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Gavros 1:28 Sat Nov 4
Hakuna Matata!
This unknown phrase in the west in Swahili means "no worries" and let's in that regard try not to worry about today's result, given the player shortage we currently have.

Marsha merful! (Cheers!)

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Trevor B 5:32 Thu Nov 9
Re: Hakuna Matata!

Gavros 5:30 Thu Nov 9
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Walking back from the green turtle sanctity today, we came across this all singing all dancing wedding celebration in the middle of an African village. Watched that for a bit then walked back to the villa past a pick up game of football. What do you know; one of the lads was wearing the west ham 2014/15 home shirt.


Mike Oxsaw 11:24 Thu Nov 9
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Coffee 1:55 Sun Nov 5

You need to train your dog better. he should have gone for the Kleenex - or a damp rag, at least.

Infidel 11:14 Thu Nov 9
Re: Hakuna Matata!

Zanzibar was the African Singapore.

Mid 19th century that harbour outside Stone Town would have north of 100 ships anchored there. The city was filled with sailors from all over Europe and Asia, it was the principal stopping off point on the long route around the Cape.

The sailors had money, so the city was like Las Vegas - drinking dens, gambling, whorehouses. It was a hell of a place.

Hammer and Pickle 10:32 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!

White Pony 10:31 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
He's there with the Duchess?

Leonard Hatred 10:28 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Gavros IS in Africa. With his bird.

Punching above his weight there, I might add.

Northern Sold 10:18 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Tripped over his nose the pinocchio prick

Side of Ham 10:12 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Thought you already had a broken foot Gavlar tripping over one of your lies no doubt?

White Pony 9:54 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Does your horse box need cleaning out, Len?

Leonard Hatred 9:32 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Bring me back one of the locals.
A strapping young man with a strong back.
I've some errands that need doing.

Gavros 9:30 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
No football for me out here. I just done my knee in again so will be hobbling around for the remainder of the holiday 😣😣😣

chiff 9:02 Wed Nov 8
Re: Hakuna Matata!
We lost one nil in the national stadium in Nairobi a few years before a similar touring party lost nine one as I recall so some of the team felt elated at the score. I was a little disappointed, however the experience was amazing and I often mention the experience to the grandchildren who look completely underwelled.

Hammer and Pickle 10:04 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
If the bank is on the corner and the post office is on the left, ZANZIBAR is over there.

Gavros 10:00 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
No mate stayed at a place called Menemeta. Went to Choke yesterday and then saw the sunset from a BOAT in the bay. Quite lovely.

It's an interesting question about Zanzibar because at the time it was an independent country, wealthy and very well strategically placed. Can only assume they lumped it in with Kenya, tanganika and Uganda and just wanted rid. There's a new independence movement here now as they've realised they've been massively done over. Shame of them. Could have been the African Singapore with half decent management.

Side of Ham 9:56 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Now i know we’ve the Jaffa riled he’s using TOWIE talk.

East Auckland Hammer 9:52 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Why did Britain give up Zanzibar, and keep the Falklands?

smartypants 9:51 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Your not staying at kanasi lodge by any chance, I know it well and my brother has worked on and off there for years, fantastic place, Chole island is worth a visit also. Very few places like that left in the world, enjoy

Gavros 9:07 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Yep, fascinating place.

The British took it over when they made Oman a protectorate. When the British upper sticks in 1962 the Africans rose up and butchered virtually all of the Arab land owners and Indian traders.

Proper genocide. Never hear about it though πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

gph 9:04 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
FC - I didn't, but I know it was the heart of the Arab slave trade in Africa.

I don't suppose that counts.

Gavros 8:56 Tue Nov 7
Re: Hakuna Matata!
Maybe cough, but do you know the story behind Don t stop me now?

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