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White Pony 10:34 Tue Oct 17
A girl groped my cock in a Bristol nightclub in 1996 #MeToo

I wonder if I posted this on fucking TWITTER if it would banish the hurtful memory of that night 21 years ago? I mean, I should have taken her home but was fucking wankered.

Seriously though, hasn't this all got a bit out of hand? I really fucking hate Twitter.

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twoleftfeet 9:23 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
I’m starting a new twitter hashtag.


normannomates 2:45 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
We're all fucked lads.
You know it

Sydney_Iron 2:37 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
Oh, I see..

Think I have been the victim of abuse as well? Remember meeting a bit of a munter in a pub back when I was in my late 20,s, going back to her flat were her flatmate was home as well, I can still remember nearly suffocating as the flatmate sat on my face, whilst the girl I had met sat on my cock and forced me to penetrate her.

I survived obviously but it still brings back some haunting memory’s….


Gavros 2:29 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
I often wake up groggy on a weekend feeling shameful for allowing myself to be abused yet again.

By me

medwayhammer1 2:25 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
Whilst down the Casino Rooms in Rochester 15 years ago, I had my backside groped by a young lady who was several years younger than myself.Thought I had got over it and you have all brought it flooding back....cheers who


arsene york-hunt 2:23 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
A worker at Brixton roller skating rink fondled my bollocks. He was an Irishman who asked me to help him light the exit signs (gas) and lifted me up and did the dirty deed. I kicked him with my roller skate on his thigh and he let me go.

Where do I go for my compensation?

#Me Too

Alfs 2:08 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
Back in the late 70s when I was a teenager it was quite normal when, at the disco and the 'slowies' came on at ten to two, to grab a bird and dance to 'Knights in White Satin' or some such smoocher. During those three minutes you'd push your hard on into her groin to see if she pushed back. If she did, deal done. If she didn't, it was a trip to the burger van and a lonely walk home.

Would this be considered sexual assault nowadays?


Sydney_Iron 2:05 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
Whats with all the Anti Woman comments on WHO at the moment?

Some of you lot are like bunch of old Woman!!

normannomates 1:32 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
Darby 9.15
Listen in you cunt.
Grabbing some birds fat are on the dance floor doesn't even register compared to systematic and organised grooming by a whole community of muzzie shitcunts against white girls.

Hang your head you fucking scrote

normannomates 1:25 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
Basically an invite for every attention seeking nutty Doris to make shit up..and piss on the chips of the genuine cases.

Woman are weird

Takashi Miike 12:42 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
oh dear, more attention seeking from the resident fantasist cunt

BRANDED 12:38 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
I'm guessing men had it good for a while?

Fuck me so many pussies on here.

Takashi Miike 12:34 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo

Takashi Miike 12:33 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
just turned on question time and they talking about this now. umpteen shows of virtue signalling, one trying to out do the other with their disgust for men. just surprised they're nor adding 'white' to the label. the mentalness of these cunts hasn't got much further to go, soon even talking to these nutjobs will be classed as assault

Nurse Ratched 12:05 Fri Oct 20
Re: #MeToo
David Blaine now accused of rape.

I bet that police interview will be interesting

*remembers the Eamon Holmes debacle*

Hermit Road 11:52 Thu Oct 19
Re: #MeToo
Birds used to be big in grabbing your nuts in clubs when I were young. Just a random feel when they walked past. I got my own back though, they went cold as ice when I gave them the benefit of my stunning conversation. That showed them, keep away from the nuts or you’re in for a chat about the finer details of West Ham’s early 90s defensive frailties.

Wonder if the palais still has the cctv tapes, could be good for a few quid.

Nurse Ratched 11:40 Thu Oct 19
Re: #MeToo
Social media.

twoleftfeet 11:29 Thu Oct 19
Re: #MeToo
French women now naming and shaming men on twitter who they allege have sexually assaulted them.

No trial no nothing.

The Femi Nazis are taking over.

Willtell 2:54 Wed Oct 18
Re: #MeToo
because i thought it was a proper noun but see that i'm wrong so from now on i will stop using caps rather than offend you....

Coffee 10:42 Wed Oct 18
Re: #MeToo
Willtell 9:53 Wed Oct 18

Why a capital I for "Infidels"?

Willtell 9:53 Wed Oct 18
Re: #MeToo
Reply Darby_ 9:15 Wed Oct 18
"Sexual assault is no big deal unless it's done by Muslims."

So our western culture 'outs' one of the biggest sex pests in Hollywood who is rich and powerful and not a Muslim.

That for you Darby_ is seen as an opportunity to excuse Islamic sex pests that are far too numerous throughout the world from following their nasty cult that sees Infidels or westerners, as targets for sexual enslaving.

You sir are a complete cunt that should keep his pro-Islam views to himself or just fuck off to an Islamic forum.

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