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Enoch Nutter 4:24 Mon Oct 30
Clacton Hammers - Help req
Afternoon all,

This is really a plea to all those Clacton hammers out there.

My old mum was the victim of a distraction robbery at home yesterday morning. Can't go into too much detail but the toerag swiped her black shoulder bag that had amongst other things a red Radley purse inside it.

Both the bag and the purse contained what we believe to me a stupid amount of money. The toerag who pinched it was White, English and claiming to be from the council. He might work for them I don't know but if you are from the area and you spot someone who is unexpectedly rather flush then please PM me. The old girls bus pass was found in Oxford Road but the person who handed it in did not want to give details of exactly where, so the plod; who in fairness have been very good, are struggling regarding CCTV.

Anyway any help finding this low life would be a big help.


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ted fenton 10:09 Fri Nov 3
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
Sorry to hear this EN I'm on a few media sites which are local so will keep my eyes peeled let's hope they catch the shit.

Enoch Nutter 2:42 Thu Nov 2
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
Link to what?

bruuuno 12:29 Tue Oct 31
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
Err.. link?

11MDE 11:46 Mon Oct 30
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
Hope you find this scumbag.

Enoch Nutter 11:08 Mon Oct 30
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
Latest on this is that mum was the second of these recent "distraction" robberies. Essex police have set up an appeal for info https://www.essex.police.uk/news/appeals/2017/help-us-identify-fraudsters-targeting-elderly-vict/

My sister, who was first to arrive after the robbery said that when she left mums place she saw a paint or chalk marking on the wall, like a squiggle or perhaps a 2. We had something similar like this up here when the pikey's were on the rob.

Poor cow is on her own, nearest to her is my eldest sister and she's a good half hour away. It's not good.

Dwight Van Mann 5:51 Mon Oct 30
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
I'm worried about Ted now. He's getting on a bit and very vulnerable.
Stay safe Ted

Spandex Sidney 5:36 Mon Oct 30
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
You suspect Ted?!

Personally I'm blaming all robberies on Slaven Bilic from now on.

Seriously fella, sorry to hear this, fucking cunt

charleyfarley 5:15 Mon Oct 30
Re: Clacton Hammers - Help req
Hi mate try Ted

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