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Nick QQQ 9:16 Sun Nov 5
I know when you are in the duldrems like we are now you hear the comments like “worse side I can remember” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a side that looks so poorly coached.
Judging by the clips that come out from the club looks like they just spend time on shooting practice. Even BFS has suggested publicly that they look poorly coached.
Bunch of unfit clueless backroom staff I guess.
The sooner we get them all out, including Dicks, the better.

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Chip Shop Charlie 6:06 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
I'd love to see DiCanio involved in some way (as a striking coach). Trouble is that he's probably a bit too 'no nonsense' for the overpaid softies we have at the club today.

Buster 5:49 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
What does it matter? The worst manager we've ever had has gone, let's move on to the MOYESY era.

ludo21 5:21 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
West Ham players (by and large) have always thought that they are a lot better than they actually are.

The Brighton game is a case in point and it happens time and time again. Against Brighton they just thought that they had to turn up to get 3 points... surprise surprise!!

Against the very top teams the players don't think they have a chance and effectively give up (unless it is a local rival or something is actually riding on the game, most likely something that doesn't even effect WH... then they might make a bit of an effort).

This attitude is in the DNA of West Ham and has been for the last 40 years IMO.

It's fucking infuriating!

Lertie Button 5:14 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
The real glory days were long gone when Dicks and Bilic were playing for us. We won exactly fuck all when either were players.
Can't wait for our miserable cunt of a manager to get hold of this useless bunch of skivers - players turning up late for training going unpunished, others not even bothering to get out on the training ground when they were there. No surprise about any of this to be honest

pdbis 4:49 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
You only had to see how unprofessional the players were going in at half time at Palace.They were laughing and joking with Dicks thinking they had already got three points
A few double training sessions are in order for our unfit squad..

easthammer 4:33 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching

Do I detect a tiny amount of sarcasm in your post?

"Bilic and Dicks are part of the West Ham Way and the glory days of Upton Park and that's all that matters."

Of course, you are right but the West Ham should not be dismissed as irrelevant to our present problems, The issue is can it be made relevant to today's overpaid self-obsessed prima donnas that masquerade as hammers today.

For me, the West Ham way dates from the late 1950s, ( I know a lifetime away but I'll try to make it relevant).
It is well known that back in the 50s West Ham players, despite being led or misled a poor manager (Ted Fenton sorry to any poster this may offend) took it upon themselves to improve their careers through self-development and forward thinking in playing styles and training methods. Cassettaris Cafe, Malcolm Allison. Dave Sexton et al started the West Ham way it was nurtured by a series of managers and trainers from Ron Greenwood to John Lyle through to Harry Redknapp (believe it or not) . It was found for many years in the Youth set up under Tony Carr.

Within this stream of learning about the game was the player involvement in coaching and improvement. As an up and coming player, even Bobby Moore was expected coach the youth team. (As a good friend of mine knows to his cost)

Like all good things they tend to end or at least decline. I would place Bilic and Dicks at that point of the decline. Their era of playing just proceeded the age of superstar super rich super spoilt players we have today. The West Ham way got lost at that point. Or it may have just been obscured and maybe just maybe it needs rediscovering.

Okay it won't be the same as the 1950s but the club needs to find a way other than just money to re-engage the modern player in their own self-development as players and people. Clearly from what I have read since Bilic left he failed to do this.

cup of tea 3:30 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
I coached it from Edinburghto Penzance once - never again, what a journey

Eggbert Nobacon 3:20 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching

Reply Lord Brampton 3:33 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
Including Dicks ? I'd say 'especially' Dicks - the bloke may be a club legend (to some) but when I try to imagine him on the training pitches all I get is a picture in my head of Mungo from Blazing Saddles.

When you thank about Dicks you get an image of a big beefy man in a leather vest?


pdbis 3:17 Wed Nov 8
Re: Coaching
gph: I had many trips with them many years ago.

gph 2:38 Tue Nov 7
Re: Coaching
pdbis: Lacey's?

pdbis 2:35 Tue Nov 7
Re: Coaching
Coaching is a word unheard of at the club.

Nick QQQ 11:44 Mon Nov 6
Re: Coaching
Quick turnaround.... any idea if Moyes can coach?
Fuck sake

swindon hammer 9:18 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
Bilic and Dicks are part of the West Ham Way and the glory days of Upton Park and that's all that matters.

Gentile 9:15 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
The problem these last two seasons has been injuries to decent defenders and the signings of mediocre players.

Look at the goalkeeper for starters:

10 conceded in his first 3 Premiership games of the season.

16 conceded in his next 9.

Absolutely abysmal. ADRIAN must be bemused.

Fonte and the Argentine are both Championship players now.

Lord Brampton 3:33 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
Including Dicks ? I'd say 'especially' Dicks - the bloke may be a club legend (to some) but when I try to imagine him on the training pitches all I get is a picture in my head of Mungo from Blazing Saddles.

Side of Ham 3:28 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
What i don’t get is why do professional footballers need to be ‘coached’ the basics? Getting ‘sucked in’ by a team FAMOUS for hitting you on break is criminal regardless of being coached on it.Same with last weeks performance.

gregan 3:11 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
I thought for a change we actually looked as though there was a gameplan yesterday. 5-4-1 out of possession stopping Liverpool getting time on the ball in the middle. Our midfield block of 4 actually looked co-ordinated in the first 15 or so. We nearly scored and Lanzini was looking threatening. THEN the corner happened which was car crash. Their 2nd goal equally as bad. From then on you are chasing and will become more open. Liable on the counter and Liverpool in their element.

pdbis 3:08 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
Everyone knows to build a team you should start with the defence and Bilic hasn't done it which has cost him his job and us relegation.

gph 12:57 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
Last two goals the defence was sucked towards the ball, leaving opposition players free to receive a pass and make a decisive contribution.

First goal was due to poor coaching, too.

Only the second Liverpool goal wasn't - no coaching can completely root out mistakes like the one Noble made.

13 Brentford Rd 12:07 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
Commentators on the Radio said we looked like an ”under 11s team”

ornchurch ammer 12:03 Sun Nov 5
Re: Coaching
The root cause is piss poor fitness.

Without adequate levels of fitness players are going to struggle to follow out tactics and team plans.

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