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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

HairyHammer 12:08 Mon Oct 30
Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion No 4
Why is this man hated so much?, he is easily the greatest British driver ever and we avoid him like he has the plague on the day he wins the World title !!!.

He is an unbelievable talent and I cannot help but feel that some are either jealous or racist and cannot stand him and would much rather he lost..
I look at the sport itself not all the bull that surrounds it and he is exceptional and deserves some respect .
I want to know what David Beckham did that made him so fucking cool apart from being a decent footballer and being handsome and white ? he had that silly voice and no character Lewis Hamilton is the greatest at what he does, Beckham was never ever even close to being that yet he is seen as some sort of hero and role model?.

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joe royal 12:13 Mon Oct 30
Re: Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion No 4

joe royal 12:11 Mon Oct 30
Re: Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion No 4
Two words.

Jim Clarke.

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