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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

East Auckland Hammer 9:40 Thu Nov 9
Autumn Internationals
I see Manu Tuilagi has finally exorcised his demons.


I didn't realise you English were so superstitious!

Italy vs Fiji (Fiji)
Scotland vs Samoa (Scotland)
England vs Argentina (England)
Wales vs Argentina (Wales)
Ireland vs South Africa (South Africa)
France vs NZ (NZ)

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East Auckland Hammer 2:16 Mon Nov 13
Re: Autumn Internationals
Disappointing 20 point win over the French after a sublime first 40 mins.

Northern Sold 10:43 Sat Nov 11
Re: Autumn Internationals
Watched it in a pub in Hastings... pretty rusty by the looks of it... impressed with Underhill... boy does that lad like a tackle... Hughes MotM for me...

happygilmore 9:05 Sat Nov 11
Re: Autumn Internationals
Ireland shake off a bit of the rust with 38-3 win over SA.

Sexton MOTM , and few nice debuts.

OccupyGreenStreet 7:36 Sat Nov 11
Re: Autumn Internationals
On the way back from Twickenham. Wasn’t the best of games, Ford was fluid, Underhill made some big tackles, decent finishes for the tries and a nice Lozowski break. Quite a few players were rusty or anonymous though, particularly in the backline, Slade, JJ etc. Mako got motm.

Takashi Miike 4:56 Sat Nov 11
Re: Autumn Internationals
waiting for Ford to take a kick, zzzzzzzzz

Mart O 9:51 Fri Nov 10
Re: Autumn Internationals
Not sure about EJ's selection for this one. I've had a chance to watch Underhill play a few times now and of all the possibilities, he strikes me as the least adventurous. Good player, for sure, but he's essentially a tackling machine. He's not really a 'fetcher' and I can't see him contributing much to our attack. How long have England been crying out for a proper no. 7 ? Not sure he's it.

Great to see Slade in his proper position, even if he doesn't play there for Exeter. Good bench too. Genge and Williams a both really good props and hopefully Simmonds will come on at 7 and show how it's done.

Sven Roeder 9:53 Thu Nov 9
Re: Autumn Internationals
Proves my point
* hands Jonah tissue*

Australia are playing Wales I believe as Argentina are busy

East Auckland Hammer 7:45 Thu Nov 9
Re: Autumn Internationals
Don't be ridiculous Sven.

Why would I refuse to write the name of the West Island Wombat Wankers?

East Auckland Hammer 7:44 Thu Nov 9
Re: Autumn Internationals
Why would we bottle playing you NS?

We just about always win.

You just didn't want to pay.

Sven Roeder 1:14 Thu Nov 9
Re: Autumn Internationals
Jonah refuses to write the name Australia as it results in him bursting into tears 😭 since they beat the All Cunts

OccupyGreenStreet 11:42 Thu Nov 9
Re: Autumn Internationals
That's some schedule the Argies have got this weekend.

Northern Sold 11:31 Thu Nov 9
Re: Autumn Internationals
See you bottled playing us Jonah... shame with all our injuries we are right for the picking

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