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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

KLM 8:06 Tue Nov 7
Liverpool, hindsight and Moyes
Ok, we lost, but imagine if with hindsight we could change the tactics and team to at least had a creditable 0-1loss.
1st error - bilic was at fault for employing Fernandez on the edge of the box, that should have been done by our best midfielder, obiang;
2nd error - Fernandes is not good enough (yet?) and so rice shd start ahead of him
3rd error- kouyate s/be midfield, it seems he was a sort of “roving” right back?
I would have tried masuaku at right back with cresswell at lb
Given, we had no rb, we needed to minimise the disruption to the team that is why I opt for masuaku.
I exonerate ayew, Carroll, Hernandez and Lanzini, from that performance they got no service. But Fernandes and noble are sadly, well...
Which brings me to moyes how does he fix that midfield, that helps neither defence or attack, runs less than the oppo, according to stats, surely someone knows the Answer??

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Lily Hammer 8:35 Tue Nov 7
Re: Liverpool, hindsight and Moyes
Noble and Lanzini were the only two not afraid to receive the ball, actively making continuous effort to show for the pass. And Ayew, Cresswell and Carrol to an extent. Too many lost their bottle.

gph 8:25 Tue Nov 7
Re: Liverpool, hindsight and Moyes
This is just weird:

1st error - bilic was at fault for employing Fernandez on the edge of the box

The manager doesn't sit behind a console controlling the movement of players on the pitch.

In real life, players are autonomous entities, and the advice of the manager, as issued beforehand, is just one of the factors determining what they do.

Which is good, as the manager can't anticipate everything.

Orange Hammer 8:20 Tue Nov 7
Re: Liverpool, hindsight and Moyes
The biggest problem as I see it is not which players get picked, but their general attitude and wanting to avoid getting the ball. Nobody is running into space when we have the ball and when we don't we are often caught out of position.

We have no real game plan.

I think we need to go back to basics and start to defend as a team and look to play teams on the counter.

Moyes I guess done that at Everton, so must be possible here with the players we have.

I really am trying to think of anything positive and it's not easy.

Hammer and Pickle 8:15 Tue Nov 7
Re: Liverpool, hindsight and Moyes
Some form of aware meat, I'd imagine.

Mr. Burns 8:13 Tue Nov 7
Re: Liverpool, hindsight and Moyes
What the fuck is this?

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