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Stubbo 3:26 Thu Nov 16
Tactics under Moyes
Interesting video this:


Suggests we might see something like:


Zabaleta Reid Ogbonna Cresswell

------------Noble Obiang




Can certainly see the logic based on Moyes reported tactical predelictions of crosses from fullback, inside forwards, aerially capable number 10s, and mobile front men.

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zico 6:17 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Bernie 5:12 Mon Nov 20

Oh certainly, I wouldn't have touched him with a barge pole but we sadly aren't an attractive proposition right now for players or managers so you get what you get. At least they gave him 6 months rather than 3 years!!

The annoying thing is that only two years ago we weren't a bad proposition at all and they screwed that right up with a pathetic transfer window. But that's West Ham it's been going on for years. Even 1985/86 it was pretty obvious what we needed to go to either the next level or consolidate we ballsed it up with poor recruitment when we clearly needed a left back, centre back cover and to at least keep Paul Goddard. However we went out and bought Stuart Robson and others who may have been decent players but not what we needed right then. Things never change!!

REALGSA 5:15 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Unchanged team it looked like....

I would of played Sakho all day long

Bernie 5:12 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
zico 4:55 Mon Nov 20

I agree and Moyes will be getting my backing 100%, as any new manager, or player, deserves.

I just can't believe that owners of a football club deem him to be the best man for the job right now.

Gold and Sullivan deserve all they get

zico 4:55 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Bernie 4:30 Mon Nov 20

Very well said but I think any manager is only as good as his board and the players that they bring in. I think Moyes at least deserves the January window before we start slagging him off too much. If he buggers it up like the last few transfer windows then he deserves to get stick.

I think every manager needs a philosophy, strategy, whatever you want to call it and then bring in the players to help him to achieve that. That was my issue with Slaven it didn't seem like he had a clue on what he was trying to achieve.

His first season was great with the team playing some great stuff but he got himself stuck between a rock and a hard place in between two different styles, ie with Carroll and without Carroll. Allardyce had the same problem when he luckily stumbled on a formation and way of playing that worked with Valencia and Sakho up top but then he ruined it by trying to shoehorn back in Carroll and Nolan.

Many managers have the same problem but the "good2 ones solve it. Look at Guardiola at City with his desire to play it out from the back. He got rid of Hart and brought in Bravo who was awful, however he then settled on Ederson, tweaked where De Bruyne plays, solved the issue with Aguero and now they have just clicked.

If Moyes wants to stick a big lump up top and that's the way he plays then fine but he has to get the players he wants in to fit his philosophy. West Ham missed a trick after that first Bilic season because they just went all out for quantity instead of quality and the Club missed a great opportunity to build on that squad.

madeeasy 4:48 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Comma, maybe as that 11 should have played with a little more passion and quality than they did, especially as he had 2 weeks to implement his game plan.

It was fucking dire. get him out.

Along with some of the players

Bernie 4:30 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Alex V 3:40 Mon Nov 20

Partly down to the board? It is COMPLETELY down to the board. Moyes was appointed one day after Bilic left, how much due diligence did they do identifying the very best man they could get for the job? Did they even contact anyone else?

It seems to me that Moyes got the job simply because he was available, he was probably the only person that would accept a ludicrous 6 month deal, and he would bow to every demand lay on him by our board.

I don't blame Moyes at all, he probably won't be good enough, but thats not his fault. Apparently Sullivan and Gold were surprised by the fans reaction to the appointment, it just goes to show how completely out of touch with the game today that they are.

Who appoints a bloke that finished rock bottom of the league when they are trying to save their club from relegation?

, 4:25 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Why don’t posters look at who was fit to play before making a judgement about how bad the team and bench selections were?

zebthecat 4:23 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Any apparent tactics (bar Pulis/BFS ball) would be an improvement.

El Scorchio 4:05 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Nutsin 4:01

Ayew wasn't available for selection.

Nutsin 4:01 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Based on our Watford line up it looked to me he wanted to keep it tight st the back and simply pump the ball up field or into the box to Carroll as much as possible. A watered down version of BFS hoof ball.
Which is why our defense stayed back and why we offered very little going forward.
The only player banging in goals was Ayew and Moyes didn’t use him. Shouldn’t you play the players who are in form?
I expect us to get a few spankings and our situation to be far worst by January. However, I expect the board will stick with Moyes till the end of the season no matter what and give him some funds to spend in January to try and keep us up.

Not holding out much hope here, I think he’s the wrong man for the job and I also think the rot was given too long to set in. Billic should have been canned at the end of last season, the players look lost. Gonna take a major effort to turn it around. Only hope I have is that Palace, West Brom and Swansea are just as fucked as we are. What a shambles!

madeeasy 3:57 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
One McAvennieeeeee 3:28 Mon Nov 20

You raise a very good point. Ask Everton fans if they would want him back now?

