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Leonard Hatred 7:54 Sun Oct 29
The Stone Roses
Justin Fashanu at West Ham
Tianenmen Square
I bought a Vauxhall Chevette. It was brown
Jive Bunny
Webster's bitter.

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Darlo Debs 12:41 Thu Nov 23
Re: 1989
Soul II Soul
Great weather and my first proper boyfriend :-)

Too Much Too Young 9:02 Wed Nov 22
Re: 1989
Lil Louis - French Kiss


gph 7:19 Tue Nov 7
Re: 1989
Webster's Light Mild.

Unusually for a brewery, a bitter wasn't their flagship beer.

This was, and was an excellent beer.

Too Much Too Young 7:14 Tue Nov 7
Re: 1989
Bang The Party - Bang Bang You're Mine


Seamus 11:04 Sat Nov 4
Re: 1989
It’s up for grabs now

Brian Moore I think

Too Much Too Young 7:01 Fri Nov 3
Re: 1989

Bas Noir - I'm Glad You Came To Me

Too Much Too Young 6:51 Fri Nov 3
Re: 1989
Robin Wants Revenge - Robin Wants Revenge


P.S. All the ones i put up are on vinyl in the loft, mostly warped...gutted.

Too Much Too Young 8:41 Thu Nov 2
Re: 1989
Depth Charge - Bounty Killer


Jimmy The Hoover 12:41 Thu Nov 2
Re: 1989
Had an affair with the woman I am now subsequently married too. Cost me a house.

Raymond Reddington 12:07 Thu Nov 2
Re: 1989
Too Much Too Young wrote...

Re: 1989
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain

That was released in 1993 mate

Too Much Too Young 9:39 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain


Too Much Too Young 9:37 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Jungle Brothers - I'll House You


Too Much Too Young 9:30 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Chubb Rock - Ya bad Chubbs


oh yes..

Too Much Too Young 9:29 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Mr. Monday - Appreciate


Too Much Too Young 9:27 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
SHUT UP AND DANCE - 5,6,7,8.


Too Much Too Young 9:25 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
sadly it is only 19.45 in London and i is full flow!

Royal House - Can You Party


Westham67 9:20 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Too Much

2 40am here missus is not amused by house music blaring out, better put, my headphones on

Too Much Too Young 9:15 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Orange Lemon - Dreams of Santa Anna


Too Much Too Young 9:10 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989

nightmares on wax 'dextrous'

Westham67 9:08 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
Joe Smooth Promised land


Too Much Too Young 9:06 Wed Nov 1
Re: 1989
That or "Strings of Life" or "It is what it is"

Both by Rhythm is Rhythm

*Charlie Chesters around the kitchen*

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