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Barty 10:20 Tue Oct 31
I didn´t die
I guess some of you don´t give a fuck but when I swallowed those pills on the last thread I made some time ago I slept for a long time but when the police woke me up I had womited all over the bed, when they woke me up they put me in an ambulance and drove me to the hospital for some treatment.

I have read and posted on this forum for some time and like some of you know because of the IP I was Sesar and am from Iceland, I have had quite a few other nicknames too like The Cult Of Bob knows.. Good luck Bob.

Anyway I don´t know why I´m posting this but I am between 30 and 40 and have had a drug problem for 21 years and I have been diagnosed Bipolar.. I was in a deep depression for the last 1 and a half years until recently but I was put into a drug mental hospital a month ago after some amphetamine and cocaine insanity, over there Igot a medicene for the Bipolar and now I´m not depressed anymore

I´m serious about the sobriety now more than ever, I lost my best friend from a overdose recently, he was like a brother to me. This is some serious shit

Anyway I´ve never felt better after getting this drug, it´s called Abilify if you are interested about it.

I don´t know what more to say but I am very happy I did not die now and am very optimistic about the future..

Now bring the abuse people


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ivan 4:38 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Nice work mate,Onward and upward fella

chiff 4:23 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Firstly an answer to prayer, thank you God. Secondly well done you! Keep it up.

neilalex 3:17 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
I'm glad you're not dead. Mainly because I can't think of many places or people I like better than Iceland and Icelanders. Would have been different if you'd have been a Parisian for example.

Northern Sold 2:44 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
I must of been on holiday as I don't remember any of this shit...

Son of Sam 2:09 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Barty you are a naughty boy as you worried the shit out of a lot of us but delighted to hear your ok and good luck for the future and Defjam , absolute top man. Well done.

Mart O 1:40 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
This thread is proof that VPNs are the Devil's work.

Mex Martillo 1:37 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Really glad to hear you are alive, that last thread left me very sad and I have wondered what became of you.
I guess it is all serious, I did wonder, but may be not good to question these things...
Not sure if WHO is a good place to talk about these things and I remember lots of good advice to get proper help, which looks like you have done.
One thing is for sure if you are looking for a bunch of crazy cunts or just the place to express the nutter part of you personality WHO is the place.
Hope to see more positive and HAMMER orientated posts from you.
Welcome back and good luck

Gavros 1:23 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Here are. So congrats Defjam and the WHO seniors for probably saving Someones life

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12:24 Tue Jan 3
Just trying to contact Ged/North Bank to see what to do.
Thanks mate

> Probably for the best to contact the Icelandic police with that IP and the link to the thread. It sounds pretty genuine to me given that the drug is only available in Iceland and Denmark. If this was one of the last places he posted the police will be all over it shortly in any case.

Gavros 1:18 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
I think it was def who contacted the police I remember having a whomail talk about it. I think.

madeeasy 1:13 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Good luck to you.

Defjam I don't know you really well but have gotten to know you less than some but more than others over the year and know your daily pains of what life has thrown at you.

I hope that you find a bit of warm solace from your actions. It is easy to say what could have done. but you actually did it.

Top man is our Def

Razzle 1:10 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Grumpster 11:55 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die

"Life is generally a load of old shit, but make the most of the happy times and it's bearable. "

Therein lies the truth..

Pee Wee 12:49 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
When you're nobbing a bear I guess it doesn't matter if it's male or female. in that respect I think we're all probably bipolar

Grumpster 11:55 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Well Defjam has first hand experience of this, so no doubt wanted to save Barty's family going through the same torture that his own did.

Top effort and keep smiling Barty.

Life is generally a load of old shit, but make the most of the happy times and it's bearable.

On The Ball 11:19 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
And whoever contacted the Police, if that was someone else. Wonderful stuff.

On The Ball 11:18 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
I think we should all give a hearty round of applause to Defjam for his help here - fuck me, what a wonderful thing you did. Hats off - you genuinely saved a life.

deanfergi 10:19 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
You were meant to stay and enjoy West Ham's successes...x
Pop up to Þingvellir and have a chat with the gods dancing and fighting in the aurora, maybe a word with the trolls if they come out..!x (not on here!)
IP alerter- splendid work, mate x

devonhammer 9:30 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Not dying is a good thing

Keep on not dying

Toe Rag 12:24 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
Good luck Barty,

Providing you’re not Hairy Hammer, Branded,H&P, Hani, Gavros or any other of the ever growing list of site fucking divs.

Alfs 12:24 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
I reckon we could all do with this Abilify stuff, the way the season is going!

J.Riddle 12:23 Wed Nov 1
Re: I didn´t die
That you Barty or your ghost, it being Halloween n'all? Spooky! :-)

Glad you made it, hope you can go forward and be happy, wishing all good things come your way xx.

tnb 11:57 Tue Oct 31
Re: I didn´t die
Good fucking luck to you. There's a lot of attention seeking bullshit posted on here but because of that 'we' sometimes lose track of the fact that sometimes there are real people with genuine problems here. It doesn't make sense to me why you'd post on a West Ham forum when you're on the verge of killing yourself, but nor does it need to make sense. I hope you can continue to move forward after this and please don't let Arnautovic push you over the edge again. You cunt, etc.

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