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Chigwell 7:56 Fri Nov 3
Walthamstow acid attack.
What kind of moronic bastard (probably literally) thinks it's fun or acceptable to blind someone permanently for the sake of stealing a moped or small motorbike? A person arrested is aged 14 so can't be identified even if charged. We need to know who these moped gangs are - any ideas?

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wanstead_hammer 10:50 Fri Nov 3
Re: Walthamstow acid attack.
Cowardly scumbag.
Should slowly dip him in a vat full of it, like stripping a door.

Roby 8:52 Fri Nov 3
Re: Walthamstow acid attack.
The Police and courts won't do anything about this type of stuff.

Hopefully the kids council house will get torched in the middle of the night with the rest of his family in it or maybe someone will fling some acid at his mum or brother.

Sadly that is the only type of repercussion that these little cunts understand or deserve.

The Fonz 8:24 Fri Nov 3
Re: Walthamstow acid attack.
Someone close to me has had acid thrown on them, so this sort of attack has always hit a nerve.

Cunts should be put in a bathtub full of it as a punishment. That would put an end to it overnight.

hornchurchsteve 8:18 Fri Nov 3
Re: Walthamstow acid attack.
They won't be white English. You can have that for nothing. Ship the lot of them out.

simon.s 8:12 Fri Nov 3
Re: Walthamstow acid attack.
Yep, I think we can expect more of the same. Still, they caught the little fucker. I'm impressed with that.

Kaiser Zoso 8:05 Fri Nov 3
Re: Walthamstow acid attack.
50 bar says the 14 yer old isn’t white, or Christian

Oh, and you’re wasting your time, the battles been conceded already, this isn’t going to change, only get worse

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