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Athletico Easthamico 1:21 Sun Nov 19
Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
Where will it end?

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:10 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
collyrob 1:24 Tue Nov 21

Isn't being a drunken womaniser practically a prerequisite for a career as professional wrestler? Others' reputations have survived serial drug abuse, alcoholism, wife-beating, larceny, adultery, gbh and even murder.

By the way, nice joke Dude, Love your work there.

twoleftfeet 12:32 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
A news anchor in America has been suspended for amongst other things touching a woman’s thigh 9 years ago.

Another guy has been suspended for making drunken advances towards a woman 8 years ago.

That means virtually every bloke in every club in the UK on a Friday/Saturday night should be locked up and that includes me because I’m sure in my younger days I got a little worse for wear and told girls they had nice boobs.

I’m a disgraceful human being, a pervert who deserves no respect. I’m so ashamed so to those girls that I said “ nice boobs “ to 20 years ago I apologise 🙁

Sydney_Iron 5:31 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
So he said something inappropriate over 10 years ago, and now its a problem???

HE SAID something, its not like he forced his cock up her arse or spunked up on her face whilst she was tied to a chair, he said something she found offensive!!!

The cunt needs banging up for at least 10 years for this crime of "saying something offensive" probably swore or something "fuck" and shes taken it to mean her?

England, dogs etc

gank 4:43 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...

What the FUCK is a limobike??

Why would you be on the front and why would Aled fucking Jones be on the back?

The mind boggles.

gank 4:40 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
This cunt never released Walking in the Air. He's made his shekels from Songs of Praise.

Aalborg Hammer 4:03 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
Gavros,Peter Auty sang the song in the film.I worked with his dad years ago and he told me that Aled Jones had mistakenly been credited because he brought out the chart version

collyrob 1:24 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
Mick foley is the latest to be named and shamed.

If it's true it really is a sad day for MANKIND

Gavros 12:36 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
I reckon this is a sweet revenge plot by the lad who actually sang walking in the air. He was an English lad. I think the story was his voice broke between the recording and it becoming a hit, so they drafted in young Aled to mime.

Wrong'un even then.

Sven Roeder 12:23 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
I believe he asked if she wanted his 12 inch single


Mike Oxsaw 12:16 Tue Nov 21
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
We're not allowed (or meant) to know.

He's a white, European male. She's a woman.

Them's the facts (FACTS) and if anyone dares question things they're a rapey kiddy-fiddler themselves.

Nurse Ratched 10:36 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
What is he supposed to have said to her?

chim chim cha boo 9:34 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
I got to know Aled Jones quite well when I used to take him around on a Limobike and I would be FUCKING AMAZED if this shit was true. Maybe something misjudged and spun but I honestly don't think he's got a bad bone in his body.

In fact, if he turns out to be a bit of a sex pest I'll be almost proud of him!

Russ of the BML 6:51 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
Fair play. I didn't think he had it in him.

El Scorchio 1:41 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:13

Well if he is then fair enough and no complaints.

But you're absolutely right and if he isn't, and it's just a silly ill judged text (to someone over the age of consent) to someone who's just tried to blow it out of all proportion for publicity/money, then it's ridiculous, and unfair he's been assumed guilty before the facts have been divulged

El Scorchio 1:39 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
Noah 8:29

That's Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall.


SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:13 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
El Scorchio 4:06 Sun Nov 19

'Maybe more will come out though, you just don't know.'

But that's exactly the problem, mate. This woman's smear has worked whether the bloke is actual some sort of perve or not.

Noah 8:29 Mon Nov 20
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
I’m wanking in your hair!

normannomates 9:43 Sun Nov 19
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
El Scorpio 9.40
Cos the big man says so

normannomates 9:42 Sun Nov 19
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
I slapped Dancers 'arris in 1989

Should I be worried?

El Scorchio 9:40 Sun Nov 19
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
Why? Do you think they are wronguns just because they are gay?

HairyHammer 9:19 Sun Nov 19
Re: Aled Jones. ...allegedly. ...
I think Graham Norton and Alan Carr are next .

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