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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

CaptainBlueAndClaret 11:53 Sat Oct 21
Someone save our Football Club.
Someone save our Football Club
An emergency worldwide broadcast by Hammer and Talk


I C&P a comment made by Johnson 2:58 Sat Oct 21;

“…the heart fell out of the Club, the manager and the players the minute we left (Boleyn Ground, Upton Park).

That final season was so strong and emotionally charged, it was almost the crashing end of a euphoric drug fuelled orgy.

We whacked as much of the stuff up our hooter as we could and it for a change rewarded us that season. Suddenly our dealer had gone and the new shit ain’t as good.

I reiterate, football is not about 11 highly paid robots on the pitch.

It’s about a Club mentality, it’s about the same old faces, it’s about the hundreds of local or otherwise (regardless of ethnicity) members of support and catering staff who made it tick, it’s about taking your feedback at source positive or negative, it’s about them being on top of you (less so lately but despite our internal negative view enough players from oppo have said now they don’t miss it must you divs realise) it’s about the community, it’s about pride.

We don’t have any of that anymore. That affects the team, absolute fact.

West Ham ain’t been that good in my 30 years of supporting them with nigh on 20 home and away. Did I ever doubt the club during that time? Rarely as we had a common cause.

The move to the OS has ripped that apart.

Do not forget the hundreds of stewards, security guards, receptionists, hotel staff, grounds men who were probably all West Ham fans before they joined and if not were after a few years.

Fucking loads of them made redundant, which was the board goal all along.

This is worst ever situation our Club has ever been in.

No heart, no passion, no history, no pride, no loyalty, no soul.

Berks Inc (THE THREE PLANKS, Gold, Sullivan & the Duchess of Knightsbridge) and their supporters did this to us.”

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Ronald_antly 1:35 Sun Nov 19
Re: Someone save our Football Club.

To be fair, that is an accurate assessment, and the players should recognise that, and work with Moyes to turn it around.

If any of them can't, then they should be moved on.

SilverSurfer 1:18 Sun Nov 19
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
DM quote

'It will not be easy to do that at West Ham - a side low on belief, sorely lacking cohesion and under the threat of relegation in a new stadium which is yet to feel like home.'

Yeah, that will rally the team. Fucking Mug.

Mart O 10:47 Sat Nov 18
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
, 10:34 Sat Nov 18

, 10:34 Sat Nov 18
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Zzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz

CaptainBlueAndClaret 9:45 Sat Nov 18
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Brady’s claims just don’t add up – Several clubs have outspent West Ham since 2015
by Christy Malyan

Few Premier League owners and executives are as outspoken and engaging as those at West Ham. From relentless activity on social media to earnest discussions and guest columns with national radio stations and newspapers, David Gold, David Sullivan and Karren Brady are more proactive than most in making their voices heard.

While that’s incredibly refreshing amid an era in which there’s greater disparity between footballers and fan bases than ever before, it inevitably opens them up to greater criticism than their many more silent counterparts at other Premier League clubs – especially when the narratives they offer don’t quite stack up to reality, coming across as mere propaganda to protect the decision-makers at the London Stadium.

Perhaps the greatest example came at the end of the summer, when Slaven Bilic was publicly blamed for West Ham failing to sign a defensive midfielder on deadline day despite being proposed some talented potential additions in Grzegorz Krychowiak and Renato Sanches. Bilic immediately refuted those claims – in fact, he literally laughed them off – while Sporting Lisbon director Nuno Saraiva insisted there were no deadline day talks over William Carvalho.

And the Croatian’s departure from east London after suffering a 4-1 humiliation at the hands of Liverpool has provided another telling case study. Karren Brady turned to The Sun to air her thoughts on what she describes as ‘one of the hardest’ decisions the board has made during their 25 years in football.

Part explanation and part justification of why Gold, Sullivan and herself had no choice, Brady claims West Ham have spent £100million on players since Bilic took charge of the team in summer 2015 – more than any club outside the Premier League’s top six.

