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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Kite 12:02 Sun Nov 19
What is wrong with him, started naming who is on the bench tomorrow. Can he not show the manager some respect.

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Johnson 2:17 Sun Dec 10
Re: ExWHUemployee
Not telling lies was he? Attention seeking weirdo.

IsaacHock 2:16 Sun Dec 10
Re: ExWHUemployee
ExWHUEmployee wrote...

"...and to go back to the original accusation of naming starting 11 is a step in that direction I will now stop."


neilalex 1:08 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
Jann - yes I understand about TB but it he was transparently not interested in anyone other than TB. But I do take the point that ultimately you are more judged on results than any other factor. For the avoidance of doubt I think everyone, me included, would rather have a competent non Fan chairman than an idiot fan.

That being the case if you're a Cardiff fan big fucking deal have the balls to say so. The only possible reason for making out you're a West Ham fan if you're not is to alter the perception of you by the fans. That perception would have helped particularly during the selling of the move to the LS.

The situation we have is that sullivan is telling you he is a fan. It's not really about him telling you he's a fan, what he's actually doing is asking you to believe what he's telling you because his interests are aligned to yours. And to be honest to some degree that works, until the point where things start going seriously wrong results wise and some proper scrutiny is applied to what he's said.

So - when they say they tried to sign so and so initially you believe them. When they say that the retractable seating will be 8 metres from the pitch you believe them. It's only when you find yourself miles from the pitch , watching Robert Snodgrass and getting pissed on by the likes of Brighton that you start questioning things. It can be, as with the stadium move, that at that point it's too late.

You have to ask yourself ultimately why someone would lie about it if not to gain some kind of advantage?

Alex V 12:48 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
ExWHUEmployee 12:11 Fri Nov 24

You clearly care very deeply about being liked. Which of course I can totally respect (who wants to be hated?) but I'm sure you agree the story ultimately is the club, not your popularity. I have no problem with you or any fan having their own informed opinion or your own timetable on supporting the board - that's your perspective and I like to read about it.

But I care about what's good for the club, so if there's even the slightest question over whether revealing team news early has an affect on a match, then I think it probably shouldn't be revealed. Should you reveal transfer targets or in-house secrets - is it good for the club? Probably often not, but I like to read it and it informs my own opinions - it helps us understand how the club works so I can see that the benefits might outweigh the negatives there. This site wouldn't exist if that interest wasn't there. So it's all about finding a balance.

So for me whether you're a board stooge or a true independent is pretty much irrelevant compared to real club issues. I think it's overwhelmingly likely you're walking a line somewhere inbetween those two extremes. Which is fine - why should you be attacked for having your own perspective? It's up to the reader/listener to work out the position you come from, the biases you may or may not have, and take your info with that in mind. Same as with anyone else who speaks about West Ham.

Jaan Kenbrovin 12:45 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
neilalex 12:24 Fri Nov 24

Terry Brown was and still is hated. Gold and Sullivan are hated, the Cearns were hated.

I'm not sure where you are getting this easy ride for being a WHU fan in charge of the club from?

Whilst there was a massive difference of respect for Allardyce and Bilic, Allardyce would still have been hated even if he had played for us as it was more about the person and manager he is that got him abuse.

Alex V 12:40 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
neilalex 12:10 Fri Nov 24

I suppose it depends on your perspective. The narrative that you've settled on as justification does seem to depend on Sullivan being deceitful and running the club down as a precursor to a sale. I consider that a conspiracy theory as it has little evidence to support it other than the incredulity and anger of those who believe it. If other evidence is offered then maybe that theory can develop into a genuine concern.

For me, it's irrelevant because whether Sullivan is secretly a Cardiff fan or not matters much less than, say, whether Kouyate finished those chances last Sunday. It doesn't matter if they're fans or not (imo) because I think there's a clear and obvious motivation for owners of any business to try and develop that business to the highest value. It does mean making as much money out of fans as possible for the smallest outlay, and some won't like that.

I agree with the comparison to 'liking' Bilic. It does matter to many fans, but I don't see the relevance to the health of the club. If we hate Sullivan while we win the league ultimately who cares about Sullivan?

essexmaniacinexile 12:35 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee

Couple of questions if you don't mind?

1/ Mopyes is here for 6 months. If he does fail and we get relegated jow will will attract a 'top' manager in the Championship?

2/ I'm all for Andy Swallows group and their intentions, which you rightfully back. Have you backed WHUISA? This new group hopefully will achieve something and maybe work with WHUISA. The already established WHUISA have a democratically elected board, paying members(nominal fee) and represent a broader cross section of fans. Do you/have you backed them?


pulhampete 12:33 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
The point about breaking the clubs record on transfer fees is bullshit, we pay record fees for bang average players because the market has shifted that way - every club is doing exactly the same.
If they smashed the club record fee by bringing in proper top class players then they might have an argument to stand behind, as it stands it just highlights the lack of promised investment.

The Kronic 12:24 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
Don't let this thread die, it's thoroughly amusing watching the insecure tart continuously pipe up again after he said he wouldn't.

neilalex 12:24 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
You're missing the point entirely. Of course it has nothing to do with your ability to run the club. But it does have a lot to do with your intentions and whether anyone can believe what you're saying about what you want to do.

