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Mr Anon 1:25 Sat Oct 21
Mark Noble
Any way back this season? Personally thing we're worse without him - Obiang and Kouyate have gone backwards even though people on here were saying Noble's selection was costing us

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chedylan 2 12:46 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
Looked like a fan jogging about on the pitch 1st half.

Much better second.

We need better in our first 11 and we need it asap

master 12:43 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
i believe he's the first premier league player for west ham to reach 100 wins after yesterday.

well done mark.

Full Claret Jacket 12:13 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
I would imagine that managers such as Moyes appreciate players who will graft and stay disciplined. Mark fits the bill there and was a big part of why we got the result yesterday.
He's not spectacular, isn't going to dribble past players or score hatfuls of goals from midfield but managed correctly he still has a big part to play.

It's easy to say we should buy someone better but the reality is there have been a number of players who have come in during his time at the club and whilst some have been better technically, very few have shown they are consistently better.

I'm hoping the new training regime and focus on players roles extends Marks career and his involvement even if he isn't a regular starter.

Willtell 11:55 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
The thing is that Noble did OK yesterday and all the players have responded well to the new manager. They are clearly now playing to a game plan that Bilic never had.

Never mind Noble. It's the manager that is impressing me most. He is making decent substitutions and dropping players or just not picking them automatically (like Noble, Ayew and Carroll). No-one in the first team squad is now guaranteed a place and that's how it should be.

Even if we get nothing from Arsenal I'm not worried about relegation now thanks to Moyes.

master 11:35 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
Noble is likely to be used in a similar way to Leon Osman was used by Moyes towards the end of his career, imho.

Side of Ham 11:20 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
leer34 8:16


Fifth Column 11:18 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
My own guess about Noble's vastly improved performance is that he can't play every match. If he plays 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 he'll perhaps perform at the level he did yesterday. He's still a squad player though if we want to be a better team. A valuable squad player but a squad player nonetheless.

claret on my shirt 10:34 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
People say his legs have gone, according to MOTD he ran 12.9km yesterday the most any West Ham player has run this season, ok he ran it slowly but that's why he is our captain because he will die for that shirt.

Yarmouth 10:05 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
He had a very good game yesterday. He has 2 key qualities IMO -

1. is always being available as an outlet for a team mate thereby keeping possession.

2. Constantly niggles and hassles opposing midfield players and doesn't give them time on the ball.

His pass selection is sometimes poor and he hasn't got the legs to go box to box anymore but in the area between our box and the halfway line he's a very effective player.

Kayoute used to do this but has gone off the boil, Song did too but his pass selection was 1st class.

Maybe, just maybe, Moyes can use a system that enables Noble to perform at this level consistently.

It's what good managers do. I'm not saying that Moyes is that man, Fuck I want him to be, but it;s early days but in the last two games we have played far better football than under Billic in the last 3 months or so.

It could be the 'new manager' effect, it may be that Moyes is a better coach than Billic.

Time will tell..

Hermit Road 9:48 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
Leave it out, our midfield has been porous more times than not with Noble in it. At the moment though it is a real weak spot and you’re right, we need to identify another replacement, and actually spend the cash to get him in pronto.

Nicey 9:42 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
When noble isn’t in the side our midfield turns to jelly time and time again

He is the brains and heartbeat of the middle and sets the game. When he is on form we need him. He is aging and his best days are behind him but none of our midfielders are his natural replacement so we need to find that before we look beyond him.

ted fenton 9:23 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
Love Noble but IMO his Premiership days are over.

andyd12345 5:13 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
As long as you’re ‘satisfied’ Prancer


Private Dancer 4:48 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
Noble LOVES a London derby, always gives that bite extra, he's a bit of a throwback in that respect.

Did ok yesterday, I'm satisfied now that if Noble starts it's because he deserves, unlike under his old mate he won't start regardless. Same with Carroll, and I would imagine Carroll is missing someone bigging him up to the world that he's the Geordie Marco Van Basten.

ornchurch ammer 2:35 Sun Dec 10
Re: Mark Noble
Leer - you can't slag off Noble for not being Kante,
Virtually no one else covers the ground he does.

Mex Martillo 8:20 Sat Dec 9
Re: Mark Noble
Joey, I am a fan as well, todays sort of game is perfect for him, never stopped running and pressuring their midfield, that stopped them.

Northern Sold 8:18 Sat Dec 9
Re: Mark Noble
Was OK today.... lots of stray passes.... luckily enough CFC were so shit that it did not matter...

leer34 8:16 Sat Dec 9
Re: Mark Noble
Was there and very surprised lot people think he had a good game, midfield is where we csme under most pressure,
Lots of stray and underhit passes,
Anything remotely similar to kante is what we need,

joey5000 8:10 Sat Dec 9
Re: Mark Noble
I’m a big Noble fan and games like today are where he shines. I think if we are to progress to the ‘next level’ then we will have to move on from him... but as it is, he is a much better footballer than any of our other central midfielders (Lanzini aside).

jfk 8:00 Sat Dec 9
Re: Mark Noble
Hermit Road 7:53 Sat Dec 9
I think your mate is right.

Hermit Road 7:53 Sat Dec 9
Re: Mark Noble
My mate pointed out how poor his passing was today. I thought he had a point to be honest.

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