But some simple research suggests those figures are wide of the mark. It’s not clear whether she’s discussing total spend or net spend, and whether things like agent fees, signing-on bonuses and other clauses are included in that sum as well. However, according to Transfermarkt, at least four Premier League clubs have produced a greater net spend than West Ham during that time, and at least two have committed to a greater total spend.

Transfer spending outside the top since 6 since 2015

Total Spend Net Spend
Watford £193m £118m
Everton £264m £103m
Crystal Palace £151m £98m
Bournemouth £117m £94m
West Ham £163m £82m
Stoke City £114m £68m

What will infuriate West Ham most is that the clubs to have outspent them are the calibre of team the Hammers should be competing with for a spot between the top six and the bottom half – Watford, Everton, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

Of course, the current positions of the latter three clubs highlights how spending isn’t everything – it’s a question of buying the right players at the right price – but the mini-table clearly challenges Brady’s claim that West Ham have been the Premier League’s most competitive non-top six outfit in the transfer market. In fact, their net spending averages out at just £27million per season under Bilic – about the amount West Ham paid for Marko Arnautovic a few months ago and Andre Ayew in summer 2016.

And unfortunately for Brady, Sullivan and Gold, it also defies the promise that the London Stadium would bring European football and all the trimmings. It’s never as simple as spending your way into the top six – Manchester City forked out £1billion to win the Premier League title – but the fact a club with such modest aims as Bournemouth has outspent them since 2015 inevitably questions whether the West Ham board really believe in the ambitions they once fuelled amongst the fan base.

Inevitably too, Brady’s motivation for her latest claims must be questioned. Has she been fed false information, does she have a different interpretation of the facts, do her facts differ to those in the public domain, or is she trying to mislead disillusioned West Ham supporters – many who fear the club has been taken in the wrong direction by the current board? We’ll leave that for you to decide.


CaptainBlueAndClaret 3:24 Sat Nov 18
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Karen Brady and West Ham paying silly money for ex-Sunderland manager Moyes who they don’t really want?
By Tony Gillan

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady’s attempts to sound enthusiastic about the appointment of David Moyes there have been cruelly undermined by mischievous hacks unearthing old quotes.

In 2008, while employed by Birmingham City, she was unimpressed by the lucrative new five-year contract that Moyes had signed at Everton.

That was when she sniffed: “£65,000-a-week seems a lot for a man whose only honours in six years are some Manager of the Month awards.”

It now seems that if Moyes is still employed at the Taxpayers’ Arena at the end of this season, and has kept West Ham out of the Championship, he will receive a £2m bonus. That would be 27 weeks’ work, which works out at £74,000-a-week.

And that’s just his bonus.

The £2m figure has been bandied around by several newspapers, including The Sun which employs Brady as a columnist.

On Monday the same paper yelped: “West Ham have only hired David Moyes as a stop-gap until Quique Sanchez Flores becomes available.”

This leaves us with two possibilities with Brady.

Either the Sun is correct and her club is gullibly paying silly money for a manager they obviously don’t really rate or want. Or the paper she works for has not printed the facts.

Can either be possible?


CaptainBlueAndClaret 1:56 Sat Nov 18
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Proof David Gold must stay off social media after West Ham co-owner is savaged by fans


"Hello all West Ham fans, the board have made their decision to appoint David Moyes as the new manager can I ask you to get behind him and the team to help push us up the table to safety," Gold said on Twitter.

"Together I believe we can achieve our dreams."

It's fair to say fans did not take kindly to the inference that achieving Premier League safety constitutes the realisation of dreams.

After all supporters were promised a new era of ambition in the pursuit of challenging the Premier League elite as the carrot for reluctantly leaving their beloved Boleyn Ground home.

Gold received 885 replies to his post... the vast majority of which were negative, here's a small selection reflecting the reaction.

