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Yarmouth 11:02 Tue Nov 7
Owners, manager, customers
I liked Billic and disappointed he's been sacked but really only because he is a good guy. IMO the reality is he could'nt make the team do what they are capable of and the confidence of the side is shot through.

I say capable of because I think there’s a huge difference in what a team is capable of and what the manager wants them to do and if he doesn’t recognise the difference – or is too stubborn to compromise – then it can never work.

I don't think we can blame the board for Billic's shortcomings, that's down to him solely. We have 5 or 6 very good players, and the rest are more than good enough to play at prem level, but he failed to gel them together as an effective unit. In addition the coaching of the defence in particular seemed to be dreadful and as an ex International level defender himself that just doesn't make sense to me.

Somebody has posted previously that on many occasions good players come into WH and then very quickly become shit. That seems a fact, but they simply can't become shit. It has to be the way they are required to play in the overall tactics of the side.

3 at the back, 5 in the middle, it doesn't really matter other than if good players are 'not good' in that formation then you can't play them in it.

Therefore buy/develop/select players who can play a system the coach prefers/wants to play & not shoehorn good players into unfamiliar systems where their abilities are not able to be used.

‘Good players can do anything’ is a shout that you often here but it’s simply incorrect. Most of us on here have played at differing levels and we all know if we are naturally right footed and don’t have a great deal of pace then there’s no way we could be effective on the left wing.

Pro players are no different, they’re just much better at their particular skill level than us.

So it’s down to buying/developing/selecting players who can play a system the coach wants or knows how to play and that’s where the board play a huge part. If they don’t support him in his player ‘wish list’ he’s fucked and to an extent I think that’s what our board does time after time.

They set a budget and the coach has to stick within that. No budget can be limitless (other than the Manc clubs..) so the coach has to make the best of what he’s 'been given'. Then it’s simply down to his own skill at motivating and selecting the players he’s got into a system that can compensate for the lack of quality.

Ironically, Allardyce is ‘succesful’ because he plays a certain way and makes players play that way whilst minimising risk. He doesn’t play attractive football that has risk of losing possession, he gets the ball, keeps possession and plays the percentages with the long ball with a bruiser upfront.

Allardyce would never have conceded the 1st goal against the scouse last Saturday, but at the same time we wouldn’t have had as many players in the box looking for a goal therefore our chances of scoring are reduced.

So what do we want?

Sadly, it’s not down to what we want, it’s what the owners want, and if they are businessmen not football people, then we will never be satisfied unless we reduce our aspirations as fans – which we can’t and don’t want to.

Jason Cundy (mug) on the radio last night said ‘fans don’t matter nowadays’ and he’s 100% right. To the owners and to a lot of the foreign players – we don’t.

Brady calls us customers for fucks sake and customers to a business mean money providers – it’s as simple as that.

My view is that Moyes and Pearce (and I hope Pearce comes) will make us a much tougher side to play against but at the expense of flair and we will end up mid to low end table this season.

So we stay up but play crap, safe, dull football, and the owners are able to make loads of money as planned because of the move to the OS and staying in the prem.

And that, I’m afraid, is the fucking end of that, because unless we get a different set of owners we will get boring mid to low table crap season after season.

Allardyce must be laughing his fucking nut off at us and who would blame him?

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13 Brentford Rd 2:17 Tue Nov 7
Re: Owners, manager, customers
Just what the board needed, yet another thread about the owners, Billic etc.

Gorleston 2:14 Tue Nov 7
Re: Owners, manager, customers
Good read, and tbh I can't argue with anything you've written. It just goes to show what an absolute joke the club has become. very sad indeed.

Trevor B 11:32 Tue Nov 7
Re: Owners, manager, customers
You agree with Cundy that fans don't matter, then admit that we are seen as customers to a business. You understand that without customers a business will fail, right?

As pointed out, littered with contradictions and to be honest I have neither the time nor the inclination to pull you up on all of them ;-)

LJC 11:28 Tue Nov 7
Re: Owners, manager, customers
Don't normally agree with P on things but don't see why this needed a new thread. Maybe emotions spilling over but it's pretty unclear as it is full of contradictions by chin up Yarmouth!

Alex V 11:19 Tue Nov 7
Re: Owners, manager, customers
A good read. I'm not totally sure what sort of approach Moyes will have in terms of the balance between defence and attack. I don't think his Everton side was dour in a comparable style to Allardyce - they did attack as a unit and I remember them being very impressive in possession.

Your assessment of the quality of the players doesn't sound that far off mine, but the problem is that it could apply to most of the sides around us too - a few 'good players' and a bunch that should be good enough. I think that's about a par for a bottom 8 side.

Steven P 11:04 Tue Nov 7
Re: Owners, manager, customers
I'm not reading all that but do you feel it justified a whole new thread? Well? No thought not.

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