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J.Riddle 10:32 Sat Oct 28
Our Defence?
IF you can call it that. Zab and Reid both getting on, the later who is always injured look the best of a bad bunch. The others are rubbish defenders and not surprising we let in so many. Bilic was a CB, he chose most of these defenders and they look like they can't even do the basics. What do they do in training? If it is not put right we will go down.

A couple of top quality DM's should have been brought in to protect the defence and toughen up our non existent powder puff midfield, that hasn't happened because of the cheapskate owners, but you have to ask why Arnautovic was purchased when we have Ayew at £23m when that money could have been spent on at least one top DM?

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terry-h 10:08 Sun Oct 29
Re: Our Defence?
I dread what City will do to us at the beginning of December. Double figures may not be beyond Sane,Jesus and co.

Crassus 9:59 Sun Oct 29
Re: Our Defence?
The issue yesterday was that we asked the defence to hold out for a half and 7 minutes of injury time

The MF just ran out of gas and was played through and the inevitable happened - strengthening the MF was urgently required but just did not happen

But I do agree Mex that the constant tinkering around does not help

Mex Martillo 9:10 Sun Oct 29
Re: Our Defence?
For reasons I do not understand our players cannot do a back 4, but we are okay with a back 3 and 2 wing backs. For reasons I find even hadrer to understand Bilic cannot stop himself trying a back 4 that does not work. We go back 3 win a game, oh lets try back 4, lose, oh fuck, must win go to back 3 win, oh lets try back 4, lose, oh fuck, must win, back 3.
Ogbonna is an example of this and was frustrating in these 2 games. Pretty solid and a goal on Wednesday, and then pretty terrible yesterday. Can the changing responsibilities of going from a back 3 to a back 4 be the casue of that?

pdbis 1:58 Sun Oct 29
Re: Our Defence?
On the bright side both Reid & Ogbonna signed new long term deals recently.What a fucking joke that was.

HairyHammer 1:10 Sun Oct 29
Re: Our Defence?
I have never felt confident under Bilic regarding defence, they were never that decent, even his first season where we were supposedly great it was down to so so defending and some good luck it was never good or solid.
Now the confidence is also not there.

J.Riddle 10:45 Sat Oct 28
Re: Our Defence?
Didn't he run a pub before? Nothing wrong with that, probably didn't bother looking at his CV? Well he is Julian Dicks.

grasshopper 10:44 Sat Oct 28
Re: Our Defence?
Didnt Rio offer Bilic to coach the defense? Of course swiftly declined by Blici because "he knows best".

What a shambles our great club has become...

Far Cough 10:37 Sat Oct 28
Re: Our Defence?
I don't think he's a coach, more like cone putter outer?

Useless appointment if you ask me

grasshopper 10:35 Sat Oct 28
Re: Our Defence?
Isn't the defensive coach julian dicks? Might explain alot also

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