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charleyfarley 3:13 Mon Oct 23
Koeman gone
Everton have sacked manager Ronald Koeman after Sunday's 5-2 home defeat by Arsenal left them in the Premier League relegation zone.

A statement said the club "would like to express their gratitude to Ronald for the service he has given to the club over the past 16 months".

The Toffees are 18th in the Premier League and have won just two of their nine league games this season.

"I still believe I can change the whole situation," Koeman had said on Sunday.

Koeman became the third Premier League managerial casualty of the season after Frank de Boer left Crystal Palace and Craig Shakespeare was sacked by Leicester.

The 54-year-old Dutchman, who guided Everton to seventh place in his first season in charge last term, paid the price for a poor start to this season despite having spent £140m in the summer.

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Westham67 5:45 Wed Oct 25
Re: Koeman gone
Good, i remember the smirk on his face when he brought Platt down and only got a yellow card

Sydney_Iron 5:40 Wed Oct 25
Re: Koeman gone
Johnson 10:54 Tue Oct 24

Oh! Well thanks for that, good job you were on here to let me know.........

Not the quickest of cats are you Johnson?

Johnson 5:33 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Eggbert Nobacon 11:47 Tue Oct 24

No, as I didn't say nobody did I? I asked you to name people, something you always seem incapable of doing when making what you think are cutting sarcastic comments.

I certainly didn't say we should have been signing the players Everton were, we should absolutely have been showing the levels of ambition and intent Everton were - that said we didn't have a Lukaku to sell.

But ambition and intent are relative, the liars in charge of West Ham continually show little of either.

Carry on supporting them though.

Lee Trundle 5:05 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Not many clubs sell their best player(s) and become better.

Alex V 4:57 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
It's not just supporters - many and maybe most football pundits in the media praised ours and Everton's transfer business in the Summer. It has now been proven misguided at best.

Lee Trundle 4:29 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
You think this is trolling? All I did was make light of a thread that was being talk about on here which happened to include on of your many daily MELTDOWNS.

Off you pop, the hair doesn't get swept up by itself.

13 Brentford Rd 4:26 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
AND your point is what Trundle?
Just about every other thread on here has you or your other usernames and the clique going completely off topic, trolling me, trying to point score and take the piss like little outraged girls.
I'll leave it there as I have better things to do then respond to wankers.

Lee Trundle 4:24 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Are those tears in your eyes, BENTY?

13 Brentford Rd 4:19 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Very true Comma.

Egg, you mean Trundle wouldn't be acting like a school kid trying to get another in trouble....."ooh sir he said that" I'm sure he would have found something else to drag up, had Trevor B the other day trying to make some tenuous point about me by referring to a Bowie thread that is nearly two years old, and suggesting posters to revisit it.
Like a playground on here these days.

Anyway my point about the owners on the old Everton thread was relevant and in context with the thread topic.

Lee Trundle 4:09 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
13 Brentford Rd 2:54 Tue Oct 24

It's no trouble typing something into google and finding that thread. Took all of 5 seconds.

And I haven't actually read the thread at all, I just figured it would have one of your MELTDOWNS on it as pretty much every thread on here does nowadays.

, 3:59 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
When the PL season began none of us on here predicted that Everton would be in trouble or that Koeman would be out the door before the end of October.

Eggbert Nobacon 3:54 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone

if you#'d stick to posting about the topics at hand and not make every thread about those two things it wouldn't have happened

After8 3:49 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
So Everton have the balls to do it and we don't.

13 Brentford Rd 2:54 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Trundle. So you went to the trouble of finding an old thread about us falling behind Everton, trawled back through the pages where quite a few were comparing Everton favourably to us, found my posts moaning only about the owners and the stadium deceit (no comments from me on Everton or their signings) and then focus on me and post a link.
How sad, petty and bitter you must be. Irony is it's something a schoolgirl would do.
Says a lot more about you than me.

Darby_ 12:35 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Over nine games. We're in a very different world from the one where SAF was given years to prove himself.

easthammer 12:11 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Darby 8.05

"Every manager goes through slumps"

I think it is the teams that have slumps in form. A test of a good manager is how they deal with it. Both Koeman and Bilic have failed to organise and motivate their teams in a slump. In fact poor decisions have added to the problems they faced.

Lee Trundle 11:55 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone

Worth reading back just to see another one of 13 Brentdford Rd's MELTDOWNS.

Dr Moose 11:52 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone

Egg is right, a lot of people were following the Everton transfers in the summer with the usual saying "we should be signing him".

When you looked at those signings we all thought Everton would be top half of the table and were bemoaning the lack of ambition in our owners (clowns) who spent most of the summer arguing with Sporting Lisbon.

We are in our current position due to an incompetent manager and a board who don't have the balls to sack him. Everton, it seems to the outsider, are in that position due to Koeman's personality towards club staff and some players.

Eggbert Nobacon 11:47 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
are you claiming NOBODY wanted us to copy Evertons business in the summer and NOBODY wants us to sack Slav now?

laughable even by your pathetic standards

but i'll calll house on the Johnson bongo for "who said that" usually meaning you know full well you did

Johnson 11:45 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
Who's said that EggBERK?

You? Is that why you brought it up? Silly billy.

Dr Moose 11:30 Tue Oct 24
Re: Koeman gone
East Auckland Hammer 11:13 Tue Oct 24

He was probably hoping that it would land him the Barca job, when that went it was probably a bollox moment, he needed a bigger club so off to Everton he goes. Has another 7th place finish, all good and on track for taking over at Barca in a season or two; then, oh shit, 18th, the sack, bye bye ever managing Barca.

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