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northbankboy68 7:49 Fri Oct 27
Deserves to be in the team. Love his passion and commitment and happy to see Hart go back to Citeh.

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JayeMPee 12:09 Sun Oct 29
Re: Adrian
Have to say that I was one of those who thought Adrian should play yesterday after his performance against the spuds. I was wrong, Hart was brilliant and well done him!

I also said I wouldn't care if I never saw Ogbonna play again, I got that right always an 'accident waiting to happen'!

HairyHammer 12:03 Sun Oct 29
Re: Adrian
Sorry I was talking about Hart although Adrian was great against the Spuds too.

HairyHammer 11:59 Sun Oct 29
Re: Adrian
I actually said he was past his best but yesterday I realised I was talking out of my arse, He was phenomenal and we would have lost by 4 goals at least had it not been for him.

The truth is we have a shit defence ethic.

costahammer 6:46 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
well at least Hart put some things straight,.we would have lost that easily without him today!

kirok1 2:45 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
Either look better or worse depending upon the defence in front of them.
First goal on Wed, many on here would have hammered Hart. Similarly the second, including deflection, would've seen Hart hit.
That said, Adrian showed how good he is on shot stopping and close range stuff on Wed.
Nice to have a dilemma for a good reason. But it's more important what he puts in front of them.

boleynkid 12:55 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
Bilic definitely has a dilemma in whether to bring back Hart today.

Alex V 12:49 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
>>> No sense in getting Hart in, because, even if he is better than Adrian*, it's by a tiny margin.

So you'd go with one keeper this season?

BMorris 12:43 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
Completely agree! Adrian is the better keeper in my opinion. He gives 100%, regardless of individual errors in the past.

Private Dancer 5:11 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
Football fans can have short memories, Adrian was making a number of ricks last season, why do you think Randy came in?

That said, would we have any less than 8 pts had Hart not arrived? Nah.

easthammer 1:46 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
I agree not a lot betwen them. As such the one whom the other players work best with would be my choice

Just wonder if there are any issues with Adrian
Had the feeling Randolph was a more popular team mate last year and could be why Bilic persisted with him beyond his best before date

gph 1:28 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
No sense in getting Hart in, because, even if he is better than Adrian*, it's by a tiny margin.

Carvalho is probably better than what we have by a huge margin. The money we're spending on Hart should have been available to throw on the scales

*and I don't think he is better than Adrian - the tiny margin is the other way round

jack flash 1:19 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
I think Adrian is our best goalie by a margin

He had a dodgy spell at the start of last season & got dropped for the more in form Randolph. It took Bilic far too long to reinstate him once it was clear that Randolph wasn't as reliable

I've never really rated Hart that highly though he looked good playing behind Man City's solid defence

Hart's positioning at free kicks, getting down to his left & being regularly beaten at the near post are his most obvious weaknesses both for us & England

This season I think he has conceded goals that he would have comfortably saved a year or two ago, even though he has made some great saves

There's no room for sentimentality in this game & you fear that it will be the end for Hart if he gets dropped, but that's exactly what should happen

Poor idea to sign him, even on loan. It can't have helped team spirit

easthammer 1:09 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian
In terms of ability there isn't much to choose Adrian and Hart. Who the other players want to see between the sticks is an important issue.
I don't know what that is but I hope Bilic does.
As morale will be key come Saturday.
Your best team isn't necessarily made up of your best eleven individuals.

Fwiw I'd pick Adrian but onlybecause he is my Grandson's favourite player.

claretandbluedagger 12:41 Sat Oct 28
Re: Adrian

Tell me how Hart's form was over, say, the last two seasons?

Keep dreaming 11:45 Fri Oct 27
Re: Adrian
Buying Hart was a desperate move, just like Arno.
Worst scenario, both Adrian and Hart are gone in the summer.

Hart isn't any better than Adrian, and in Adrian we have passion

costahammer 10:50 Fri Oct 27
Re: Adrian
This is the same Adrian who was a fucking mess last season and rightly dropped!!
It will end badly!

mike hunt 10:34 Fri Oct 27
Re: Adrian
no he's not, far from it

Northern Sold 8:07 Fri Oct 27
Re: Adrian
Said from day one I could not see the science in the hart transfer... look I know he's on a loan etc but come on is he any better than what we already had??

Sir Alf 7:57 Fri Oct 27
Re: Adrian
Earned the shirt but suspect he will be back on the bench

Bilic does not support the idea of a meritocracy it would seem? Just ask Obiang, Sakho, Antonio ( he may need to think back further than the rest ) and Rice

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