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Hermit Road 11:19 Sun Nov 5
WHO poll
16% of you want to keep him. Half of you must be stirring for a wind up, the other half are clearly mental, all of you need to ave a word with yourselves double quick.

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jack flash 8:28 Wed Nov 15
Re: WHO poll
Is it really down to 1%? Fixed or just a bit of fun?

Hammers1993 4:06 Tue Nov 14
Re: WHO poll
Gold isn't really the issue he largely has a back seat now/ My guesses are it's 90% Sullivan with Brady at 9% and Gold nodding along even if he has a different opinion.

Mex Martillo 3:01 Tue Nov 14
Re: WHO poll
Finally looks like Gold is safe.
What a relief
Why on earth did he choose 86%?
Did he know 85% were against him?

kenyahammer 6:32 Wed Nov 8
Re: WHO poll
Major AG at the WHO poll, is it locked on exactly 86% or still open?

dicksie3 9:47 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
*Fist pumps GAV*

Another day!... We'll get right in their SHAPED EYEBROWS!

Gavros 9:02 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
Sorry Dicksie son, I would have helped out with CAMP ESSEX and the BREKSHIRE HUNTS but I've been away on holiday. I'm in Tanzania.

penners28 1:53 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll

dicksie3 10:54 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
My basis for moving is that we will be SOLD... And we will be sold when the deal with the government about getting x-amount expires - or when GOLD0 dies. Which could be soon at his age. And he won't be missed at all.

Is this too hard to understand?

stewie griffin 10:47 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
"Blaming concrete and plastic for the club's failure is just as fucking brain-dead as the above."

I do love the fact that you spent 5 years doing exactly that, and claiming that the concrete and plastic (and breeze blocks and cable ties) would improve our results, but seem to have forgotten that this was your entire basis for moving now that its gone to shit. Quite brilliant.

penners28 10:46 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
Ps- no one is saying we were not shit at the BG, just like no one is solely blaming the stadium.

The irony of calling someone retarded and braindead is completely lost on some people I swear

dicksie3 10:45 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll

penners28 10:43 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If that opinion though is that the stadium is fine then i am so glad i dont stand with these types of fans. These are the types you see as the small % on polls where you think “who the fuck voted for moyes in?”. The type of fans who tweet the owners kids begging for a refund. The type of fans who swallowed all the lies and bullshit, after months of giving it the large in here, then dissappeared when it transpired they’d been completely mugged off and the DRUIDS were correct all along.


dicksie3 10:36 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
I do love the buck-toothed, cross-eyed, red-necked, inbred COUNTRY BUMPKIN retards on here though.

Walking around with their pitchforks looking to have a go at anyone but themselves for their failures and why they're so fucking mentally-challenged... Even wild foxes... Stab them all to death! Your dad shouldn't have married his cousin. That's the truth of the matter.

Blaming concrete and plastic for the club's failure is just as fucking brain-dead as the above. And then they claim that we never failed at the Boleyn Ground!...

4 relegations in 28 years and no trophy in 36 years at FORTRESS UPTON PARK says otherwise!

All our problems are down to a fucking terrible, terrible board who are incredibly tight and fucking stupid. We're fucked until they go. I've accepted that because, believe me, they won't be here forever. The fans - proper fans - are the only constant.

Russ of the BML 10:34 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
Hermit Road 8:40 Tue Nov 7

You also forget the shit view and the great big fucking hole right along the length of one side of it. Apart from that.....

Hermit Road 8:40 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
The problem ain’t the stadium, the problem is the shit you have to go through to get in, the lack of the smell of shitty burger stands, the stewarding, and basically a lot of other things that could easily be put right if the will was there.

We were sold a lie about the stadium being used to push on and invest, that’s the problem right there. With every transfer window that goes by, and with appointments like Moyes, that lie gets shown up for what it is.

cholo 8:34 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
Unfortunately in this case we pay for a large athletics bowl that is unsuitable for football and that's what we get.

dicksie3 8:26 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
I think that it's fine. Am I not entitled to that opinion?

Maybe if you purchased a Band One season-ticket in the lower-tier in line with the centre circle then your opinion would change.

Fortunately, I'm surrounded by knowledgeable proper West Ham United fans too.

You get what you pay for.

Buster 1:04 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
'Plus, the stadium's fine'

Jesus wept.

You still peddling the whole DRUID bullshit, dicksie son? Or have you finally realised how embarrassing that all was?

penners28 12:57 Tue Nov 7
Re: WHO poll
DM me bbz

dicksie3 11:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: WHO poll

penners28 11:05 Mon Nov 6
Re: WHO poll
You ok hun?

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