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13 Brentford Rd 3:48 Thu Nov 9
BFS has a pop...........
"Sam Allardyce slams 'disgusting' West Ham leak and reveals unhappiness with Jack Sullivan conduct
By talkSPORT - @talkSPORT
Thursday, November 9, 2017

West Ham stars who leaked information about a private phone call with Slaven Bilic have been branded ‘disgusting’ by Sam Allardyce.

The Daily Mirror has revealed Bilic phoned players to ask where he had gone wrong after being axed as Hammers boss on Monday and was said to have been told he was not tough enough on the squad.

Allardyce told talkSPORT: “I don’t know who leaked that in the press. Whoever did is disgusting.

“Slaven ringing up one or two of the players for a private conversation and it ends up in the press.

“If he has been too soft, then they have opened themselves up for a more disciplined regime [under David Moyes] and they can’t complain about it.”

Allardyce went on to open up about the difficulties he faced during his four-year reign as West Ham boss with stories and inside information being leaked.

Jack Sullivan, the son of co-owner David Sullivan, is renowned for releasing Hammers news on Twitter before the club have officially announced it and has been highly critical of players in the past, including former captain Kevin Nolan.

“I couldn’t control David Sullivan,” admitted Allardyce. “He is the owner of the football club and however negative you told him those comments might be from Jack, he was always going to give Jack that information and let him tweet it.

“You pull your hair out at the beginning and in the end you have to accept it for what it is and move on and accept that it is going to happen.

“Some of the time those tweets were really unacceptable, particularly the one about Kevin Nolan, who was an outstanding captain for West Ham.

“When it gets too personal towards one player particularly, it needs to be reined in. But you can’t stop it.”

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Crassus 10:44 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Yes and on the matter in hand, the kids acting as de facto PR agents for the club, unless I am imagining it, we were in a state of constant fucking ire over it

I was for sure, still am as it goes - absolute rank piss poor corporate behaviour

WHUDeano 10:40 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Not really having a pop when you are stating the obvious is it?

Crassus 10:36 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Sam is correct - undeniable cunt but let's have it straight, he delivered to job spec'
Nolan was butchered but was by all reports, great around the club. Sure being on the piss and convenient red cards didn't help but his contribution in dragging us up can't be forgotten - he never took the bait either
Whomever is involved in Slavgate deserves the managerial blackballing heading their way - I hope Rob you are wrong and it was not Noble

Hammer and Pickle 10:32 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
The atmosphere at the club is toxic therefore the fish-head eater can't waste the opportunity to give it a stir and offer an unsolicited comment on a leak.


Mr. Burns 10:22 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
And watch them now start moaning they are being overworked and run into the ground Swindon. Cunts the lot of them.

swindon hammer 10:20 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Not good whoever leaked the phone conversation with Bilic.

The news of this and the lack of public support/gratitude on social media for Bilic from any of the players suggests that although they probably liked him as a person they didn't respect him as a manager.

The players are due a kick up the arse.

collyrob 10:06 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Poor form from noble leaking that phone conversation. Really let himself down.

british is best 9:53 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
yes allardyce has a point . the sooner the diddy daves fuck off the better . but make no mistake he knows who hes trying to please . the amount of spurs fans in the london press and on here is staggering . just look at the spurs real thread on here last week .

Sven Roeder 9:50 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
I’m no fan of BFS but he is right that this is despicable behaviour & the antics of the Sullivan sprogs is cringeworthy crap that makes us look two bob.
That said I’ve always thought ‘Jack’ & ‘Dave Jr’ don’t actually exist and are just Dave with a different hat on spouting nonsense

White Pony 9:39 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Surf - I know I called you a complete cunt the other day, but you're right about this.

See, Prancer? You can generally think someone is a cunt but agree with something they say. It's what grown ups do.

Sorry Surf for using your cuntishness to illustrate my point.

Bernie 9:29 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
‘Kevin Nolan was an outstanding captain for West Ham’


skunklauncher 9:01 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Not generally disagreeing with most of that but Jack Sullivan didn't say anything about Kevin Nolan, that was his brother Dave Sullivan Jnr.

, 8:46 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
I wonder if BFS regrets our owners running down his contract rather than being sacked and copping loads of compensation.

Hermit Road 8:43 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
That’s not true Comma, there’s a substantial difference between letting someone do their job, then sacking them with a pay off if they fail, as opposed to constantly under,inning them while they’re doing their job, then putting all the blame on them when they fail.

If it wasn’t clear that I was talking about our owners being the second category, it should be now.

jack flash 8:40 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
BFS is exactly correct

Maybe we are a difficult club to manage not just because of our fans demanding good attacking football but mainly beacause of our obnoxious directors stabbing their manager in the back & constantly interfering

, 8:38 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Whatever way they do it owners, all owners, regularly throw managers under buses. And each time the landing is cushioned by mattresses filled with ten pond notes.

Hermit Road 8:34 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
I couldn’t stand BFS by the end and would’ve been done with my season ticket if he’d have stayed, that being said, the chirping behind his back by the board was pretty disgraceful and I’ve got no doubt has been a massive contributor to decent managers probably not being inclined to want to work for owners who aren’t shy about throwing you under the bus when it suits their purposes.

, 8:23 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
We were speaking about this several years ago and before BFS ever mentioned it.

So for me BFS agrees with us.

Lertie Button 8:16 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Big Sam is spot on - fucking disgraceful unprofessional behaviour from Sullivan and his fucking idiot son.
Once a fucking pimp always a fucking pimp - and he has the police record to confirm it

cornish 8:09 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Alladyce has it spot on.No problems with what he has said.

El Scorchio 7:54 Thu Nov 9
Re: BFS has a pop...........
Oh, and it's completely disgusting that someone leaked the details of a private conversation with Bilic. Talk about kicking an honourable bloke when he's down and breaking his trust.

To be honest I'd like them named and shamed.

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