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Pub Bigot 12:13 Sun Nov 5
Time to get serious
It’s time we all unite to attempt to force the board out. They’re a much bigger concern than Bilic and removing them is the only way we’ll able to turn this ship around long term.

Would anyone leave the comfort of their pre and post match haunts to move on the board?

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Side of Ham 9:27 Mon Nov 6
Re: Time to get serious
Some people have to realise you can’t walk away from what you are and where you’re from especially if the thing you are walking away from is the only thing that represents best where you are from.

To call them lapdogs when you’ve adopted their traditions and blanked the traditions of where you are from is cunty too.

Oh dear 9:05 Mon Nov 6
Re: Time to get serious

I'm perfectly happy with the content of my post and I've never seen the Cardiff quote.

I'd also be interested to know why you think David Sullivan is taking the piss out of me, as I don't feel that way and it is impossible for me to prove a negative.

dicksie3 8:27 Mon Nov 6
Re: Time to get serious
Erm, we pull-in a shit load more money than Stoke City. How the fuck are you right?!

I guess that us having the 15th highest revenue in the world, or whatever it is, is wrong too?!

Stick to chasing cheese rolls down a hill in your Eddie Izzard drag queen attire you country bumpkin farmer-voiced twat. That's more your thing.

You try so hard to pretend that you're proper West Ham it's laughable. You haven't got the guts or the minerals for it. A fan doesn't desert their club no matter what. You do because you're a coward.

Johnson 11:39 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Oh dear - Sullivan is quoted as his dream being playing for Cardiff.

He also tried to buy Cardiff.

Mug yourself off to the contrary all you want. That just allows him to take the piss out of you.

Johnson 11:37 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
You protest too much dicksie, that’s what people do when they’ve put on an act for years they can’t get out of.

You do this whole get personal stuff whenever you know I’m right.

Just grow up and admit you were wrong.

Oh dear 11:12 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious

Sullivan is a West Ham fan, well as far as he is concerned he is.

He was born in Cardiff

dicksie3 11:12 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Are you thick?!

Our income has increased significantly since moving ground. The problem is that the owners don't want to spend the dosh. We've jumped-up the revenue table and are something like 15th in the world. We make a lot more money than fucking Stoke City, you plum.

You're the most boring cunt I think that I've ever met. Going over the same old things over and over again. Why do you even care anyway? You don't even go anymore and you're not even from the area.

You must be a right laugh on a night out. Fucking hell. You've definitely got something seriously wrong with you.

Johnson 10:51 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
We’re not increasing income though.

Fucking STOKE make more in naming rights than we do.

Yep, great revenue the maker the OS. Actually what it is is a fixed price expenditure which looks good on BERKS Inc balance shee.

Alex V 10:39 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Well I didn't express myself very well. If it's proven that they're running the club while sitting on money that could be spent, then it's very fair to criticise that. But I think that's probably very unlikely.

The trouble I think is that what they do spend simply disappears into the squad - it doesn't create anything. It's costing them a lot more than 'peers' to run a squad efficiently.

dicksie3 10:34 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Fucking hell. I completely agree with Alex V, for once.

The issue is that our cheapskate wanker board don't want to spend more money. It's as simple as that.

Alex V 10:31 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Well reducing expenditure, increasing income - that's more money for the club. The ability to make money seems to be increased as far as I can tell.

Now of course whether they spend their increased income is another matter. Big fees and contracts for declining players is a waste of it!

Johnson 9:26 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
No, I meant reducing bottom line expenditure.

Alex V 7:53 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Johnson 7:36 Sun Nov 5

Surely you mean 'increasing' the bottom line? As for outrunning peers that's hard to measure because it really depends what the peers do. The measurement we should consider is the difference between a club that stayed or moved to the new stadium. As far as I can tell the move should be financially advantageous in comparison - if it isn't then we're really in trouble!!!

Johnson 7:36 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Your understanding is correct in terms of reducing BERKS Inc bottom line but incorrect in terms of it enabling the Club to outrun its peers in terms of revenue, Alex.

WHU(Exeter) 7:21 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Foreign ownership is just a fact of life now in the PL and it has been for a long time and unless something drastic happens there is no turning back.

What do this lot do anyway, that is so much better than foreign owners do?

Gold's heart might be in the right place, but the most obvious thing you would expect from a trio who purport to 'get' English football traditions, would be to have an understanding and empathy with the average fan.

Sullivan and Brady have zero. Sullivan in replies to people bemoaning past away allocations has even stated, that he considers away support as an irrelevance. Brady's views on the average fan can be summed up with the word "disdain".

They might as well be the worst type of foreign owners.

They overly interfere in what should be management decisions, they think nothing of publically unerring that management and they have zero identity with the fanbase...they would completely change that fanbase given the chance.

On the financial side, if Sullivan landed himself the worlds finest racehorse, he'd have Brady out the very next day, looking for cheap deals on hay.

Side of Ham 7:06 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Alex V 3 clubs have done this kind of move/ big capacity expansion in recent decades......

Arsenal, Man City & Man United.

All of them had either a decent squad already by paying more than your average fee for players that then suits their big plans OR have ended up spending to get into the realms of CL places each season.Even Spurs are going into theirs with a very decent squad and have ALWAYS through their history spent more than us into ensuring they get some decent proven players you remember them getting 2 world cup winners etc.They ALL have except maybe City had a pedigree for spending out to get the big names in.

What makes you think after a FULL century of shit investment into the football side that we are going to break that mould with one of your shitty football structure over that module?

Side of Ham 6:55 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
True Sold, but in their case it's the least they could do to keep our eyes focused on the pitch and away from the dome effect!

Instead you just spend your time twisting your bollocks like back in your break dancing years.

Alex V 6:51 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
There just is no 'you must spend x amount according to the size of the stadium' rule. Generally speaking a bigger stadium is beneficial to the finances whatever amount you commit to spending.

Northern Sold 6:47 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
If you move the club to a stadium which is in the realms of a top 4-6 club then yes i expect top 4-6
money invested

Yeah not sure a top 4-6 club would be stupid enough to plot up in a shit hole that is not set up for football...

Side of Ham 6:40 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious
Jimmy it's quite simple really......

If you move the club to a stadium which is in the realms of a top 4-6 club then yes i expect top 4-6
money invested into the squad like those top 4-6 clubs do on a regular basis with a top manager in charge of those funds

If you can't possibly do that THEN STAY THE FUCK WHERE YOU WERE where it suits the expenditure you can afford.

It's really that simple and i'll be honest i can't believe they've had the balls to do what they've done without intending to get near the investment a stadium that fills at 55,00 plus deserves.

When you move into that kind of stadium with that kind of capacity which can expand further i expect like all the other clubs with that size stadium to see very decent players with very decent back up.

We've been sold a dummy on the idea that it's a stadium that would befit the likes of City, United, Arsenal & Chelsea to name but a few but we have not even attempted to bridge the gap squad wise.AND those clubs either grew into those types of stadium OR made damn sure they had a decent squad to move in with.
Even City knew in the end that money had to be pumped in to get your top players to join.

We all know that's the real way to do it just for us to close the gap in any way and any other way will not KEEP 55,000+ bums on seats for long.We haven't even got a decent spine through the team!!!!!!!!

Northern Sold 6:37 Sun Nov 5
Re: Time to get serious

Anyone remember that banner? Would never happen now... too much elastic band flicking and popcorn gorging going on... apathy

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