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Lovejoy 2:12 Fri Nov 10
Taking my first lesson on Sunday at the age of 45. Won 2 sets of clubs so thought I should at least try.

Any advise from WHO’s pros?

Going to get some shoes in a bit. Do you really need spikes?

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Westham67 7:45 Sat Nov 11
Re: Golf
used to play saving it for my retirement

Lovejoy 7:24 Sat Nov 11
Re: Golf
Thanks for the tips everyone.

Didn’t manage to get any shoes yesterday. All the main sports shops didn’t have so will go to a specialist shop today.

One set of clubs is Calloway and the other LA Golf (where the irons were extended by 2 inches for me as I’m tall).

Let’s see what happens tomorrow on my first lesson.

Far Cough 12:31 Sat Nov 11
Re: Golf
In case you have never seen it, the late Robin Williams take on Golf:


jfk 11:39 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
easthammer 11:32 Fri Nov 10
: )

easthammer 11:32 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf

I too have met the type of golfer you describe and my comment was ironic in its intention. Not being a dog person I needed to look up what type of dog you had.

All was good until I read this about its temperament

One of the most energetic breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a hunting dog by nature. Protective, clever, eager and willing to please, it is very fond of its human family. Happy-go-lucky, it loves nothing more than to engage in some type of constructive activity with its owners such as a long walk, jog, hike, hunt, or a game of Frisbee.

Frisbee now thats a game to rival golf for a waste of time :)

jfk 11:03 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
easthammer 9:45 Fri Nov 10
Our dog is a German Shorthaired Pointer.its a hunting machine I'm not a typical dog walker.
My last comment was a bit tongue in cheek,but there are some absolute arseholes who play golf that really should know better.
Ive never seen the sort of behaviour I've previously described behaving like that following West Ham home or away without getting ironed out.

easthammer 9:45 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf

In my experience dog walkers are people who form their view
of about four million people in this country based on purely anecdotal evidence to be found in one cafe at the end of their street and as such it carries no value whatsoever.

jfk 8:37 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Golfers are wankers.
There's a course up the end of my street, I walk our dog over there early weekends.
I'm always done by the time they roll up.Theres a cafe in the Park next to the course and I often pop in for a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.
There's a couple of young girls work in the cafe(nice polite young ladies)the ageing golfers are Pervy old cunts.they love nothing more than dropping cheap sexist inuendo's aimed at the young girls when there all together.
It might not happen everywhere,but from my experience they are nasty arrogant bully pigs.

easthammer 7:54 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
The best book I've read

"The Inner Game of Golf" - W. Timothy Gallwey

If you read it don't make the same mistake as me by choosing "West Ham United" as the phrase to help with swing rhythm,
Stick with Da Da Da. No negativism there!

Also one other tip from Gary Player that is bang on

"Golf is a game played from 100 yards from the green"

Stubbo 7:13 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Power come from your body, not how hard you swing your arms.

Imagine your swinging a baseball bat...the body action to open up before connecting is the same and the key to a powerful swing.

The proper technique is to take a divot after contact with the ball (irons shots)...hence the club should hit down on the ball, not up.

HAMMERAMA 6:28 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Lovejoy If you are going to have lessons this is the best time because by the time Spring/Summer comes you should be well into it.Shoes you need spikes but are referred to as Soft Spikes they will give traction when swinging. Make sure they are comfortable because you are going to be doing a lot of walking in them and they have a waterproof quality about them.
the most important thing to learn is how to hold the club properly if you don't you won't get passed base 1

BRANDED 5:45 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
I've played since a kid and these videos are still ones I refer to to remind myself how shit I am.


violator 5:30 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Never seen the point, then again I sit by a lake dangling a worm...

eswing hammer 4:51 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Two Acre wide fairway with a two inch overhanging branch ,you will hit the branch!

eswing hammer 4:46 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Any Golfer will tell you this ,you've been slicing the ball all day,you come to a dog leg right ,you hit your best straight drive of the day!

Grumpster 4:42 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Don't take it too seriously and you'll enjoy it whether you go round in 80 or 110.

Chaps who cheat are generally the ones never happy with anything!!!

lowermarshhammer 4:39 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
9 iron
Pitching Wedge
60° wedge

Self taught, can get round the pitch and putt in less than 18over par. Had a hole one.

Full size courses and lessons are for masochistic bastards with too much time on their hands.

Alwaysaniron 4:38 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf

Most important lesson is to be able to count like a golfer

"What did you get on the last hole Lovejoy?"

Errrrr let me count them up, 1,2,3,4 drop 5, 6, 7, 6 5... Yeah I got a 5!

Krap not Pu 4:34 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Two sets now that's just greedy...only 14 clubs allowed in bag.....hope all goes well and you thoroughly enjoy yourself . Don't know what you won but if they happen to be blades, its probably best you swap a set for easier to hit game improvement irons.

Westside 3:59 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
lovejoy, go to your nearest golf superstore and try as many putters as you can until you find one that you're comfortable with. thats the club will save you the most strokes

Or alternatively, go and see a custom club fitter. He will then make you a putter that most suits you. That is the club that will save you the most stokes.

bubbleblower 3:49 Fri Nov 10
Re: Golf
Golf is for twats. i wish I liked it though as its a good excuse to go get boozy with your mates (except you have to listen to them bang on about golf all the time).

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