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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

madeeasy 7:06 Sun Nov 19
Moyes out
Should never have taken him on as our manager.

His persona is of a loser and that's what he delivers.

Get him and the owners,that have sold us him as a new level, out our club.

Never have I felt so disheartened to support west ham.

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Headtheball 4:40 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out

Still chuffed about today. Made my weekend. Cheers!

normannomates 4:35 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
MEGATWONK is a card isn't he.

Have to mention our away support today..superb yet again..

Every club's support think theirs iare the best..

Ours truly are..be proud my friends..goodnight

J.Riddle 4:26 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
I wasn't too put out with Moyes being appointed considering his great work at Everton over many seasons and he was one of a select few available within the 2bobs price range I.e cheap.

Alfs 4:10 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
I was as disappointed as most on here when Moyes was appointed and after his first couple of games in charge thought that the cheapskates had totally fucked us up. But my God, what a turnaround he has achieved. When was the last time that we had three clean sheets in a row? We were leaking goals like a Paddington whore leaks sperm.

That was his first priority and judging by the past four games he's got it spot on. He's also played the counter-attack card very well, a tactic that served Leicester very well a couple of seasons ago.

I'm now looking forward to the rest of the season with optimism. As for the future, I hope it won't turn out to be a swallow's summer, as it worked out with Slav.

jfk 3:51 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Without repeating myself I and a few others thought Moyes deserved a chance from day one,which in my book shouldn't get our shambolic owners off the hook,that's a different argument.
Moyes and co.have completely turned us around with a string of very decent results.We look like a ream that none will take for granted.
I'm delighted for the us,I can't remember the last time we beat a league team 3 - 0 away?
Admittedly it's early days but what a turnaround.
I hope we continue going forward and some of the naysayers on here end up choking on a large piece of humble pie.

normannomates 3:49 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Taggart is no fool..the 'set him up to fail' bollocks is just that.

Look at it logically..after Man Utd he was going to be on a downer ..any man would be.

His subsequent appointments didn't work out because he was in a dark place IMO...the Mackems especially you could see clearly his heart wasn't in it.

Should have taken a sabbatical for a good while after the Mancs.

We're all human beings..sometimes..no matter how good you are at what you do..if your mind ain't right..it ain't happening

Northern Sold 3:42 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Lily Hammer 9:11 Sat Dec 16
Re: Moyes out
Apparently, according to Swallow on the latest RWHFAG video, he's working this season virtually free, just claiming expenses or something like that; same with the coaching team.

IF true that just about sums up the Charlatans running the club.... and yeah he has gone up in my estimation....

Oh and see Megatron has landed some absolute WHOPPERS today....

Takashi Miike 3:17 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out

Takashi Miike 3:17 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
sydney, the manc job and timing of out was a weird one. at the time I thought the players were a disgrace in the way they treated moyes but looking at the situation a few years on, the players probably saw an opportunity to take the piss after such a regimental/disciplined set up under fergie. maybe you'll only ever hear the truth once Moyes stops managing but whoever went in that at that time probably had no chance with the players or fans

normannomates 3:12 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Cheers Syd
Understand you being cautious. .and I am getting carried away I guess.
Good post

Takashi Miike 3:07 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
rarely go on twatter but did see this from Tony Bellew........

Happy to see West Ham doing well! Wouldn’t wanna see any of the big clubs going down and also good to see Moyes doing well.. 👌

Sydney_Iron 2:59 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
normannomates 2:20 Sun Dec 17

I like the cut of your jib and hope your right norm, but think we need a few more games under his belt before we get too carried away?

But i would love it if hes a massive hit for us, as much as there is a lot of scepticism about him being hand picked by Sir Alex, to make Sir Alex look better i prefer to think that was not the case and the red nosed one was disappointing by what happened and he genuinely rates Moyes.

normannomates 2:50 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Yes mate
Got a really good feeling about this set up though..and I agree totally on the modesty thing.

Like you and most of us..we are no mugs..we can spot a bulls hitter a mile off.

This geezer means business..and best thing so far..the players are responding to him massively.

The Everton sides he managed had that same togetherness..they were a tough side to beat..

Eerie Descent 2:50 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
I have to agree, he seems like a very decent chap, and as he is our manager I'm finding myself beginning to like him. Results certainly help with that.

I'm still reserving judgement though for now. Things change so quickly, and this is our first convincing win in a long time, so let's see what happens against st Newcastle. Will be very interesting to see what happens in January, it'll give us a proper indication of the direction he wants to go in.

Sydney_Iron 2:45 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
"Might work against Chelsea and Stoke but it won't work against a decent side"


Stoke yes, but you are saying, Chelsea, you know the current champions, who are 3rd in the league at present and in there last 10 games have won 7, drawn 2 and lost to us are not a decent side????

Fuck me!

Takashi Miike 2:41 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
norm, said it after his interview Wednesday night. I love his modesty and lack of arrogance. he was asked about a longer contract and does he deserves money to spend and all he said was that will sort itself out at the end of the season, now I have a job to do. its refreshing in these days of greedy, ungrateful cunts that Infest managerial positions

still early days though, and we are still west ham, so it could very easily still go tits up

Israel Iron 2:36 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Eerie Descent 9:49 Sat Dec 16

Exactly - I've never been so happy that I was so wrong about someone. Wow we really needed that today - well done Moyes!

normannomates 2:26 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
W4 hammer
This is what pissed me off with so many.
He's new..doesn't know the players..has to find the best formula on the job...and clueless bods were coating him..unbelievable..

He has figured it out though..and some.

normannomates 2:20 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
Most of the EFC support who I respect and know their football have loads of respect for Moyes .

He is a good manager..and I predict right here and now..he will end up being one of our greatest ever.

Just you wait and see my friends..it's gonna happen

w4hammer 1:34 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
If you take out watford ( where he learnt that carroll was a liability and the whole team stunk the place out)

and the first half at everton where he started with a lone striker in the form of Ayew, and we basically lost the game in the first half- second half there and since we have progressed every game

all we really want is what weve seen since then=- team spirit, hard work, clena sheets and a few goals and victories!

I have said many times under slav that we were capable of good phases or halves ( 2nd v spurs etc) but not in winning games over 90 minutes

Im still; noit sure why he's holding hernandes back- he came on very late Tuesday and the same today- id have started him personally but what do i know, hey!

gph 12:59 Sun Dec 17
Re: Moyes out
I'm impressed by Moyes.

TBF, though, I would've given Bilic a contract for life after winning at Anfield...

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