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Coffee 9:01 Sat Oct 21
Saturday football
How quickly optimism dissipates in the wake of a crushing home defeat to a lesser side. How readily interest wanes and a glass once assuredly half full can become as good as empty with little hope of replishment. The skies are dark, the winds are cold and wet and blowing into your face. Like waiting in the Upton Park tube queue. What a load of bollocks last night was. Now let’s see what’s going on today.

CHELSEA vs WATFORD (1230 ko)
They say there’s a rumpus at the Bridge. Talk of revolution’s in the air and of a manager insecure in his position. I wonder if he’d fancy a move across London? The thought awakens a momentary glimmer of hope. He’ll have his work cut out today against a high-flying team of buzzing insects and a boss who has exceeded all expectations so far this season. (I wonder if he’d fancy a move?) Chelsea will expect to win, but Watford have the confidence to inflict an upset. Could be a cracker. Home win.

Early season form has given way to that of Premier League pretenders. You have to feel a bit sorry for the Terriers, who seem to have now embarked on the path that many expected of them in August. Defence is the name of the game again today, and only complacency will prevent an emphatic away win.

The only question is how many times free-scoring Citeh will find the net today. That is, no doubt, also the question that has burned into Sean Dyche’s brain in recent days. He’s shown his ability to instil order and discipline in his side and he’ll have no greater test of that ability than at the Etihad. Tick tock. Home win.

An unexpected win at Chelsea has lifted Palace spirits – and expectations. But they’ll find St James Park a tough place to go and take three points. The more so as the Geordie mood has been lifted by the highly welcome For Sale sign hoisted at last by Mike Ashley. Will that good humour transmit itself to the players? Either way, they’ll be too good for the visitors. Home win.

Today’s Number One borefest. But one that is, sadly, not without interest to us and I suppose a home win would be the best outcome even if it would put us further behind the pack. Mark Hughes will hope his side can rebound after their Etihad debacle, while Eddie Howe will look for his first away point of the season. Home win.

And here’s the Number Two borefest, although it could be interesting to see how the Leicester players react to Shakespeare’s dismissal. Another game with relevance for us. Home win.

It’s hard to understand why this was picked for the late televised game, as it promises little in the way of excitement or goals. They could have chosen Stoke and Bournemouth instead. The Saints will hope to continue their second half performance of last week in which they scored twice, while you feel Mr Pullis will target no more than a point. Got a feeling the Saints will nick this, just, and get their season into much-awaited gear. Home win.

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Side of Ham 7:19 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Our crosses are like our team.....FLOATERS

Mr Anon 6:33 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Man Utd game was best one I've seen for a few years. Huddersfield had so much heart, can't believe I find myself jealous of their squad!

Chip Shop Charlie 6:33 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Huddersfield playing out of their skins...100 percent commitment. Our lazy team should be made to watch this match on Monday

terry-h 6:32 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
West Ham



irisiris95 6:31 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Great game at Huddersfield, my God they fight & run for 90 mins. Would love to see us do that

BRANDED 6:27 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Man U ag

irisiris95 6:16 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Lukaku has the ball out by the corner flag with a Huddersfield guy all over him, fires in an inch perfect cross to Rashford in between Huddersfield defenders. Perfect header - goal.

Now I wonder, what do we do in training?
Our crosses end up hitting the first defender even if the guy crossing has 10 meters of space around him.

nychammer 5:44 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Huddersfield, Bournemouth and Leicester all winning. Great weekend all round

terry-h 5:07 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
A bit hasty on my part. Stoke are below us on goal difference at the moment.


terry-h 5:04 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Leicester one up at Swansea.

Oh dear, bottom three for Sullivan's incompetents tonight.

Coffee 4:04 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
What a game...

Coffee 3:10 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Watford's attitude is impressive. They'll want to end the game on level terms or better. Have Chelsea trained for this?

Private Dancer 9:53 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
Will be mildly interesting to see if Palace continue to improve or return to the norm.

geoffpikey 9:49 Sat Oct 21
Re: Saturday football
We can climb the table today and tomorrow. This appears to be our current best strategy. Don't play.

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