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AVOR 12:27 Thu Oct 26
What happens now
Super Slav or lucky result?

Does he still go?

For me he is till tactically inept and as much as i loved that result, the 1st half showed he isnt good enough....?

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side effect 3:03 Sat Oct 28
Re: What happens now
I've wanted him out the night we went out again against astra giga gash gosh but I don't see any suitable replacement other than the run of the mill managers that just circulate until their fired ( financially paid off) which is why I have no time for them. Basically paid for failing.

bruuuno 2:14 Sat Oct 28
Re: What happens now

terry-h 4:43 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now

Lertie Button 10:55 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
What happened at half time, why did we improve so much.
I'm with Bilic on this one this should be the benchmark for the rest of the season.
Fuck you've no idea how much I wish it would be

Sir Alf 7:47 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
One simple thing he can drill into the team is soon as we lose th ball I expect at least 3 if not all midfielders to be back behind the ball and to bust a gut to do so. When they have the ball he tells every player with the exception of the furthest forward striker to press the opposition relentlessly.

Oh and play a back 3 or 5 or whatever we want to call it.

Would see less goals conceded which is the root cause of our poor form since March 2016 imho

irisiris95 7:38 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
It's all very erratic under Bilic. We're still leaking goals mainly due to complacency (Spurs) or by sheer under estimation (Brighton/Astra et al)...
If we are as convincing in our effort at Palace then maybe he can get this team going but a lot of players are on/off. Bilic tinkering with the systems doesn't help either. We need consistency now.

terry-h 7:24 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
I'll add Daniel Farke of Norwich City to my previous list. One of the Borussia Dortmund school of coaching, he's turned Norwich round in swift order and plays football in the right way. Unlucky to get knocked out of the League Cup at Arsenal the other night.

chedylan 2 5:48 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
Bilic has done what he has done for the last 15 months. Pull a shock come back win out of thin air at the 11hour 59th minute.
What happens now is even if we get smashed by palace he stays for the time being because in the dildos heads he gets another 2 games to "turn it around" and so it goes on.
I just wish he could get the team playing like that 2nd half every week. From the start of games, not when we are 2 goals down or reduced to ten men.

Robson 5:42 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
Oh shit I mis-read your post.

Robson 5:42 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
Agreed Terry but not sure we need all of them.

terry-h 5:23 Fri Oct 27
Re: What happens now
Try and persuade Sir Trevor to come in as caretaker until the end of the season.
Then go all out to get one of the following:
Marco Silva
David Wagner
Nuno EspĂ­rito Santo
Thomas Christiansen
Slavisa Jokanovic

All better managers than our current incumbent.

Chip Shop Charlie 5:14 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
Sir Alf takes over as manager

11MDE 5:06 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
Hammers1993 12:53 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now


cup of tea 4:48 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
terry-h 4:43 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now

terry-h 4:43 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
Bilic will pick a different side at Palace, adopt strange tactics,and fuck things up as usual. Woy will field a totally different side to the one whipped by Bristol City and Zaha will run rings round Fonte and co.
The Bilic Out thread will reappear and things will return to normal.

Jim C 4:41 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
I couldn't agree more with those with the "lets enjoy this first" attitude. Games like last night are the reason we put up with the 99.9% of shit we usually get served up and why we love West Ham. Just when you thought you had seen it all (bad and good) they do something like that.

In a time where many feel disillusioned by a soulless athletics stadium, you have to savor the extra skip in your step until Saturday.

BournemouthHammer 4:27 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
During football seasons there are turning points (not helped my international breaks). Remember the year we lost to Spurs 4-3? We battled so hard that game they caught us on the break. Noble was upset but then with 4 games left and an impossible task we turn the season around. I am not saying the same will happen this season because I dont know. However the second half produced enough fight for me to see that going into the next game our momentum should continue. If we win that then I know its Liverpool but battle and you never know. It surely cant get any worse (he says)

Sir Alf 4:26 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
Happy Thursday to u Kev :-)

JustAFatKevinDavies 4:21 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
please die Alf, its for the best.

cup of tea 4:20 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
What happens now?

Well, we lose to Palace and drag on the rest of the season and finish 15th-17th whilst capitulating in the league and FA cups and it is a 'result' for the owners

Sir Alf 4:17 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
Was a great result and totally unexpected but changes nothing. We continue to concede goals too easily and that shows no sign of being addressed.

The work rate increase 2nd half was welcomed but seemed to come from a realisation by some players that the team was on the ropes and about to be knocked out

If Dembele and/or Eriksson had started earlier they would have beaten us I am pretty certain.

There is still a huge problem with Bilic and his tactical thinking or his coach or whoever shows him the notepad of changes to be made in games.

Yesterday we yet again did not see the tracking back or chasing after and all of our midfield were caught ahead of the ball with no one tracking Sissoko. It has been happening for all of Bilic's tenure.

We lack physicality in midfield coupled with pace and movement. On paper the players we have should be doing better and collectively a team in the modern game should be relentlessly closing down when not in possession and making runs when we are. We simply do not do that and try to build up slowly passing from sid to side looking for a gap to appear in between the lines before getting caught in possession or misplacing a pass before as mentioned above we get exposed on the counter. it should be one or more players responsibility to immediately track back if we lose it. We don't. Is it lack of pace? Yes that's part of it but I see kouyate, noble, obiang, ayew, Antonio arnautovic lanzini all looking as if they think someone else will be getting back to track. Bilic cannot be organising properly and making clear who's role it is or they are ignoring the instructions?

Until this sense of responsibility for the team is instilled we will continue to concede lots of goals and be near or in the relegation zone . Basics of playing as a team... work relentlessly and take responsibility

A win at Palace is desperately needed but will a good 30 mins at Spurs be the moment the penny dropped and we see intensity, work rate and pressing from every player? I doubt it :-(

boleyn8420 2:51 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now
I watched the first half and it was slightly better than Brighton. Seeing those cunts score twice meant game over. Then we went out and scored 3 times and won 3-2. Inexplicable really. It's a funny old game innit.

The problem is that Bilic really doesn't know what his best side is so this will have confused him even more.

Ayew, although who could have seen that coming, really was scampering around a lot and scored twice and was MOTM, so I guess he stays in with Carroll. Or Slav could play him as wing back, who knows.

Glad I could help

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