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Crassus 9:56 Sat Nov 4
Go down
Ok, so I accept that I am going to get cunted for this but I am now of the view that I actually want us to go down - to fuck the owners where it matters, in their pockets

They gave us Grant, they evicted us, they imposed the running track, they spout constant shite on signings

They have tried to ethnically cleanse the supporter base

Seemingly we will now have Moyes

Give me the times of trotting around northern shit holes, giving it large, knowing that the cunts who took us there need us, again, and have done their dough

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GBHammer63 10:07 Mon Nov 6
Re: Go down
You can’t paper over that many cracks with ANY manager.

Best way to start would be by the owners and Brady to admit to a lot of mistakes.

Razzle 8:41 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
They don’t give a fuck if we go down- they’ll love the windfall payments.
Bilic should have got the bullet 2nd week in October. Whatever manager that comes in now has a big job on their hands. I’ve you look at how Moyes handled Sunderland we may as well all pack up and go home…

WHU(Exeter) 5:22 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Going down won't teach them a lesson, relegation is an occupational hazard to them.

This is after all an outfit that has managed to get 3 top tier clubs relegated in the space of 5 years.

I'd imagine the football league would have to run to the next millennium to see that particular record broken.

Thames Ironworks 4:43 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Agree with the OP, I have no issue with us going down. To be honest it is what those flea market owners deserve.

I have been a West Ham supporter for over 40 years, it's in my blood and part of my family. I look at old photos of the family enjoying FA cup success and celebrating West Ham and it still feels me with pride. That pride has gone for me now with these owners in charge. I still love the club and like every fan and supporter we always will regardless of whether the club is Premier League or lower.

Fans will love this club more and feel the pride if we were in the lower leagues, bringing through younger players or doing well in the league or cup and actually seeing some form of success. For us that is what matters, for the owners it is more about the monetary value of the club and the best damage we can do to them is to go down. It won't matter to me, or most of the true fans.

lars 11:03 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Bilic will be gone over the next couple of weeks. You don't need to be Alan bloody Sugar to see that West Ham will be relegated if the porn twins let Slaven see out his contract. Nice guy, too nice to get the discipline that West Ham need to stop the deluge of goals.

We may go down whoever manages us. We're stuck with the athletics track that is the London Stadium and all the other poor decisions the owners have made. We are West Ham, and we will one day have a team who are proud to wear the shirt. I hope not to be too old and senile to enjoy watching such a team.

Sven Roeder 10:53 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
The only player I would miss watching in the current team that played yesterday would be Lanzini obviously
The rest can do one

Darby_ 10:38 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
I don't believe it. I know it.

LeroysBoots 10:34 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Talented yet underperforming players ?

You really believe that ?

We have a squad full of mediocre players that are built up as good players

We have an old team

Go down get rid and start again

Hoping the board go as well but there is no chance of that

Coffee 9:53 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
The Hammers 8:03 Sun Nov 5

Wrong. The team is more than good enough. The chemistry is wrong.

Sir Alf 8:07 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
How ironic if Sheff Utd come up in our place. :-(

The Hammers 8:03 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
I am afraid we will get relegated before May 2018.

The current team is simply not good enough.

normannomates 6:09 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Burnley..Bournemouth..Watford or

Forest..Wednesday. ..Leeds utd..

FUCK the Premier league

normannomates 6:01 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Like a spring clean..get rid of the scum.

jfk 3:53 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Going down is a knee jerk reaction to our current perilous position which to some on here might make sense for now.
Getting relegated would be a disaster for us.
Leeds are a perfect example.

Darby_ 3:14 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
It takes years so recover from relegation. You go down with talented but underperforming players like Carrick, Cole, Defoe etc, and replace them with mediocrities like Reo Coker, Harewood, Nolan, Matt Taylor and Matty Etherington. You might have an overachieving first season back in the Prem based on low expectations and andrenaline, but as Pardew and BFS found out, those things don't last.

The shitness of your squad does, however, last for years after you come up.

Bilic always was a terrible choice for manager. If he hadn't been a former player, his name would never have even been thought of, since his club record was mediocre at best.

The fans who demanded him based on nothing more than emotion have to share responsibility. As with Roeder, we have a talented squad with a manager who doesn't have the mental strength and quite possibly the talent to get the best out of them.

, 2:02 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Normannomates, can you define for us what our club will look like when, in your opinion we "get it back"?

KingandPaynter 1:50 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
GOING down.

Fan fury will force the sale of the club to bolder owners.

2020 onwards the Irons will rise.

nychammer 1:08 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
THEY deserve relegation and financial ruin for the they’ve run the club.

WE do not

As much as I wish it on them, there is never any guaranteed we bounce straight back. Bolton, Coventry, Leeds, Sheffield W, Forest, the lower leagues are littered with the “big” clubs of times past

normannomates 12:53 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
If it meant getting our club back..I'd spend yrs in the lower leagues..
Fuck the premier fucking League

zebthecat 12:33 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
For those who think going down is a good thing I suggest you read this:


Be careful what you wish for. For every Newcastle there are several Boltons.

GBHammer63 12:17 Sun Nov 5
Re: Go down
Run by fucking Shylocks and their horrible mouthpiece

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