Nathan Dean @BubbaNathan
To support an administration that wants to make money off fans. Not invest. Ruined a club and tradition to feed there pockets? They're worse than those who wear half and half stuff

Mark Eaton @markeaton1967
Are you and your board for real terrible decision we will always support West Ham but you lot have made us a joke, broken promises

Misswhu3 @misswhu3
You, along with Sullivan @karren_brady are an absolute embarrassment. Seven years ago you promised champions league football, an amazing stadium & world class players. Now you are asking for help to keep us from being relegated, we rent a running track & have David Moyes. Go away

Gerrard @Gerald6Gerald
You haven’t got to ask anyone to get behind there team is you and your two money grabbing partners that no one wants to get behind fact

Stuart Alford @stu_art_viii
From dreams of champions league in 7 years to dreams of survival fair play we've come on leaps and bounds

Canning Town Len @CanningTownLen
We always will get behind the team Dave, that’s what makes your business model work.

Mark Carter @markcarter1986
You’re so confident you can achieve your dreams under Moyes you’ve given him a bumper 6 month contract. Speaks volumes

David Ashworth @ashworth_david
Will always support the club, not this board...you need to take a good look at your actions & conduct over recent years

charlie arthur @charliearthur93
Behind him and the team, yes. Behind you and the board, NO

Bubbles the bear @bubbles_bear1
Hello Mr Gold. I will give David Moyes my full support and whichever 11 players he chooses to play. I will not, however, support you or your co-chairman

Pep Harris @UglyKidPep
David, if you spent some of our £270m odd turnover, we could dream a lot bigger than just safety. Imagine.

Chris mcnulty @Chrismcnulty75
You want fans to get behind him what about you doing what you promised to do retracable seats instead of being miles away,marquee signings,challenging for champions league positions like many fans sick of failed promises much money did you make off west ham last season

simon stephens @StephensSimon
That's the first time I've seen a "vote of confidence" from the Chairman before a match has even been played.

Kim P @KimWHU
Hello money grabbing owner. You and Sullivan have achieved your dreams. Our dreams will be achieved when you are gone. kp

CaptainBlueAndClaret 1:00 Sat Nov 18
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
West Ham slammed as a 'soap opera" by Sporting chief ready to discuss new William Carvalho bid


Eggbert Nobacon 12:37 Tue Nov 14
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
anyone coming in is not going to reverse the vast majority of stuff in the OP

CaptainBlueAndClaret 12:22 Tue Nov 14
Re: Someone save our Football Club.

Sell West Ham and quit London Stadium within five years, says Hammers legend McAvennie

Posted By: Carl Eldridge 05/09/2017

West Ham owners David Gold and David Sullivan have been urged to sell the Hammers to allow the club to leave the London Stadium.

Frustrated Irons fans have yet to embrace fully the stadium and the players have struggled to a make their home advantage count in games.

And legendary striker Frank McAvennie believes if a moneybags buyer can be found, the club will be playing home matches at a different venue to the former Olympic Stadium within five years

Ex-Scotland ace McAvennie, who hit 57 goals in 186 appearances, said: “I don’t think they will be in that stadium in five years’ time. I would like somebody to come and if Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan want out, to sell to one of the big boys.

“Tottenham are doing the right thing building a stadium next to White Hart Lane, that’s what we should have done at Upton Park. I don’t think West Ham will stay there, I have a feeling it’s not forever.

“As for atmosphere at the stadium, I would probably give it a five or six. It was good at times, the best being against Tottenham with the atmosphere, which shows to me that there can be atmosphere in that ground.

“But say you’ve got to stay there for three years, then you have to build a football stadium. If you ask West Ham to do something they can’t do it, because they’ve got to go and ask somebody.

“That’s not right. A Premier League club that is earning hundreds of millions of pounds, come on!

“The problem is the players. At Upton Park it was the fans who created the atmosphere, they started it, whereas the players have got to do it in the new stadium because it’s a long way from the pitch.

“That dictates what happens on the pitch, which is very sad, but it’s down to the players to do it. Football pitches are all the same, they’re all about the same size, but the players have to create the atmosphere, it’s a catch-22 situation, but I’m hopeful that it turns round.”


normannomates 1:35 Tue Nov 14
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Rick Parfitt is managing the CFC ladies..
I thought he was brown bread?

