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Q: 2017/18 Leicester (h)
a. Moyes has had all week with the whole squad and that will make a difference, Win
b. Where do we start, a point would be good, Draw
c. Let's be honest we're a shambles, still letting in two goals a game so what chance, Lose
d. "You've destroyed our fucking Club", the only way to get the pride back in WHUFC is when the Clowns leave, Who's up for a protest?
e. Can you believe my luck, another game on SKY so back to the pub, head to toe in club merchandise and show that I'm hardcore West Ham who follows the Club home and away from my seat at the bar

gph 4:29 Sat Oct 28
West Ham Blacksocks
First ever (West Ham, not TI) kit being worn today (sort of - no Betway on the real one).

I like it

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Keep dreaming 1:20 Sun Oct 29
Re: West Ham Blacksocks
Liked the top, but the black socks looked odd

bruuuno 11:59 Sat Oct 28
Re: West Ham Blacksocks
Ah I see, I think you missed a word out

dicksie3 11:57 Sat Oct 28
Re: West Ham Blacksocks
The only thing that I liked about our team today was that kit.

Nothing else.

gph 11:55 Sat Oct 28
Re: West Ham Blacksocks

West Ham are a football club.

Its teams wear a football kit.

West Ham haven't existed for all time.

Therefore, they had a first football kit.

It was claimed that the kit they wore today was that kit.

(Not the first kit worn by the predecessor club, Thames Ironworks).

However, the first kit didn't actually have Betway on the front.

Nevertheless, I like the replica.

bruuuno 11:29 Sat Oct 28
Re: West Ham Blacksocks
I've read the op twice and still don't understand what it means

Northern Sold 4:31 Sat Oct 28
Re: West Ham Blacksocks
I thought this was the name of the new franchise baseball team that will play at the Cesspit

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