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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

Sven Roeder 10:52 Fri Nov 3
Ashes warm up games
England start their Ashes warm up in the early hours with a 2 day match vs a Western Australia XI at the WACA.
Will be followed by two four day games against a Cricket Australia XI:
November 8-11 at Adelaide (Day / Night PINK BALL)
November 15-18 in Townsville
November 19 Team moves on to Brisbane to be met by the arriving Ben Stokes

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Oh dear 8:19 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
Weather forecast for Brisbane doesn’t look good

VirginiaHam 2:06 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
DK may not get away with that nowadays.

Ronald_antly 2:05 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
He knows how to earn himself a few bob at the bookies, too.

VirginiaHam 1:08 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
When Johnson was 'bowling to the left, and bowling to the right' it was DK who straightened him out and created the Kangwash beast.

Lillee is a brilliant coach.

Sven Roeder 1:03 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
Funnily enough Dennis Lillee came across Johnson at one of his fast bowling coaching things and sent him to Rod Marsh when he was running the cricket academy in Adelaide.
And when Johnson moved to Perth Lillee spent a lot of time working with him .... but you couldn’t imagine two more different fast bowling personalities & mentalities.

Johnson has signed up for another season with the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash next month. They used him brilliantly last summer... he didn’t do all the away trips to the East but was saved for the WACA games.

VirginiaHam 12:28 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
Sven Roeder 11:23 Sat Nov 18

Johnson terrorised none other than Graeme Smith, captain of SA. He bowled a ball in Capetown (?) that took off from nowhere and would have hit Smith in the neck if he hadn't gloved it 200 feet in the air and about 30 yards behind the slip cordon. Unbelievable ball.......

VirginiaHam 12:23 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
On another subject........

there's a rumour circulating that Ben Stokes is about to be cleared by the Police of any wrongdoing.

There's another 'strong' rumour that he's already in Australia.

Stewart Matthewson‏ @discostew2009
20m20 minutes ago
Replying to @plalor

Strong rumour is that he's already here in Australia. Arrived two days ago. The "spin" on this one will be better than @ShaneWarne 'ball of the century'
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VirginiaHam 12:21 Sun Nov 19
Re: Ashes warm up games
He dos not sound like a fast bowler.......very soft, gentle voice and completely at odds with the DK Lillee moustache during the Kangwash. He's endured incredible hardships throughout his life, and deserves to cash in on the T20 circuit.

Him bowling 4 overs in that, flat out, middle overs is unpalatable.

Sven Roeder 11:23 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Whenever you hear Johnson interviewed he is unusual for a fast bowler.
He appears a nice gentle guy who doesn’t really have the mental strength to ride out the times when things turn against him.
Which means his career was a real mishmash of massive highs and similar lows.
He was basically a laughing stock in Ashes series apart from one brilliant series. Though he did end up with 300 Test wickets & an ODI World Cup

VirginiaHam 10:39 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games

Sven Roeder 2:37 Sat Nov 18

Agreed Sven; I have no issue with Stokes not playing and I'd expect him to cop as much from your lot if he does play as Warner copped when he did play.

Mitchell Johnson went nowhere near a prison sentence (although deserved, simply for being Australian) and copped it for about 3 tours from the Barmy Army.

Did you read the recent interview with Johnson whee he admitted that the BA did such a good job on Johnson he was singing the BA songs in his head as he ran up to bowl?


Sven Roeder 2:37 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
What do you imagine the reaction to Warner had been if he had played in the first 2 Tests in 2013?
And how was it when he did appear?

Stokes would get the same reaction that every ginger criminal New Zealander in an England cap would get.

Sven Roeder 2:29 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
The police have a couple of gays who say they were harassed by a couple of blokes .... whether that harassment was a criminal act who knows. Am sure they have had plenty of time to establish claims about who did and said what.
They also have cctv of Ben Stokes punching the living daylights out of the alleged harasser
Perhaps they are trying to establish whether Stokes was acting in self defence. If not it appears a fairly obvious case of assault
It does seem an extraordinarily slow process. It’s hardly the Great Train Robbery.

VirginiaHam 2:18 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Sven Roeder 7:54 Sat Nov 18

If the ECB picked Stokes and the Police decided to press charges halfway through the first test what do you th8nk the reaciion would be?

Noisy would be one way of putting it.

Bernie 1:37 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I do have a fear of us being 30-5 on the first morning with Starc having a field day, which could shape the entire series. It's imperative we start well.

twoleftfeet 1:27 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Head of Police Force is an Aussie.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:09 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I presume the police, having insuficient evidence to charge Stokes but being sure that 'he did it', are maliciously delaying a decision in order to punish him by preventing his going to Australia.

I can't really see the difference between what the police are doing and 'fitting up'. Perhaps there is some moral distinction I'm failing to grasp.

Sven Roeder 11:30 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Also heard the bbc tv news bint describe England as ‘lucky’.
CA finished 100 runs ahead with 6 wickets left after England made 515 in their innings.
What an escape!
Sangha at 18yrs 71 days is now the youngest first class century maker in Australia since Ponting. And only Tendulkar has scored a century against England at a younger age.

angryprumphs 10:57 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Woke up this morning to be told by some dizzy bint sport 'reporter' on BBC news saying that England had to 'cling on to scrape a draw' in their warm up game?

Yes it was a shit day in the field but.....

Sven Roeder 7:54 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I suppose the ECB feel they have to wait for the police enquiry re Stokes ..... but why is it taking so long to decide whether he will be charged? Feels like it happened YONKS ago

You could say Australia’s ‘problems’ are caused by the selectors (they are a bit bonkers and the sooner they get MARK Waugh out and make use of STEVE Waugh the better) but slightly bemused at the reaction.
Get the feeling people in England were expecting Gilchrist and Warne to be named. Personally think they are going in the wrong direction (back to 30 something’s) but you can only pick who is available.
Should be moving in the direction of Head or Cartwright than Marsh or even sticking with Renshaw (he will come back at some point) and using Bancroft at 6.

In the meantime good to see two young lads bat all day for Cricket Australia for the draw in the warm up game.
Mentioned 18yo Jason Sangha before ...:: hopefully his 134 here puts him in line for a Sheffield Shield debut when NSW play while the Tests are on.

Ronald_antly 5:26 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
VirginiaHam wrote...

"However, on England's side the mess is caused by Stokes, on Australia's side it's caused by the selectors."

England's mess is caused by the ECB.
Stokes deserves a consequence for his actions, which should come in the form of loss of match fees (possibly for the entire Ashes series). Removing, arguably, our only player with the ability to really counter attack when the batting is under pressure is just 'cutting your nose off to spite your face'.

How may Ashes tests did David Warner miss after he punched Joe Root?

The worst thing about English sport is its administration. Completely fucking IDIOTIC!

VirginiaHam 3:44 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Stokes is a huge miss; I wonder if YJB can paper over the cracks?

Apart from being the all-rounder glue in the team I think he's one of the two most technically correct players in the side. He picks length well but also plays very straight. A feature of his game in the last year has been his ability to punch length balls down the ground for four.

What that means to bowlers is that suddenly the staple, bread and butter 'safe' length doesn't exist, because he will just play a defensive shot through the line for 4. Cook can't do that. his technique is too limited.

On top of Stokes' correctness is his willingness to attack a soft ball and take the game away in an hour.

Hurry up, Mr. Plod.

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