Doing an impressive job considering

Johnson 1:16 Tue Nov 14
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Why do they smack of desperation? The articles from a good few sources all seem pretty close to the mark comma.

I’m sure you can provide numerous pieces of evidence to the contrary though, you’re really good at doing that.

, 1:10 Tue Nov 14
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
These posts by the alter ego calling itself CaptainBlueAnd Claret smack of desperation. Somewhat over egg the pudding too talking of fans being aghast with fury over the appointment of Moyes.

CaptainBlueAndClaret 10:50 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.

Fury at Moyes appointment shows how West Ham’s owners have lost their legitimacy to rule
by Christy Malyan 10/11/2017 | 05:44pm

Before David Moyes was even officially announced as West Ham manager on Monday, the Irons faithful were aghast with fury. While that’s a reflection of how unceremoniously the Scot’s career has panned out since leaving Everton, it’s also a damning indictment on what little trust there is between supporter and board in East London, and how David Gold and David Sullivan have slowly lost their legitimacy to rule the very club they own.

After all, we’ve seen unfashionable appointments in the Premier League before and even this season with Roy Hodgson looking to revitalise his career at Crystal Palace. Palace fans were far from inspired and far from convinced after Hodgson oversaw the most disastrous result in England’s history at Euro 2016, but they were at least prepared to give Hodgson a chance, to see if a decision made by a board with an inevitably greater grasp of facts than them would soon prove to be the right one.

Arguably, it already has – few could have imagined Palace beating reigning Premier League champions just one or two games prior to their 2-1 win over Chelsea – and there’s no reason Moyes can’t surpass expectations at West Ham as well. He is, after all, an experienced manager famed for his ability to organise and provide intensity on the training pitch – two things the Hammers abundantly lacked under Slaven Bilic.

And yet, the reaction to rumours of Moyes replacing his predecessor alone – immediate negativity – is telling enough of how David Gold and David Sullivan don’t have that same level of trust from West Ham fans. Of course, the reaction to the Moyes appointment is merely symptomatic; belief in the board has steadily seeped out of supporters for some time.
This is, after all, a board who have cut corners at practically every given opportunity, from selling Upton Park and underpaying for the London Stadium to allegedly barring their own manager from playing Ashley Fletcher due to transfer clauses and refusing to pay up for a key transfer target in William Carvalho on deadline day, from not sacking Avram Grant in spite of inevitable relegation to save on a compensation deal, to going a whole twelve months without addressing the obvious absence of a starting right-back in the first team squad.

The move between stadiums, alongside the badge change to include the word ‘London’, has been particularly significant; in the eyes of many, the board have sold the soul of the club for profit – a theory that stacks up against recent reports that the Irons could cash in on five of their promising youngsters to fund David Moyes’ revamp of the first-team squad in January. That actively defies West Ham’s historic principles of developing their own talent, fitting the narrative of Gold and Sullivan ruling with an eye on the bottom line rather than a hand on the club’s proverbial heart.

But perhaps their biggest mistake has been continuous false promises. Declarations of the London Stadium eventually housing regular European football always seemed naïve but they now look intentionally misleading, especially after starting the season with a permanent manager running out of contract and continuing with his replacement being appointed on a short-term deal amid the threat of relegation.

Likewise, although some well-proven names did arrive in east London last summer, it’s impossible to ignore the correlation between West Ham openly targeting unrealistic big names like Alexandre Lacazette and Carvalho, and those expensive deals eventually falling through. It’s almost as if Gold and Sullivan were never going to commit to them in the first place – they were just happy to say they tried.

Throw in an owner and an owner’s son who regularly discuss the club’s problems in the media like behind-the-scenes footage of a soap opera, the manner in which Bilic was hanging by a threat practically since the first kick of the season but not actually relieved of his duties until results made his position completely untenable, constant rumours of interference in team selection and lack of clarity over responsibility for transfer policy, and it’s hard to find a reason of why West Ham fans should actively support their owners, let alone like them. They’ve promised the fans a path to Eden but seem to put the stumbling blocks in the way themselves. They claim to be West Ham fans as well, yet continue to treat the club like another business venture.