I am sure there would only be a very small minority that would.

He has had his day, he is a bit like Curbishley with Charlton and should be put out to pasture. He had his time at one club where everything just seemed to work on maintaining a constant.

I hope he is gone soon.

Coffee 3:45 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Not sure it's mythical, Alex, it's been seen often. Perhaps the effect of the bounce is reducing as managers are changed ever more frequently?

Alex V 3:40 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
>>> I would not be surprised if he was unemployed against by Jan 1st.

Me neither. But I do put that partly down to poor decision-making by the board. They changed manager during a stretch of tough fixtures that may offer little respite from what we'd already seen. I think the time to change manager was either in the Summer, or at Christmas.

I look at West Brom for example, and although it seems a little odd to get rid of Pulis right now I see they have a couple of winnable home games in the next fortnight. There are good and bad times to change manager. I think this mythical 'new manager bounce' that people talk about is mainly down to clubs picking a clever time to bring a new man in and create momentum.

G Keenan 3:34 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
I will be 4-5-1 every week under Moyes. It's all he know.
Unfortunately for him football has moved on and he is 5 years out of date.

El Scorchio 3:32 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
If there isn't an improvement on yesterday over the next few weeks, it wouldn't massively surprise me either. The one thing he doesn't have here is time on his side, but he does have players capable of performing well enough to stay up if he can get them playing effectively as a team..

But the past is the past and he at least deserves a chance to succeed or fail here.

One McAvennieeeeee 3:28 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
It looked like he done a good job at Everton, when we went there 15 years ago. It was a totally different era then though. You would never have got the time he got now. Also, not sure you will find many Everton fans wanted him back.

You simply have to look at his recent jobs. He's been a failure. The Manchester United job was not a poison chalice. He took over a squad that no other team had got more points than the previous 2 seasons. He failed and was humiliatingly sacked 8 months into a 6 year deal. Sunderland speaks for itself really.

This was a terrible appointment. We have appointed a Manager that finished well below the manager we sacked. Makes no sense whatsoever. Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Everton were all looking for Managers before us, and none of them went near him.

I would not be surprised if he was unemployed against by Jan 1st.

El Scorchio 3:20 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
...and as far as you can rightly criticise his time at Sunderland and to an extent Man U (although that turned out to be a poison chalice, and did he really do any worse than Van Gaal with extra games and less spending power?) it's very disingenuous to say anything other than he did a great job at Everton overall during his time there.

Enough to get himself one of the biggest jobs in world football. Definitely lost his way since, but let's not pretend he's never been worth a shit.

Alex V 3:15 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
I wouldn't say Jelavic or Saha were big lumps up front. I think that's a bit unfair on Moyes. Of course every team needs some physical presence up front - there are very few successful teams that haven't had that.

boleyn8420 3:11 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
The only real 'success' Moyes has had is when he has lumps up front, think Ferguson and Fellaini. The rest of the time , meh. So why is a surprise that Andy plays and we lump it up to him.

He is an old style manager and him, Irvine and Pearce should NEVER have been appointed. Road to nowhere.

Stuck in the past and has no idea of the modern game. Everton were going nowhere when he left. He made Man Utd worse that they were. He made Real Sociedad worse that they were. And after Allardyce had kept Sunderland up Moyes made them so bad they were relegated. With that CV why on earth did they appoint him. Laughable. Relegation here we come. Leicester will win easily on Friday night, i think another 3-0 loss.

Willtell 11:42 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Rice is not going into the starting eleven until he's had more run-outs as a sub. I agree about the 3 CB's but I'm not sure Moyes has ever played that way so probably never will unless one of his coaches has.

What is clear is that Noble Kouyate and Obiang is not the answer in midfield. Kouyate is a CB and I think we have to accept that our captain is finished at this level but does Moyes see that yet?

Just those comments alone would have made me hesitate about appointing Moyes, never mind his last 5 seasons of failure! The board really are clueless shysters when it comes to management of staff. No wonder Lady Brady is given such a free rein!

Still WH have been 2nd division rather a lot and I still support them from afar. At least I'd be able to get tickets for a few Championship games and get over to England occasionally.

Sir Alf 11:31 Mon Nov 20
Re: Tactics under Moyes
Agree with much of what is being said.

Rice and Kouyate at the back in a three to give pace and in Rice someone who can pass out of defence.

Lanzini has to be central and Sakho needs to start a run of games to get Premiership fitness. Carroll should be used as Crouch is at Stoke. A plan B.

Central midfield and remainder of midfield still a problem but above changes should help you would think based on what we have seen last few seasons.

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