rumford 4:43 Mon Oct 23
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Talk is cheap as they might end with someone similar to Ashley,To be fair to him he stated on a number of occasions that he will only spend the revenue that the club generates which is less than we do, not his own personal wealth
He could have course like City circumvented FFP with a dodgy stadium sponsorship deal but chose not to.
We of course can't do that as Johnson pointed earlier due to the fact we don't own the LS thanks to Levy /Hearn.
I suppose its still possible we will own the stadium one day but why would our owners want to buy it when
they have more than trebled their investment already.

Private Dancer 4:36 Thu Oct 19
Re: Newcastle up for sale
So is Staveley interested in buying Newcastle herself, I thought she was just the middle man?

goose 6:22 Wed Oct 18
Re: Newcastle up for sale
£400m buys you Newcastle while you need double that to buy West Ham according to tits McGhee

roltrader 5:42 Wed Oct 18
Re: Newcastle up for sale
400 Million and at least 4 potential buyers

british is best 7:07 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
No doubt the ridiculously long list of closeted yids on this website. Will proclaim the geordies as bigger .just hope real Madrid cave their poofy unimportant cunts heads in tonight. IRONS .

Jim79 6:48 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Not true comma, it was one piece in the puzzle that would certainly have helped increase their appeal though......but you know that. Many more pieces needed like the right buyer and they certainly had that.

, 6:07 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Well Newcastle have a custom built football stadium so according to your theory they will be the next Man City. Only one more piece of the puzzle needed then.

Jim79 5:45 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
From an investment perspective they will be attractive to the right buyer.

One team city so a guaranteed flow of, as Brady likes to call them, customers. They will also be considered a pretty well known brand around the world due to previously high profile players they have had, distinctive barcode strip and the Goal films which although shite and a marketing exercise by Adidas will have gained them exposure. Not quite sure Green Street and the GSE will have done the same for us.

We obviously also represent value for investment obviously but all this who's the bigger club rubbish is pretty pointless. Who would have thought Man City were the ripe opportunity they have now become. Needless to say it only came about because of a stadium they owned that was properly reconfigured after being used for athletics.

Gavros 5:32 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
tied in with all that bollocks about them being a sleeping giant years ago. Now far less the case and both Sheffield teams, Leeds and Bristol teams more 'sleeping' than they are.

Yarmouth 5:22 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Listening to talksport this morning about this. The geordies + loads of other 'neutral fans' all calling in with the same theme - 'Newcastle are a massive club with a great stadium, fantastic city and fantastic fans'.

a. Why are they are a massive club? When was the last time they won anything apart from promotion?

b. Great stadium? How? We have a much better stadium (albeit the majority of us can't stand it) than those mugs (& yes, this is going where you think it is)

c. Fantastic city? Better than London?

d. Fantastic fans? Why? Better than most other prem clubs fans? Are they fuck.

I would consider we're a bigger club than fucking Newcastle, with a better team, better stadium, and much. much better fans.

Fuck 'em - mugs

ludo21 3:45 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
According to talksport this morning, Ashley is a Spurs supporter, so NO.

RM10 2:58 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
potentially to earn money we are a better bet of a takeover than Newcastle, but i think the bubble has burst and there will not be a rpt of a Man City.

, 1:28 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Ashley could not afford to buy us but if he somehow managed to the stats suggest he'd be worse than Gollivan are for us. Stewarding Newcastle to two relegations for a start.

Woodford Green 1:00 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
would he foot the bill for a new/redeveloped stadium? I doubt it so it would be a no for me

Johnson 12:26 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
He's not Gold and Sullivan so I'd be all for it.

gank 12:20 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Not suggesting any possibility, but what would we think about Ashley trying to buy West Ham?

J.Riddle 1:29 Tue Oct 17
Re: Newcastle up for sale
At least Ashley realises he can't compete with the multi-Billions of the top 4-6. This is someone who was worth more than Branson a year or two ago, although his wealth has dropped he is still worth approx £2.5bn, about a billion more than the 2bobs.

Meanwhile the deluded 2bobs carry on shopping in the bargain basement for freebies, loans and out of contract dads army types, while continuing to collect the £120m TV monies for coming somewhere above 17th and milking it for years to come, not bad work if you can get away with it.

yngwies Cat 11:38 Mon Oct 16
Re: Newcastle up for sale
I think a joint Viz and that Indian bloke what owns the hottest curry in Newcastle and beyond could be potential backers.

pdbis 10:15 Mon Oct 16
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Gazza has offered a can of lager, a dressing gown, a fishing rod, a packet of cigs, a couple of meat pies with dog shit added to them.

geoffpikey 9:59 Mon Oct 16
Re: Newcastle up for sale
How much for? Do you scan the shirts to find out?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:57 Mon Oct 16
Re: Newcastle up for sale
Don't think Goldie ever lived at 442 Gallowgate, so it's not happening, mate.

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