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collyrob 6:22 Wed Nov 1
Dustin Hoffman
"I'll have a hard boiled egg and a soft boiled clitoris"


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terry-h 2:07 Thu Nov 2
Re: Dustin Hoffman
No northern.
Hoffman was never the same after Anne Bancroft fucked him in The Graduate.
Dig her up and charge her bones with sexual assault.

Northern Sold 1:47 Thu Nov 2
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Was never the same after Sir Lol' Oliver pulled all his teeth out....


Any Old Iron 1:41 Thu Nov 2
Re: Dustin Hoffman
When Hoffman made these unpleasant remarks and fondled this woman he was 50 and she was 17. Marks him down as another predetory y*d in Hollywood.

Sven Roeder 10:24 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Weinstein is obviously a rapey cunt who deserves to go to jail .... but we now seem to be hearing about every male who ever groped a woman or tried it on back to 1985 & beyond.
Will need some big jails

Sydney_Iron 10:08 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Turning into a bit of a which hunt know, also seems to be a lot of jumping on the band wagon, which sadly wont help those who really were raped and abused by real predators.

From what i read, Hoffman just seems to have been having a laugh and winding her up, maybe not acceptable back then and 100% in this PC day and age but judging him in 2017 by 1985 standards, and waiting for so long to bring it up is a tad cuntish IMO

White Pony 9:50 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Branded, how fucking dare you. That was a hugely inappropriate comment that probably made Nurse feel really objectified and I'm fucking horrified on her behalf (even if she doesn't give a shit).

I'm going to out you on Twatter.

twoleftfeet 8:31 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Getting allegedly sexually assaulted seems to be a badge of honour these days, maybe I’m old school but these things don’t need to be advertised on social media.

bruuuno 8:25 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Why don't we just accept that all men are sex offenders and be done with it? Seeing as every man alive has, at some point, made a woman feel uncomfortable due to their unwanted advances. Then we can leave it to the women to make the first move and see how quickly the human race dies out?

Westham67 8:23 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Nurse Ratched 7:56 Wed Nov 1

twoleftfeet 8:20 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
It’s becoming fucking pathetic now.

Unless it happened in the last year then fuck off.

It’s all about the money money money.

BRANDED 8:02 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Im with you Nurse.

Nurse Ratched 7:56 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Remember Miller's excellent play 'The Crucible'?

Substitute global social media (Twitter, et al) for that group of ignorant, spiteful, attention-seeking teenage girls chucking about accusations for their own amusement and advantage, and that's our marvellous new reality.

All of you Twitbookers, pat yourselves on the back. You're part of the problem.

zico 7:43 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
Actor Jeremy Piven now accused. This is going to get dangerous now because it will get difficult to separate real or bogus accusations.

Adam Sandler was ridiculously accused by Twitter users for sexual harassment when he touched Claire Foy's knee on the Graham Norton Show last week and despite Claire Foy herself saying she was NOT offended the accusations kept flying around.

What next two sofas on chat shows, one for men one for women!!!

Too Much Too Young 7:24 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
The Carry On films will be outlawed shortly.

zico 7:17 Wed Nov 1
Re: Dustin Hoffman
It won't be long before Del Boy is accused for slapping the posh girls backside 30 years ago and asking "fancy a curry!"" !!!!!

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