Of course being a fan makes it easier to run the club. The fans give you a much easier ride. Look at how much slack Bilic got cut as opposed to Allardyce.

Takashi Miike 12:21 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
what, the same Terry Brown they invited back to the boardroom and now sit with at most games? that Terry Brown?

Takashi Miike 12:19 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
he can't get it in his head he's not in control on here, I love it

goose 12:17 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
but every time you write or post or do a pod cast ppl will comment on it.
if you're gonna put yourself out there & talk up your media persona then you have to expect comments. the board link will never go away.

maybe you shouldnt be so thin skinned?

Jaan Kenbrovin 12:16 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
What a load of shit. Being a fan of the club doesn't mean anything. It doesn't make it easier to run the club. It doesn't change ambitions, or the ideas of how to achieve them.

Terry Brown was a fan, and he was even worse than these lot.

Your mum 12:15 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
Who cares if Sulli is a boyhood fan, Dicksy is a club legend but was proper shit in his recent role.

ExWHUEmployee 12:11 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
Not talk about myself, defend myself. I thought the thread may die off but clearly it hasn’t! Anyway as your message just shows people are just going to keep going with these comments. I’ve said what I have below, I stand by that and that’s all I can do. Anyway here’s to three points (hopefully)

neilalex 12:10 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
It's not irrelevant because it goes to the heart of what they're trying to achieve with the club. My view is that they want to spend as little as possible in the hope that we'll do well enough to keep a lid on fan discontent before they sell up. As part of that strategy they appear to be trying very hard to substantially alter the nature of the fanbase and by implication the club. A fan wouldn't do that.

The narrative of being a fan is to say 'look we're really trying, we've got the club's best interests at heart , stick with us'. While they're peddling that shit they try and sanitise the fan base, move us to a fucking athletics stadium in the middle of nowhere and so on. With regard to that part of the reason that people bought it was because they did believe that they were fans.

I've met a few people who changed the club they supported as adults and to a man they've been untrustworthy lying shitbags.

goose 11:58 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
"i didnt wanna come back on here" but i cant resit the opportunity to talk about myself some more.

Northern Sold 11:57 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee

Reply ExWHUEmployee 11:39 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
I didn’t want to come back here......

Fucking hell you have had more returns on this thread than a rally in women's tennis...

Jaan Kenbrovin 11:46 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
I couldn't care less if Sullivan is or isn't a WHU fan, it's irrelevant the same as Bilic being a nice bloke with a WHU background - It's results that they'll be judged on and no matter how much they care, we are a proper mess.

It's pointless them talking about the situation trying to win over fans as it just triggers the anti board sentiment further.

The players need to give something worth cheering on tonight, that's the only way support will come.

ExWHUEmployee 11:39 Fri Nov 24
Re: ExWHUemployee
I didn’t want to come back here but the thread seems to be going on with further accusations.

What I wrote In the guardian I genuinely believe! I think the board has lied too many times (said that), the promises haven’t been met, the Carvalho deal was a mess, the pr is a disaster. The only positives I said was that we break our transfer record each window (and then still questioned if it were enough) and then I said I am worried about how replaces them when I look at how some clubs QPR being one under their rival bidder have turned out. Just because I am not hear ranting and raving calling them all sorts does not mean I am up the boards arse. They have till the summer as their last chance. I am not just going to change my opinion like that because people keep insisting the Sullivans are controlling and trying bully boy playground tactics here to either.

I would also like to point out this new supporters group fronted by Andy Swallow is a great think which I fully support. I have tweeted it a number of times and have asked people I know who know them well to contact them so that they appear on our podcast this week to promote them! What I like about what they are saying is that change is needed; which I agree with, that they have clear targets and timelines for the board and that they represent the fans and have the respect of many without any board led agenda.

As for saying how did gold know how far the seats were for the ground I certainly don’t recall saying that on the show and would suggest it was probably one of the other lads and either way even if he didn’t know-he shouldn’t have said iT. I believe a lot of what they say they don’t actually know the answer too. I am offering any of you to come and meet with me and discuss this in person because things don’t come out well in writing sometimes, I’ve got people here or are getting some kind of kick out of twisting what I am saying and i can show evidence in person of certain things too. Message me here if you wish to.

As for being board lovers without naming names I think you have your anger vented in the wrong place. I wrote an article called questions questions questions about the board and their lies. Another rival site decided to forward it on to David Sullivan and said I am not to be trusted and their site should be the only one privy to any info! Info I haven’t got for two years or so when most sites (kumb included) had the Sullivans on their podcast or writing for their site. The same site tried to stop this new movement led by Andy Swallow.

Thankfully through our events I know many people connected to him and through them I hope he appears on the show explains what they are all about and proceeds to achieve positive change. They can do this without anything they say being twisted to being a board lover. As for the fella who now wants to unmask me for my opinions. I am a nobody, a nobody with a strange voice who happens to know some ex players, current players and members of staff. I go home and away and care about this club as we all do. ⚒

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