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Razzle 12:45 Tue Oct 31
Collectable Music
What little nuggets do you have lurking in your collection that are worth a few quid?

2 Standouts for me

1. Nirvana - Bleach Blue Vinyl Waterfront label
2. Radiohead - Drill EP CD 1 of 3000 (first ever release)

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Ilford Hammer 11:44 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
Condition is everything when it comes to vinyl. A mint copy of a record can fetch 10 or 20 times the value of the same record in good condition.

Some of my more valuable items are (all original first pressings):

James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace 7"
Kool And The Gang self titled first LP
The Honey Drippers - Impeach The President 7"
Skull Snaps - It's A New Day 7"
Cream - Disraeli Gears
SOUL - Burning Spear 7"
Nasty Minds - Getting Nasty 7"

13 Brentford Rd 11:33 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
Didn't say it was, I never stopped buying records and have well over a thousand.
I said they are the tats paying over the odds for it.
Every cunt thinks any old record is worth £20 as it's "vintage"

CDs were fucking shit, just a snapshot of the real sound, cas s fell apart quickly and the LIE that they wouldn't scratch or degrade was bollocks, they are far worse than vinyl.

Ayris 11:28 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
It’s not just the hipsters who are keeping the vinyl industry going; tapes, CD’s and downloads have all come and in some cases gone, Vinyl seems to have survived and is now is growing.
As John Peel famously quoted "Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don't have any surface noise. I said, 'Listen, mate, *life* has surface noise."

13 Brentford Rd 11:20 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
Makes me smile that all those record companies who lied about CDs whilst rippling us off and closing down their record plants, are now having to outsource their record manufacturing to companies who had the foresight to keep theirs going.
Reason for the surge in prices is that all the silly little hipster twats have been told that vinyl is cool now.

UNIHAMMERED 11:07 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
Both God Machine LPs are upward of 125 on discogs at the moment.I have both. I also have a 12" promo of Home worth about 20. So search out your God Machine stuff

Ayris 10:16 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
The Northern/Modern/funk rare soul scene has gone mad at present, a lot of old collectors selling up. Arthur Willis – The hurting is over (US 45) is currently listed at £10k on a dealers website. I use discogs to move a few things on….with the global exposure, there always seems to be buyers out there willing to pay for mint condition vinyl.

joe royal 10:02 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
Did any of you old punks ever visit dial house?

I didn't .

medwayhammer1 9:48 Thu Nov 2
Re: Collectable Music
Small Wonder records was a big part of my youth...used to make a weekly pilgrimage there for all of my punk needs....good little lable too! Got quite a few collectable rare hardcore and punk records, esp the yank stuff.

pulhampete 7:43 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music
Mate of mine bought a copy of Their Satanic Majesties Request for a couple of quid from a charity shop, he noticed that the sleeve was slightly different to his own original copy. He sold it for just over two grand.

He went back to the charity shop and gave them a grand as he felt bad about it.

But not bad enough to give them two grand.

oioi 6:39 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music
Gloucester Iron 11:59 Wed Nov 1

I had an idea that it is worth that much but it's only worth what someone is willing to pay and I can't get a decent offer.

It really is pristine, I bought it and hardly played it and as luck would have it I kept it in a protective plastic sleeve.

Gloucester Iron 11:59 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music
oioi 9:08 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
I've got a pristine copy of David Bowie's Man Who Sold The World dress cover 1971 on Mercury. Reckless Records offered me £200 but clearly they would be selling at a big profit.

Not surprised that a dealer would only offer £200! I've been heavily involved in collecting rare records from the early 60's - early 70's for many years, and the going rate for this in pristine nick in north of a grand...

Used to love Vinyl Solution records in Hereford Road Bayswater back in the 80's/90's. They always had some seriously fucking rare vinyl from around the world in there, and this was where I first saw a copy of this album. This would have been around '82, and I left the shop £90 lighter with a copy of The Creation album, We Are Paintermen tucked under me arm. Given that I was only on about £45 a week at that point, it was a major investment, but they had fucking hundreds more out of me over the years before it closed down. It was run by a right moody Belgian fucker called Yves, who really was a miserable cunt on a good day, let alone any other. I recently spoke to Robin Will from The Barracudas, who used to work in there part time, and asked if he was still in contact with him, but he apparently now lives in Peru...!
Anyway, carry on, and look after that Bowie album, Oi...

SecondOpinion 11:46 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music
I used to deal in vinyl records until recently.
Loved playing and grading them all and selling on EBay for big profits.

Bostick Pockets 11:02 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music
Going back to the original thread of collectable music I have absolutely tons of old punk 7's, mostly independant stuff that I picked up from Pete at Small Wonder, pretty much all the Small Wonder releases, Cravats, Crass etc

Loads of Northern soul, 70's modern soul, funk, jazz funk vinyl too.

Bostick Pockets 10:54 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music

I knew Pete from Small Wonder really well too! In fact I met up with him earlier this year, down Hoe Street! They set up a shop (opposite from the the original site) and turned it into a replica of the shop! Same shop sign, stickers all over the door and windows, same counter, record sleeves plastered over the walls ands Pete behind the counter.

Very very surreal

I managed to get lots of pics that day

Bostick Pockets 10:49 Wed Nov 1
Re: Collectable Music
I remember the Rose & Crown very well, it was pretty much my local, being a Walton Road, Manor Park boy.

Far Cough 11:40 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
OK matey :-)

oioi 11:40 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
F.C. If you get into the stadium with a bit of time to spare before the Liverpool game I'll be on the party deck with a pint for you.

The Stoat 11:31 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
Had the best night ever in there after the 1980 Cup final

Far Cough 11:31 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
One of the few pubs still left in Ilford

oioi 11:29 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
Rose and Crown was on Ilford Hill. A lot of gas fitters used to drink in there. I can't believe The Papermakers is still open. Nice little boozer.

Far Cough 11:27 Tue Oct 31
Re: Collectable Music
Yeah, that's where I thought it was, on the Romford road, right?

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