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Dwight Van Mann 10:30 Sat Oct 28
AJ fight
any decent streams gents?

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East Auckland Hammer 11:02 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Wasn't a great stoppage really, was it.

Takam took Joshua's best shots and was still going, and not in any imminent danger.

So, comparing Parker vs Takam and Joshua vs Takam......

18 months ago, Parker won a unanimous decision over 12 rounds against Takam who had nearly 4 months to prepare (although so did Parker obviously).

Joshua got gifted a TKO when it really should probably have been left and would have most likely ended up a UD as well over 12, against an opponent who was half-arsed training as a backup. Although the switch for Joshua was later, and possibly more disruptive than what Takam faced, Joshua simply wasn't that impressive.

Takam is tough, and was never in any real danger of winning the fight, but Joshua was again blowing out his arse halfway through the fight. Against someone who has a bit more starch in their punches, as well as the ability to soak up the shots, he could be in real trouble I reckon.

Joshua was in more trouble vs Kiltchsko than Takam was against Joshua, and it was only the fact that Klitchsko was 106 when they fought that he wasn't able to take advantage of that.

collyrob 4:34 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
No point in fighting at all so

Mace66 3:14 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
I imagine the ref could only see one winner which is understandable.

stewie griffin 2:08 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Tbh I didn't have a massive problem with the stoppage. It's very rare that fighters sustain serious long term damage when they're blasted out, it tends to happen when they're on the end of a sustained beating. Understand why people are disappointed but the ref has to make a call in the best interests of the fighter and if anything happens afterwards it's on his head.

Swiss. 2:05 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Heavyweight division is a joke. Once the aged Klitchco has gone we're left with these muppets.

Fuck me I yearn for the Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis era.

mashed in maryland 1:12 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Suppose "20 wins 19 by knockout" doesn't sound as impressive

mashed in maryland 1:07 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
No way should that have been stopped. I like AJ and he was clearly on his way to a comfortable win but no way should it have been stopped.

claret on my shirt 1:58 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
should not have been stopped, the guy took AJs best shots time and time again and never really ,ooked in trouble

Eerie Descent 1:56 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
A poor champion in an era of poor fighters at Heavyweight.

HairyHammer 1:42 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
I do not think AJ is a poor Champion, he can only beat what is put in front of him and is doing so, he is not a great skilful boxer like Lennox Lewis was but is still very good.

I do not know what people expect to be honest . Tyson was a one off no one has brought such excitement to the sport as he did in his first 5-10 years, AJ is 28 and still has time to cement his game and improve.

collyrob 1:42 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Fury would give AJ a cauliflower head

jakehammer 1:39 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
I like AJ a lot. with more experience he'll be the Beez Kneez in time.
I take my hat off to Takem, what a fighter, wobbling here and there during the fight and still has big enough bollocks to still fight on.
it's a great shame that Bilic and our pack of overpaid divas don't have the same attitude to their football matches.
if they did, we'd probably find ourselves around 6th or 7th in the table by now.
I really hate those lazy fuckers right now.

Takashi Miike 1:22 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
yes, he's a good professional and i enjoy watching him. I really hope its the yank next

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:14 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
I really like Joshua. He is a proper fighter, and willing entertainer. Nice guy, not a snide or ever likely to cheat or shit on the sport with cunty behaviour. Nothing to be anything other than proud of for British boxing. Much like Bruno.

Tonight was always going to be a lower key thing with a Joshua win. Not testing enough to be a great fight.

I hope Hearn gets him the fights that give him the platform next year, as I think he is a huge positive for heavy weight boxing.

WHUDeano 1:06 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Crazy stoppage, love Joshua, won £100 on a few 7-12rd bets but was a silly stoppage.

Takashi Miike 1:04 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
true, a proper slime bastard

wurzel 1:03 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
The snake Hearn needs a pasting

andyd12345 1:02 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
I'm not sure if a like Joshua or not

One things for sure, he needs some lessons on how to not sound a fucking idiot during live interviews

Takashi Miike 12:58 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
fucking circus

neilalex 12:56 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
Too early. It's always a tough call but he was defending himself and didn't look particularly hurt. It's a world championship and no-one can say he 'couldn't' have won it.

I like Joshua but he looked very ordinary tonight.

Takashi Miike 12:55 Sun Oct 29
Re: AJ fight
I'm not keen on this addressing the crowd shit, fuck off

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