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yngwies Cat 11:43 Mon Oct 16
BBC4 Vietnam
Just catching it now...

It's good....no Rambo.

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Eddie B 5:24 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
OK superb, taped it. I'll watch it tomorrow night.

Northern Sold 12:37 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Well worth it Trunds...

Lee Trundle 12:32 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
I'm gonna BINGE watch these at the weekend, hopefully.

Northern Sold 12:27 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Last nights... 8 I think?

Eddie B 12:27 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Shit, what episode was My Lai in? Missed it.

AKA ERNIE 12:13 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
sold horrific mate im a short cunt but couldnt stand up in some of them.
Only the entrances have been widened to get in but theyre still a squeeze.

Northern Sold 11:51 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Ern... they was talking to a GI last night whose job was to go down the tunnels and fight with them hand to hand...does not even bare thinking about that...

Infidel 11:50 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
The VC were undoubtedly a very effective guerrilla army, but after the fall of Saigon they turned vast swathes of the population into slaves, forcing city dwellers into the fields to dig and farm whist armed VC guards pointed guns at them.

South Vietnam was no paradise before 1975 either of course. The government was corrupt and incompentent and the US military turned Saigon into a gigantic playground where alcohol, drugs and prostitution replaced the genteel cafe society of the former French colonialists.

But even the excesses of the American GIs were as nothing compared to the horrors of life under the communists. All forms of personal freedom were suppressed, property confiscated and any form of dissent punished by death.

Anyone who glorifies the VC as freedom fighters is just ignorant of what came next after the helicopters evacuated the last Americans from the embassy roof.

Bungo 11:41 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam

Bungo 11:41 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
My wife visited Virtnam about 20 years ago. She was taken to see the tunnels.

Apparently they've widened some specifically so Western tourists can get in and have a look. :)

AKA ERNIE 11:40 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
went down some of the tunnels last yr in vietnam fucking scary ßtuff fuck knows how they lived down there

Northern Sold 11:35 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Been an absolute brilliant piece of TV... the stuff on the My Lai massacre was fucking grim... how the fuck only one man was made accountable for that is beyond me... and teh helicopter pilots that saved the villagers were castigated by a load of congress as traitors?? WTF!! Anyway absolutely brilliant piece of TV.... also worth watching is the Tom Hanks produced `The Sixties' on SKY Arts...

yngwies Cat 9:56 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Yes mate really well done. Some of the stuff about the massacres was pretty grim :-(

The Kronic 9:55 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
It's superb, especially as it provides the point of view from the North Vietnamese/VC for once.

normannomates 12:54 Tue Oct 17
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Viet cong were superb guriella fighters.
The tunnels they constructed were the work of genius.
Total head fuck for any oppo.

yngwies Cat 11:46 Mon Oct 16
Re: BBC4 Vietnam
Fuckin episode 7 ...how did I miss this

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