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Pi Alpha Nu 11:30 Fri Oct 20
DPD delivery company
What a bunch of useless cunts this Company is!
Yesterday I was given a delivery time of between 14:15 and 15:15 but by 16:00 nothing has been delivered. I then found out by email sent to me by DPD at 14:45 that the driver could not find my address don't the cunts have sat nav or or a phone on them?
I don't hold out much hope of it arriving today either after reading the reviews of this company
Anyone else had problems with these cunts?

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kirok1 7:41 Sat Oct 21
Re: DPD delivery company
Bought a Mac and they were te deilivery company. Arranged a time and waited. After the time was up, the sent me a picture to confirm they attempted delivery, of a door that wasn’t mine.
Couldn’t get through to them on their number - no card, as they’d not come to my door, so went via Apple.
After they managed to contact them, they insisted that it was my house. Even though the door was different and I’d been in.
Rearranged delivery for a specific time when I’d be able to be in, on an evening delivery. Treble checked to ensure they were definitely sorted for that time slot...
Next day. Arrived 4 hours early. Luckily my son was in.

They’ve lost all sorts of things and failed to deliver others. Wine boxes. Cider boxes. Car parts...
The only company even vaguely as awful are Amazon’s own.

That said, their conditions and pay are frigging awful, so you pay peanuts, you get monkeys...

Queens Fish Bar 6:13 Sat Oct 21
Re: DPD delivery company
White Pony 4:53 Fri Oct 20

Posting on this thread contradicts your claim of paying zero attention.

Jim C 1:50 Sat Oct 21
Re: DPD delivery company
Every DPD driver I have ever encountered has been rude and obnoxious.

Last time they delivered something to us, we had a delivery time of 15.00-16.00. I was at football and my missus was going out for lunch with her Mum at 12.00 when the bloke turned up. When she said to him politely "lucky I had not already gone,I thought our time was 15.00". He just said "well fucking take it, I am here now" and just shoved the parcel in her hand before walking away.

Not long ago, I also witnessed a driver having a go at a shop assistant who was trying to explain she was dealing with a customer and he had to wait.

deanfergi 1:43 Sat Oct 21
Re: DPD delivery company
they're shit... said they'd tried to deliver and showed a photo of a block of flats in stratford rather than the terraced house in bow it was fucking due at... dipshit obnoxious driver cnut ...

Charoo 10:47 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
This is my business - I sell DPD, DHL, Fed ex and UPS services.

They ALL fuck it up on a regular basis and in spectacular style. Anything that has the human element and the automated aspect is a recipe for disaster.

To be fair when DPD works it’s very good, they are by far the best b2c carrier but when they get it wrong they are a horror show to deal with, customer service is horrendous and no service guarantee- weak outside the UK too.

lowermarshhammer 10:38 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Had a few hiccups with a few delivery companies. Nothing to get excited about. Only one company truly gives me the fear.

Parcel Farce

Retarded special needs fuckwits is a polite way to.decribe them.

FatboyChelseaScum 10:30 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
never had nothing but perfect service from DPD. So much so that I try and get everything delivered by them.

Yodel and UKMail are fucking clueless

Trevor B 5:52 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
The self employed muppets that amazon use can vary from poor to abysmal. one cunt keeps delivering parcels to a similar address (Warren vs Way) but with a totally different postcode.

Pi Alpha Nu 5:49 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Cough yes it's DPD, agree with all of you on Yodel.
I've now reported the theft.
Sounds like all DPD are good for is delivering dog food from Germany.

BRANDED 5:33 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
my DPD delivery man is a diamond and never had a problem

Stubbo 5:27 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
What Billy Go Wings said.

Also, DPD have an app that you can track your parcel on and the delivery driver. Think you might even be able to message the driver though it.

Billy Go Wings 5:24 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Never had an issue
Good service
Good tracking
Info and delivery window pretty spot on

In my opinion the best delivery company out there

And agree on yodel comments, they are fucking shit

White Pony 4:53 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
I know someone who works for them anf they sound like utter cunts to work for.

I have.no strong opinions on their delivery service though as I pay zero attention to such things.

WorldCupWilly 4:17 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
I order from zooplus.co.uk as they seem to be the cheapest for decent dog food and they use DPD rather than Yodel for delivery. For some reason it all gets shipped from Germany.

Dudley Moore 3:34 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Not had too many issues with DPD. Yodel on the other hand....

yngwies Cat 3:27 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
WorldCupWilly 2:51 Fri Oct 20

Organic Mince Morsels from Germany??


Country..dogs (black labs) ect..

Far Cough 3:12 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Pi, are you sure it's DPD and not Yodel?

DPD have a good reputation, whereas Yodel are utter shite

The Human Stain 3:07 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
only that one of their drivers blocked my office access for 20 mins and was highly unrepentant and rude about it. Don't use them as a result.

Mart O 2:54 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
You get dog food delivered from Germany ? What does it eat, organic vegetarian doggie bratwurst ?

WorldCupWilly 2:51 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Just had DPD deliver my black lab's food. Ordered on Tuesday and it get's shipped from Germany - got notification yesterday morning that it was going to be delivered that morning - went on the app and rescheduled for today. It arrived 20 minutes into the hour's slot I was sent this morning. Tracked him over the last hour or so - surprised how many deliveries they do in my neighbourhood.

Definitely the best out of ones that get used in our household.

Pi - as you asked in your original message "don't the cunts have a phone on them" seems as though he does - yours!

Pi Alpha Nu 1:37 Fri Oct 20
Re: DPD delivery company
Well the package has been delivered but the phone that was meant to be inside has been stolen. Fucking cunts!

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