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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

Sven Roeder 10:52 Fri Nov 3
Ashes warm up games
England start their Ashes warm up in the early hours with a 2 day match vs a Western Australia XI at the WACA.
Will be followed by two four day games against a Cricket Australia XI:
November 8-11 at Adelaide (Day / Night PINK BALL)
November 15-18 in Townsville
November 19 Team moves on to Brisbane to be met by the arriving Ben Stokes

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Bernie 1:37 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I do have a fear of us being 30-5 on the first morning with Starc having a field day, which could shape the entire series. It's imperative we start well.

twoleftfeet 1:27 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Head of Police Force is an Aussie.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:09 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I presume the police, having insuficient evidence to charge Stokes but being sure that 'he did it', are maliciously delaying a decision in order to punish him by preventing his going to Australia.

I can't really see the difference between what the police are doing and 'fitting up'. Perhaps there is some moral distinction I'm failing to grasp.

Sven Roeder 11:30 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Also heard the bbc tv news bint describe England as ‘lucky’.
CA finished 100 runs ahead with 6 wickets left after England made 515 in their innings.
What an escape!
Sangha at 18yrs 71 days is now the youngest first class century maker in Australia since Ponting. And only Tendulkar has scored a century against England at a younger age.

angryprumphs 10:57 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Woke up this morning to be told by some dizzy bint sport 'reporter' on BBC news saying that England had to 'cling on to scrape a draw' in their warm up game?

Yes it was a shit day in the field but.....

Sven Roeder 7:54 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I suppose the ECB feel they have to wait for the police enquiry re Stokes ..... but why is it taking so long to decide whether he will be charged? Feels like it happened YONKS ago

You could say Australia’s ‘problems’ are caused by the selectors (they are a bit bonkers and the sooner they get MARK Waugh out and make use of STEVE Waugh the better) but slightly bemused at the reaction.
Get the feeling people in England were expecting Gilchrist and Warne to be named. Personally think they are going in the wrong direction (back to 30 something’s) but you can only pick who is available.
Should be moving in the direction of Head or Cartwright than Marsh or even sticking with Renshaw (he will come back at some point) and using Bancroft at 6.

In the meantime good to see two young lads bat all day for Cricket Australia for the draw in the warm up game.
Mentioned 18yo Jason Sangha before ...:: hopefully his 134 here puts him in line for a Sheffield Shield debut when NSW play while the Tests are on.

Ronald_antly 5:26 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
VirginiaHam wrote...

"However, on England's side the mess is caused by Stokes, on Australia's side it's caused by the selectors."

England's mess is caused by the ECB.
Stokes deserves a consequence for his actions, which should come in the form of loss of match fees (possibly for the entire Ashes series). Removing, arguably, our only player with the ability to really counter attack when the batting is under pressure is just 'cutting your nose off to spite your face'.

How may Ashes tests did David Warner miss after he punched Joe Root?

The worst thing about English sport is its administration. Completely fucking IDIOTIC!

VirginiaHam 3:44 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Stokes is a huge miss; I wonder if YJB can paper over the cracks?

Apart from being the all-rounder glue in the team I think he's one of the two most technically correct players in the side. He picks length well but also plays very straight. A feature of his game in the last year has been his ability to punch length balls down the ground for four.

What that means to bowlers is that suddenly the staple, bread and butter 'safe' length doesn't exist, because he will just play a defensive shot through the line for 4. Cook can't do that. his technique is too limited.

On top of Stokes' correctness is his willingness to attack a soft ball and take the game away in an hour.

Hurry up, Mr. Plod.

normannomates 3:35 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I meant Virginia ham..not capitol.
Hard to call this one for sure.

VirginiaHam 3:31 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
12th man is Dickie Bird?

Is that to explain Duckworth-Lewis or DRS?

normannomates 3:30 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
Looking forward to this also
Some seriously knowledgeable bods on here..like my favourite posters Sven and Capital

VirginiaHam 3:29 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I can't remember the last time the two sides went into an Ashss contest in such a mess.

However, on England's side the mess is caused by Stokes, on Australia's side it's caused by the selectors.

With the centuries by Malan and Stoneman the batting looks more solid, and we haven't decided where YJB bats. Play Vince at 4, Malan 5, then YJB 6 followed by Ali, Woakes and Overton looks good..

On the Aus side I fancy Woakes to better Smith (pace, bounce and away swing), and then you expose Marsh and Paine. Up front Aus have a new opener fo Anderson and Broad to play with.

I think the two bowling attacks even each other out, but we'll see whether Starc and Cummins can last 5 tests. Cook's wicket will be a big one, together with Root. Same for Warner and Smith.

normannomates 2:13 Sat Nov 18
Re: Ashes warm up games
I've just gone LARGE on Trundle getting his heed stoved n

Lee Trundle 11:14 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
I've just gone LARGE on Stoneman being England's highest scorer.

stewie griffin 11:10 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games

Whatever happened to LOLas?

Sven Roeder 11:08 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
Highest Test score:

Mark Stoneman 52
James Vince 42
Dawid Malan 65

Tim Paine 92

Coffee 11:02 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
This podcast discusses the TMS selection.


This podcast could be very decent, but sounds like it's been produced by a gaggle of adolescent girls. Let's hope the next episode is better.


Sven Roeder 10:59 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
As part of the buildup the bbc website have been running a poll where you could pick an All Time Ashes XI from lists of players

Their final bowling attack ended up being :
Warne 195 wickets at 23.25
Lillee 167 wickets at 21
McGrath 157 wickets at 20.92

& James Anderson 87 wickets at 35.87 (THIRTY FIVE POINT EIGHT SEVEN)

stewie griffin 10:51 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
were saying on SSN this morning that Tim PAINE has ONE first class century, made in 2006, Darren LEHMANN has made a first class ton more recently.

PAINE doesn't even keep wicket for his state side.


Sven Roeder 10:46 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
I always say that having grown up in the Lillee-Thomson-Chappell-Marsh era and later watching the Waugh-McGrath-Warne-Ponting-Gilchrist etc teams I don’t have any complaints that you have the LULLS as well.
It’s a very ordinary Australian team at the moment and in that situation I am always in favour of dumping older mediocre players and taking a risk on talented young players and moving the team on.
Personally I’d be in favour in getting talented younger players like Travis Head in the side and if you think all the current keepers are ordinary (they are) move on to one you identify as talented even if his numbers don’t yet justify selection.
To me that’s what selectors are for ..: looking beyond the averages to pick the right characters that will succeed in Tests. If it’s just about scores and ‘form’ you could get a firm of actuaries pick the team.

The selection of Paine is extraordinary.
He is Tasmania’s second keeper.
To be fair he WAS Aust’s Test keeper in 2010 before a finger injury that needed 5 operations a plate and 8 pins in his hand put him out for years. He has only recovered in the last couple of years but with Matthew Wade moving back to Tasmania recently he was planning to retire and work for Kookaburra only a couple of months ago.
To say the selectors have put their heads in a noose for selecting him and recalling Shaun Marsh for the EIGHTH time at 34 is an understatement

stewie griffin 10:44 Fri Nov 17
Re: Ashes warm up games
Both sides equally inconsistent, Aussies have the edge for pace, England for skill. Given the shitty ball they use they'll fancy their chances, but our bowling - with the exception of Broad - has looked extremely good so far by all accounts, and I wouldn't even be worried about Broad as he'll get fired up by the inbreds anyway.

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