Moyes may well be the band-aid that keeps West Ham ticking until the end of the season, but the dysfunction stems far deeper than that, and the fans have known for some time already. The ultimate question, then, is how far the club can go when the owners’ legitimacy begins and ends in in legal terms; they may officially own West Ham, but they’ve gradually lost the authority to rule over it to the point where fans no longer trust them. No matter who is the manager, no matter which incredible talents are brought in, that will always create an underlying toxicity at West Ham.
Either the owners decide to sell up and move on, or they win back the trust of increasingly disillusioned fans. Both, however, currently seem unlikely.


West Ham owners want to SELL club after appointing David Moyes - Richard Keys
WEST HAM owners David Sullivan and David Gold want to sell the club, it has been claimed.
By Jack Wilson

David Gold and David Sullivan want to sell West Ham, it's been claimed
Former Sky Sports pundit Richard Keys says it is “certain” that Gold and Sullivan want out - seven years after buying the Hammers.

That’s despite them only appointing a new manager - David Moyes - this week.

“There is nothing more certain in the East End right than the club’s current owners are wanting to sell up, for huge profit, and get out of town,” Keys wrote in his personal blog.

“I don’t blame them. The UK is a capitalist society and profit shouldn’t be a dirty word. How you achieve that aim can be though.”


Northern Sold 9:57 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
can I ask you to get behind him and the team to help push us up the table to safety. Together I believe we can achieve our dreams.

So basically our dreams have downgraded to survival in the space of a season and a half.... next level indeed...

Mart O 9:37 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Shite thread but good to see a journo in The Daily Mail cunting off those three gobshites. They will absolutely hate that, I reckon.

CaptainBlueAndClaret 8:49 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
David Gold issues West Ham Twitter plea, gets destroyed by angry masses in response

David Gold
✔ @davidgold

Hello all West Ham fans, the board have made their decision to appoint David Moyes as the new manager can I ask you to get behind him and the team to help push us up the table to safety. Together I believe we can achieve our dreams. dg pic.twitter.com/G8dwBI9f43

Steve Merrett ‎@steve_merrett
Nope. Cheap appointment and your lack of investment and planning is too obvious. In short, you and Sullivan have been rumbled. #sacktheboard

Torbjörn Brunström ‎@voronin8
I will if you will back him and open your wallets!

charlie arthur ‎@charliearthur93
Behind him and the team, yes. Behind you and the board, NO

Stuart Quinn ‎@StewyQ
GET OUT!!!!!!!

GC ‎@georgecook__
We are behind him and the team just not behind you and those other two ***** . Leave.

Empy B ‎@CapableOfFlight
Hello David. As a long time West Ham supporter id like to say this was a terrible decision and I hope he takes us down. We all deserve it for appointing him. Will not get behind the team. eb

tobi keet⚒ ‎@tobikeet
Your dream ?? To flog the club to the richest bidder and pocket a load of ££££ to go on top of the ££££ already had from Upton Park and the £££ saved by renting athletic stadium £4mil net spend ?? Did you not see what moyes done at Sunderland ?


CaptainBlueAndClaret 8:39 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Board accused of 'mismanagement'

Filed: Sunday, 12th November 2017
By: Staff Writer

Respected journalist Oliver Holt has accused West Ham United's Board of Directors of mismanaging of the club.

The North West-based writer used his weekend column in the Daily Mail to criticise David Sullivan, David Gold and Karren Brady, who he said had "ripped the heart" out of the club by leaving Upton Park for the shiny lights of Stratford.

"The mismanagement of the club by Karren Brady, David Gold and David Sullivan is finally facing some scrutiny," penned Holt, in response to the news that the club had appointed David Moyes as Slaven Bilic's replacement.

"The triumvirate of Brady and the men recently labelled the Dildo Brothers by Sporting Lisbon executives have ripped the heart out of the club by moving it from Upton Park to the dead zone of the London Stadium in the name of ambition and profit.

