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claret on my shirt 1:23 Tue Oct 24
Why does he feel he can just walk into Everon or Leicester as Manager when he has just one years experience as a coach. He should go manage a lower league club and earn his right to manage at the top.

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claret on my shirt 12:57 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Rossal 11:29 Tue Oct 24

Giggs never coached under Lyall or Greenwood ;)

Far Cough 11:31 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Bloke is a proper miserable cunt

ludo21 11:30 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Watched a bit of that documentary about the Man U players that bought Salford.

Giggs was by far the worst of them. He said nothing, gave next to no input and just looked disinterested, which I'm sure he wasn't but just came across as having zero personality.

Rossal 11:29 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Im not saying it is a given.....im saying that if players are going to make it as managers then ones that have spent time under one of the greatest ever have a better chance than most

You are not giving Zidane anywhere near enough credit. He became first manager to win back to back champions leagues and won the title for the first time since 11-12

You are right that makes a good manager, but thinking that managing a big club is easier then thats wrong. Plenty fail at the big clubs it shouldnt be underestimated how tough it is to continue the expected success

Far Cough 11:25 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
One player who I THINK might be a good manager, is Mark Noble

Lily Hammer 11:19 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Giggs had all that time with Ferguson, but that doesn't mean he'll be a good manager. Ferguson didn't learn to be so good by working under other managers, he was simply the right charachter, which is demonstrated by the more important factor of being the Union leader (something like that) for the dock workers in Glasgow.

Trevor B 11:06 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs

As usual, full of your little soundbites that probably impress your idiot mates down the boozer but again as usual no substance to anything you say.

They are totally different skill sets. being told what to do on the pitch is not akin to being given an apprenticeship of how to run a football club. Otherwise why isn't every top player that played under Ferguson a top manager now?

There are, in fact6, very few top managers that were top players. I'd hazard a guess that there have probably been more top managers that were very average players than those that were top players.

People will obviously look at the likes of Zidane and Per for proof, but fuck me if I was managing the likes of Real with the 5 time world footballer of the year in the rank, I'd probably have a fairly decent record.

The proof of a god manager is someone that can improve a club, improve players, turn fortunes around. Not someone that merely continues the expected success at the richest clubs in the world.

Willtell 11:00 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Quite right Trevor B. Although to be fair, it isn't even essential to have played at the highest level but you certainly need to have a close knowledge of working at the top level.

I believe Mourinho started out as Bobby Robson's translator while Robson managed out there.

Players that are stars tend to be selfish and don't see why they should think about others. They rarely get to the top as managers.

A man that shags his brother's wife for 8 years is a liar and a cheat as well as a selfish cunt. That indicates to me that Ryan Giggs will never be any good as a manager.

Rossal 11:00 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
I'm not sure what makes anyone think that performing on the pitch in any way correlates to performing as a manager. Weird.

The theory is that after spending 20+ years under the guidance of one of the best managers thats ever lived he would have a good idea of how to run a football club. Thats without his experience under LVG.

Also performing in one of the worlds top sides of that era he'd havea good grasp of tactics, team shape, formations etc..

Far Cough 10:55 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Bobby Charlton, great footballer, shit manager

Bobby Moore ditto

Gianfranco Zola ditto

etc etc

The_Phantom 10:54 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
On The Ball 10:52 Tue Oct 24
oh yes please.
that would be fantastic.
Hate Everton, nasty little club.

On The Ball 10:52 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Philip Neville wants the Everton job now!

boleynkid 10:49 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Doesn't seem the motivational type to me.

Trevor B 10:43 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
I'm not sure what makes anyone think that performing on the pitch in any way correlates to performing as a manager. Weird.

Rossal 10:40 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
"Maybe because he was a football genius who spent his entire career playing under one of the greatest managers of all time. Zidane hasn't done too badly and on the pitch Gigg's was just as gifted."

Exactly this, plus the contacts he has at United and made throughout his career means a bottom half club may place him under consideration

On The Ball 10:36 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
He needs to take a leaf out of Kevin Nolan's book. He's serving his apprenticeship at Notts County. Next stop will be Bolton or somewhere bigger, assuming he progresses - he hasn't just decided he wants the England job straight off the bat.

Dr Moose 10:16 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
He strikes me as a Bryan Robson MkII, great player, crap manager. Still the arrogance in thinking he can manage in the Prem with little to no experience is laughable. Now watch our clowns consider him.

zico 3:24 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
That's the way football is now sadly. There are probably plenty of bloody good coaches at grass roots level who could do a job at PL level but the over paid players wouldn't have any respect for them.

It always pisses me off as well when you see managers like Dev cutting their teeth and doing well in the lower Leagues but never get an offer from a top tier Club.

When you think of John Lyall being a player who had his career short so thanks to Ron Greenwood ended up helping out in the offices at Upton Park and doing some coaching. Then he learnt from Ron and eventually took over the first team. Literally learnt his trade next to a top manager in Greenwood. You don't need FA coaching badges for that and you certainly wouldn't get another manager coming through like that these days.

andyd12345 3:15 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
I was thinking exactly the same thing. Who the fuck does this bloke think he is. "Leicester and Everton; for me these are 2 clubs that interest me".

Arrogant cunt. Why would they be interested in someone like you? Retired 5 years ago and done fuck all since. Scholes couldn't even get the Oldham job, yet Giggs reckons Everton would be flattered that he's interest in them

Trevor B 3:09 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Because being a top player always means you will be a top manager? Erm.......

Zidane also managed Castilla for two seasons beforehand, plus I could fucking manage Real Madrid.

claret on my shirt 3:07 Tue Oct 24
Re: Giggs
Alfs 3:03 Tue Oct 24

Zidane has brains!

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