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Heath Hammer 8:37 Thu Nov 2
Online poker
Quick question gents. Where is best site for this....one with some decent players, one which try’s to keep games fair etc.

Have not played online for probably 8 years. Used to play on Betfair or gutshot but from a quite look they look to be devoid of action ....started to fancy a game recently.

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FrancoisVanDerElst 8:49 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
I played for a living for a while but only play live cash occasionally these days,but a mate is a 'ambassador ' for PartyPoker and they are making a lot of changes and improvements by all accounts

Too many 'bots' on pokerstars still making the game harder to beat

Too Much Too Young 7:17 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
I used to play on PKR.

My Stats said i won 7 out of 10 one on one games, but thats pretty boring and tournaments take too fucking long.

My best effort, i won 750 for coming first out of 125 players, boxing day when we beat Portsmouth about 10 years ago, started at midnight pissed as a fart 25 in, won around 4am, sober.


JustAFatKevinDavies 4:59 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
there you are Bolty

Hammers1993 4:58 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
Trouble is playing against players who have no idea of how to play go all in with absolutely nothing against your strong hand and get outrageous luck. Obviously they will crash and burn at some point but you see countless times good players getting stung by them in the process.

Heath Hammer 4:50 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
cheers gents.

presumably all the site have apps now - are they generally better than playing through a PC

SuperSundays 4:19 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
Pokerstars software is the best by a long way, and games are easier to find.

But the best sites are ones that are betting sites first and poker sites second as you get punters that win a bet and fancy playing, but have no real idea of how to play the game.

SE5 Hammer 3:21 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
PokerStars is the biggest site by miles and therefore has has the best liquidity - which means you can get a game at the stakes and type you want quickly. That's a fact - i's size.

It's also got the best software by some margin IMO,

I do work for them. So sadly have to play on crappy sites like 888 and Party - I think Unibet is best of rest.

Alex V 1:19 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
It wasn't quite boom to bust, but it did hit the profits of some. I don't work for Pokerstars anymore but I know they're still a big outfit who put effort into having fair games.

Heath Hammer 9:36 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
Just googled Black Friday- had no idea that had happened. Amazing how that industry went from boom to bust literally overnight.

Will take a look at 888. Cheers

Manip 9:14 Fri Nov 3
Re: Online poker
I play 888poker. Decent amount of fish in the Tournaments. Traffic is nowhere near as high on all formats since Black Friday.

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