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Mex Martillo 11:54 Wed Oct 25
Super Slav
Why cann't we have a Super Slav thread?
Great job Slaven

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Dr Moose 1:46 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
Russ of the BML 1:40 Fri Oct 27

Completely agree. Even a piss poor draw and Bilic should go.

Russ of the BML 1:40 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
The Spurs game changes nothing. We were fucking atrocious in that first half and how we went on to win that game is beyond me.

The defending for both of their goals by the team as a whole and individuals was fucking embarrassing.

The Palace game is huge now. They are utterly woeful. And if we go there and get played off the park and beaten then Bilic has to go.

Westham67 9:16 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
Too many

Westham67 9:15 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
Too false dawns at the moment see how we do with Palace

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:42 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
I really want Slav to do well

Over his time here he has given us some of the best wins in recent times and his first season was a cracker

Problem is he has given us some absolute shite too. A point was made earlier about the players and what their problem is and it got me wondering.

West Ham for years has been a retirement home, a bit unprofessional, a team nobody expected anything great from and probably a good place to be a player who didn’t have great expectations.

As the premier league and West Ham move forward with greater riches and a perceived increase in professionalism has the club and its players forget to keep up?

If you look at Leicester I would say you have a club where the players believe they as individuals are bigger than the club and the club does not have the pulling power and confidence to put them in their place.

The same could be said for West Ham although it seems clear Bilic has tried to wield some power and bombed players out and not been afraid to drop others. The reaction from the players and how they have performed suggest they don’t fully believe this and they still hold the power. This dynamic has to shift if we are to get to the next level.

Leonard Hatred 4:01 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
Bilic could've achieved eternal legend status last night if he'd strolled into the post match press conference, told the board to stick the job up their arse, and rode off into the sunset.

SilverSurfer 3:40 Fri Oct 27
Re: Super Slav
Same as

Sven Roeder 8:05 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav

Mex Martillo 9:20 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
Swiss, I also agree with Willtell.

It is an odd thing for the pornos to say. I think it came from the bbc, http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41716562

They start by saying
"The 49-year-old Croat will be in charge for at least the next two games, despite Friday's 3-0 loss to Brighton leaving the Hammers in the Premier League relegation zone."

Then half way through the article they say what Sullivan said
"Before the game, Hammers co-owner David Sullivan had said you should "honour" a contract with an employee unless things were "desperate"."

I think the jorno decided two more loses would be desperate!

Swiss. 1:43 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
For once I agree with Willtell. Where did this he's got 2 games come from?

Willtell 9:00 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
This 2 days business is just made up media lies though isn't it?

I don't remember our owners ever once say anything other than the fact that they fully support Bilic and expect him to see out his contract.

fraser 8:11 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
" a bunch of premier league games"

How do you get a bunch of them?

Sven Roeder 8:05 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
Last night was a great boost but at the end of the day it’s about winning a whole bunch of Premier league games starting at Palace.
Until we are well up the table he will be permanently 2 games away from the sack. We have Palace and then Liverpool... and then an international break. Which makes winning at Palace essential

Mex Martillo 7:54 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
Has to win on Saturday, it is massively more important.
I hate to say it, because I value the cups as much as the premier, but in modern football premier stability is much more important than any cup competition.

Johnson 7:40 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
The second half last night was the worst thing for Sullivan, where does it leave him now?

Bilic has two games and he won the first. Does he need to win the second? Or draw? What about a defeat? He’s still 1 win in 2.

Thick lying midget cunt, he was backing on a defeat last night.

Mex Martillo 7:36 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
I think we still have to win on Saturday.

I like Slaven and want him to stay, but I can see he will all most certainly go and it is just a question of when. I guess there is the possibility he wins a cup and keeps us midtable save the rest of the season and perhaps gets a new contract. It is about as remote a possibility as a win looked last night at half time.

You can blame the players, but Slaven has to take a lot of blame for our situation. I think everyone can see it. Slaven needs to play the same system week in week out so all the plyers know what the need to do. For me that has to be 3-4-3. I really think Slaven can do it, but I fear he will not.

HairyHammer 5:23 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
I truly feel for Slavan Bilic because I know how much he wants West ham to do well and with all his heart, you can see him deflating in disbelief at his players inept impersonation at being professional footballers when things are bad, but then look at his absolute excitement when they are doing well the man was kicking every ball in that last 10 minutes .
So then one must ask what is up with our players? look at that second half and you see an actual football team every player making an effort busting a gut making us proud.
I for one cannot work either Bilic or the players out but have to simply take this win for the golden moment it is.

East Auckland Hammer 4:02 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
tnb 1:36 Thu Oct 26

Might not be a healthy position, but it's certainly one we're not exactly unfamiliar with is it.

In actual fact, I'd almost say I'm used to it now.

tnb 1:36 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
This is the problem with not making a firm decision. The two games thing probably seemed like an ideal compromise to Gold, Sullivan, and Brady as they probably expected us to lpse those two games and then they could say well we gave him a chance, or delay it even further. But you are always runjing the risk of one good result taking matters out of your hands. Tjeu simply can't sack Bilic after tonight, even if we lose to Palace. But 2 years worth of failings are still there for all to see and st the end of the day he remains a dying duck and not only do supporters know that but so do the players.

He's a nice guy, but he's not quite up to it. One good half doesn't change my opinion on that. I will always be grateful for the good moments he gave us, and tonight is up there. But we all lnow he will be gone at the end of the season, and that is not a healthy position to be in.

bruuuno 1:26 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
Surely he deserves a new contract after this?

terry-h 1:24 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
Don't worry mex.
He's still on death row. Just waiting for Sullivan to strap him down and give the go ahead to the executioner.

HairyHammer 12:10 Thu Oct 26
Re: Super Slav
Yes I am happy, but not tonight Josephine .

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