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Q: 2017/18 The RealWestHamFans March on March 10th
a. I'll be there, it's time for action now enough is enough
b. Not for me, I'll see you all at the Stadium
c. A bit difficult for me as I'll be on my stream with a cup of rosie
d. What march

icwhs 9:39 Tue Oct 31


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icwhs 8:53 Thu Nov 2
Re: shirts

icwhs 3:04 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts

Thanks for the heads up, didn’t no i logged off leaving the front page like that...
To much vino i guess

icwhs 10:12 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts

Ag ag ag

Gavros 9:30 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts
Have you got any shorts with a 26 inch waist?

Rio or Anton or Les 9:17 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts
Great website and shirt collection! Well done.

icwhs 8:45 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts
Yeah it took a while collecting all those photos

Keep dreaming 8:20 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts
Really impressive, great job.
How the hell did you get all them photos?

LeroysBoots 7:11 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts
Ice is, massively impressive collection fella well done

Point of note,tidy up your website, front page is half finished

Hermit Road 6:50 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts
Why have you got a picture of Ray Parlour advertising them?

icwhs 4:21 Wed Nov 1
Re: shirts

Keep dreaming 10:04 Tue Oct 31
Re: shirts
Did you make this site?

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