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LeroysBoots 6:15 Fri Oct 27
Team v Palace
Not seen a thread for this, strange, did I miss one !?!


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daveyg 2:59 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Palace have pace up front and in midfield.
Our defence was slow against both Brighton and Spurs in the first have. Even Rice looked out of sorts.
Zab,Fonte and Reid are not quick enough each has been caught out to often this season.
The trouble is our quickest players are vulnerable defensively,Masuka,Byram,Ogbonna and I feel Rice. Bilic has to get the right blend.
In attack Ayew has to play over Arnie and I'm hoping Antonio is fit. Noble at the moment has to play in a local derby though I fear he won't keep up,thus our substitutions are of importance. Kouyate on for Noble after 60mins.
As for Andy Carroll I thought he wasn't able to complete 2 games in a week so he's on the bench.

Zab Reid Rice/Ogbonna
Antonio Noble Obiang Cresswell
Lanzini Ayew

Mex Martillo 11:09 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Carroll is not playing very well up front, but he is good in defense especially for opposition set pieces. I would rather start with Hernandez.

BRANDED 11:05 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Hernandez should just come on with 10 minutes to go.

Private Dancer 10:54 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
I'm expecting Ayew and Carroll to both start?

Mex Martillo 10:49 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Adrian / Hart
Fonte Reid Ogbonna
Zabaleta Fernandes Lanzini Noble Cresswell
Hernandez Ayew

Takashi Miike 10:46 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
PD, I just think Carroll will suit the Palace centre backs. before the West Brom away game, I thought the more direct football to the big lump would suit Evans and the Arab. I think a bit more mobility/speed will do us more of a favour. we need someone like Obiang or Kouyate today to deal with that snide cunt Cabaye. he'll no doubt shit stir, dive about and make a few late tackles

Private Dancer 10:42 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
miike - Too right.

Ayew starts all day today.

Looking forward to this later, fancy it will be open with a few goals. Both sides/fans will fancy the win.

Takashi Miike 10:40 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace


Takashi Miike 10:39 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
........and you're post clearly assumes that Carroll must start every game. he's been just as useless this season

Takashi Miike 10:38 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
exile, please leave off with the negative shit. I was one of his biggest critics but if he doesn't start today it sends out all the wrong messages. that forty five minutes should give him a start today

KLM 10:31 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Bit of a prob, wot tea.

I would go wiv the team against Brighton, except three; Adrian for hart; and rice for And someone for Carroll.

Controversial pt the team played very well between 10 mins and 45 mins v bha

easthammer 2:34 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
_______________Hernandez ___Ayew___________

Subs Hart Carroll Rice Kouyate Antonio Anautovic

the exile 2:02 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Makes me laugh how before Wednesday everyone had written Ayew off as a useless waste of space. Now he's in just about everybody's side. For crying out loud, people, he's had one excellent half of football in God knows how many games. For me , he still has a lot to prove and I would certainly give him at least half an hour from the bench, but Hernandez has more to offer so gets the nod from me.

jack flash 1:26 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
No idea & don't suppose Bilic has either!

Probably the same team as the 2nd half Vs spurs only with Zab for Byram & Reid for Rice

hornchurchsteve 12:46 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace
Bilic will fuck up. Carroll will start.

J.Riddle 12:22 Sat Oct 28
Re: Team v Palace

Keep dreaming 11:40 Fri Oct 27
Re: Team v Palace
Never change a winning team

That's all

costahammer 11:03 Fri Oct 27
Re: Team v Palace
I just hope he plays a 3 and not revert back to a back 4!

Lertie Button 10:50 Fri Oct 27
Re: Team v Palace
I'm Northern Irish so the scousers got it from us, either way Ayew has to start along side the big lump

gph 9:52 Fri Oct 27
Re: Team v Palace
Lertie - have cockneys caught "youse" from the Scouse?

I notice Mark Noble uses it too.

Have I lived outside cockneyland for too long?

Eric Hitchmoe 9:46 Fri Oct 27
Re: Team v Palace
No Rice or Martinez again.

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