"Now, as always in football, it is the fans who are paying the price," he continued. A club that used to be many fans’ favourite second team is now one of the game’s lost souls.

"Part of Brady’s legacy is that most neutrals no longer care whether West Ham stay up or go down. When it comes to trying to salvage a reputation, she is a long way behind Moyes."

Read more at http://www.kumb.com/story.php?id=131830#fr5b1G6I2uLfQhvh.99

, 6:56 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
Bore off.

CaptainBlueAndClaret 6:37 Mon Nov 13
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
A sports psychologist explains why David Moyes' first West Ham press conference fell terribly flat

By Andy Lane
8 November 2017 • 6:13pm

Andy Lane picks apart David Moyes' first West Ham press conference, and explains why it failed to resonate

The wrong tone

David Moyes' main priority with his first press conference as West Ham manager was to raise supporters' spirits, and I don’t think he did that at all. It was pretty dry stuff.

Anyone coming in to this job had to acknowledge that part of the reason West Ham are struggling is because they’ve got a set of fans that are fed up with the stadium move. How could Moyes not recognise that?

There is a clear disconnect between the supporters and the team, which Moyes needed to address. He didn't, and if he carries on like this fans could actually become even more disgruntled.

The managers West Ham fans like are the ones that connect with the fans, and if Moyes wanted to do that then you’d have thought he would have thought prior to the press conference "what is West Ham’s identity, and how can I relate to that?" I don’t think he did that.

Moyes' appointment has proved divisive

Instead he focused on his own identity as an experienced manager, and emphasised the importance of his players getting fit and running hard. West Ham fans would have been hoping for enthusiasm and positivity, but he was pretty reserved.

I don’t think this is a press conference that’s captured the emotions of the West Ham supporters, and given that most of the players are away anyway, it is the fans that were by far the most important audience for this.

There was not nearly enough enthusiasm to capture the hearts of supporters. It’s partly about the way the team are playing but even more important is getting the fans back onside and excited.

Body language

Moyes looked terribly nervous for someone so experienced rather than coming in and looking really confident about making sweeping changes.

He made a couple of jokes but they didn’t really lighten the mood. There was a little smile at the end when someone came on and shook his hand, but he just didn’t look natural and as if he was ready for it.

Overall message

Moyes seemed to be saying that his approach at West Ham would be "more of the same" as what he's always done. But he’s coming off the back of a disastrous few years in management so everyone was left thinking "hold on, that approach doesn't work", and it's worth remembering that he said very similar things when he started at Sunderland.

There was an injection of enthusiasm required. Moyes needed to be more animated but he wrongly put the emphasis on tactics and hard running.

Andy Lane is a sports psychologist at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP) and a professor of sports psychology at the university of Wolverhampton


CaptainBlueAndClaret 2:16 Thu Nov 9
Re: Someone save our Football Club.
I C&P the following section from the article below;

“David Gold and David Sullivan sold us the dream when announcing they wanted to move from the Boleyn Ground to London Stadium. What we’ve got instead is a ground half-fit for purpose, a bunch of players who don’t seem to care much for the football club and a new manager with a reputation in tatters.

The appointment of David Moyes has to be one of the least inspiring things the club’s owners could have done in this situation. During a period of uncertainty, discontent and turmoil, Gold and Sullivan needed to bring a manger who would instil confidence and belief in to both the fans and the players.

David Moyes should never have been on that list, but here we are with the Scot in charge until the end of the season at the very least.”

James Jones speaks to BBC 5 Live ahead of Moyes’ appointment


One paragraph C&P from;

David Moyes Has Been Left Behind By Modern Football And No Longer Offers West Ham United A Guarantee Of Safety


“And so the feeling lingers that just like lowly West Ham, Moyes too faces an uphill struggle to succeed in an ever-competitive Premier League. Now, with their fates tied together, the three-time Manager of the Year will know that one final failure could spell the end not just of his Premier League career, but also his new employer's six-season spell in the top flight.”

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