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boleynkid 12:13 Sat Oct 21
What the hell happened. He went from hero to zero last night.

On yet another awful night, his was the performance that worried me the most. He was shocking and for the first time since he joined us he looked like the non-league player that he used to be.

Apart from anything else he looked totally unfit unless that is being mistaken for a total lack of effort which would indicate that the problem is much deeper.

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ATBOG 12:47 Mon Oct 23
Re: Antonio
When he went down with cramp towards the end of the Swansea game not one of our players went to help him stretch his leg out. I reckon he’s on his way in January.

Northern Sold 12:32 Mon Oct 23
Re: Antonio
Anyone see him chuck up when he got bashed?? Looked great in slow motion...

normannomates 1:16 Mon Oct 23
Re: Antonio
He looked fine and dandy against Burnley.

Boycie 1:13 Mon Oct 23
Re: Antonio
he is injured otherwise would storm through Brighton

ATHammer 11:32 Sun Oct 22
Re: Antonio
Antonio appeared half fit to start off with then got clattered. The whole team stunk for various reasons, lack of fitness (Lanzini); overpriced crap (Arnautovic); over rated (Hart); or just plain bad performances (Obiang and Kouyate). Antonio didn't worry me, he will come good, the team set-up and performance did.

HairyHammer 3:09 Sun Oct 22
Re: Antonio
The last player to moan about is Adrian, collectively West ham have no idea on how they are playing or where Bilic will place them in the team .

Adrian is not Superman although he does some fantastic gut busting stuff usually, it is possible that he still is not fully fit or worse has had enough of a team manager who does not like consistency for his players or the tactics he asks them to play.

Alfs 1:23 Sun Oct 22
Re: Antonio
He's injured and shouldn't have been on the pitch. Lanzini is well short of match fitness. That's the problem with such a small squad - forced to play players before they're ready.

gph 12:56 Sun Oct 22
Re: Antonio
Antonio had the stuffing knocked out of him by a tackle which got the man, then the ball.

Reasonable excuse.

Lanzini was in his first game back.

Reasonable excuse.

Hart is little better than Adrian, but that's not his fault.

No need for an excuse.

I'm out of excuses for the rest of them

Percy Dalton 12:51 Sun Oct 22
Re: Antonio
Didn't think he was the worse player on the pitch but agree he looks totally out of sorts.
My worry is Lanzini his body language reminded me of Payet before he left.
If Bilic doesn't go before January expect a mass of players asking to leave.

BRANDED 4:20 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
He needs to man up. Take it on the chin. Grt it right and move forward otherwise he'll be playing for Derby.

boleynkid 4:19 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
Must admit it did look bad but couldn't see from where I was sitting. Too far away........should have taken my telescope.

ornchurch ammer 4:14 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
From what I saw he was doing alright until taken out by the double challenge in the first half. I would have taken him off after that as he was clearly struggling.

Westham67 2:40 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
stewie griffin 12:18 Sat Oct 21

He got such a hard knee in the ribs as he fell over he spewed up as he hit the floor, saw it on the replay

Mart O 2:37 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
Piss poor is right, lazy fucker and fucking plainly thick as two short ones as well.

On the increasingly rare occasions he does those fucking stupid dances, I find myself wishing Al Qaeda had a sniper up in the stands.

boleynkid 2:31 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
He must be injured Zico and if he is then he must be rested now as it is making him look really bad and he is contributing nothing.

zico 2:24 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
No movement or running with the ball from him last night so was either injured or not interested but I think the former because he isn't the sort to down tools. Noticed something was up though when a couple of times Zabaletta went for an overlap and then just stopped behind Antonio. A firing Antonio would have run with the ball and their left back would have had to make a decision to follow Antonio or track the overlap. Didn't happen, far to static.

deanfergi 2:11 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
one or two big signings, one or two exits and bring in the promising youngsters to stake their claim for a place ; Quina / Martinez / Samuelson / Burke / Oxford / Rice / Cullen - 2 seasons should clarify... Messi isn't coming!..x

Eerie Descent 2:10 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
Far, far too greedy. The amount of times he tries to shoot from ridiculous positions when other players are in great positions for him to pass to. It's becoming a real problem.

boleynkid 1:51 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
Said from day one that Arnautovic was a poor signing.Haven't seen anything yet to make me change my mind.

Pagey 1:43 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
Antonio has been brilliant for us in the main, despite last night's performance. Without him last season we'd have been fucked.

Look at the likes of Ayew and Arnautovic for those who need to start earning their money. Arnautovic looks like he's got his big money deal and just doesn't give a flying fuck any more.

El Scorchio 12:50 Sat Oct 21
Re: Antonio
Dreadful last night. Totally piss poor

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