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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Keep dreaming 11:22 Sun Nov 19
Team against Leicester
Friday night

Zabaleta Reid Rice Musuaku
Kouyate Obiang
Antonio Quina Lanzini

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franksfat&slow&wank 4:50 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
Alf I am clinging onto the fact Kouyate missed 2 sitters
Arnie should have scored albeit decent Gomez save and Lanzini one off the line

there was so many negatives still though

Sir Alf 4:39 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
Also agree that 3 at the back has been the only way we have stopped leaking goals since March 2016 ( when the Bilic / Payet magic was found out IMO ). It has not always worked but has seen us less vulnerable.

Of course Moyes will show he is the modern manager and stick with his 1990s / early noughties tactics and 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. :-(

Sir Alf 4:34 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
Rice I agree has to come in. He is quicker than most and more importantly can control and pass the football under pressure.

I have so little hope again now. It briefly appeared before Watford but such was the way we got overrun at the start of the 2nd half when Watford passed it around us until they scored, that all hope was quickly extinguished. It is the hope that tortures a man so at least Moyes has got rid of that.

franksfat&slow&wank 4:19 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
i would definitely start rice tonight, that midfield middle as truly embarrassing v watford

Russ of the BML 1:31 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
All I will say is if he doesn't pick anyone in midfield with pace and mobility (like Rice) then he needs shooting.

Russ of the BML 1:30 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
boleyn8420 1:26 Fri Nov 24

That's fucking embarrassing.

boleyn8420 1:26 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
Well we know Carroll is tarting tonight. But honestly have you ever heard anything like this from a modern football manager. But then again Moyes is an old dinosaur as can be seen from this quote

Moyes’ old-school outlook on Carroll also extends to coaxing some better performances out of players he freely admits are not living up to their reputations.

“I think players need to be told,” he added. “I’ve told the players here, if you’re not doing it, I’m going to tell you.

“I did also tell them that when I stop shouting, you know you’ve got a problem. If I stop shouting at you, you know I’ve given up on you.”

Oh no, David has stopped shouting at me let me see if I can find a fuck to give

Meh, he will be gone by January

dealcanvey 11:44 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
Kayoute Reid Ogbonna
Zabaleta Rice Noble Masuaku
Lanzini Sakho Arnie

Mex Martillo 7:43 Fri Nov 24
Re: Team against Leicester
I quiet like that team Vexed, Rice can sit back kind of like a third centre back and on the attack Kouyate and Noble can push up to help Lanzini. Obviously Hart will be in goal, but there is nothing between our goalies.

neilalex 11:20 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
Bad team for us style wise. Mobile and break with pace. Can't see us getting any more than a point.

It's almost beyond formations and who you pick. We simply have fuck all by way of pace in the side, and we can't compensate by being good at keeping possession, because we're beyond woeful at that. It really doesn't look good.

Sir Alf 11:11 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
Vexed 10:45 Thu Nov 23

I can only see a loss too. We have looked slow and disjointed for so long.

Vexed 10:45 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
Moyes will put out the biggest most physical 'park the bus side to sit deep not concede and hopefully Nick a goal from a set piece. Horrendously negative but o couldn't blame him, he needs to win this game because the next four are all losses.

I'd personally would be least disgusted with:




Yes I know Rice out of position is a bit shit but he can actually trap a bag of cement unlike most of our CMs.

Got ugly loss written all over it.

Sir Alf 9:56 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
kylay 8:39 Thu Nov 23

I have also had that thought. First and foremost we need better players in there. It really is an area where we look so unbalanced as a squad. I watch many of the other teams and they play at pace, move as a unit, defend as a team. We look like we simply cannot run as fast or for as long and when we do have it look to have so little movement or passing options. On top of all that we invariably pass it just behind the man or back to the opposition.

Must agree Obiang seems to be looking for the hollywood ball and none of them are coming off.

Gawd knows how to solve it. A complete rebuild that will take time. In the meantime, we have to find a way to stop conceding goals and win football matches.

kylay 8:39 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
Obiang has to be dropped after the last match. He must have turned the ball over 20 times often under no pressure. I also cannot understand only using two subs when the entire team were blowing out their arse at 55 minutes. The only way it appears we can avoid having the midfield overrun, is to park the bus. We're simply not good enough in possession to keep opposing sides honest

threesixty 7:38 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
I wish we would think about the team we are playing when putting out this squad. Leicester play on the counter and will have vardy running at us all day. We will be given a lot of the ball and they will just wait for our midfield to make a mistake whilst we have pushed up too far.

I think we have to sit back as well with Leicester and do exactly the same as them. Play our fastest forward players like Sakho and martiniez / ayew. Maybe 4 5 1, but Sakho must be kind of isolated with our wingers only joining him on attack.

We can’t be drawn into attacking this side in numbers or we will get beat.id play for a draw and hope to nick a win maybe at the end. But this has to be a ver dissciplined performance with none of our defenders going beyond the half way line.

I think it’s more about discipline than individual talent againts Leicester.

Sir Alf 6:45 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
dealcanvey 7:09 Wed Nov 22

Agree as far as the Watford game went, Noble was better with his distribution but stats show Obiang had the most tackles and touched the ball most as he usually does. The fact that the touches or passes were not the best is his issue last game :-(

Would not want to lose Obiang simply because he presses better than anyone else but the bar is very low in that stat anyway.

I really am convinced that getting the midfield to work as a unit , press when we do not have it and get back behind the ball, move when we do have it etc... would transform us. But we need everyone of them to know that they are expected to defend as well as attack. Also not relying on a big target man which in the modern game is becoming less and less effective. Would love to see the movement up top too to provide passing options further forward.

Mind you our passing was so poor even the likes of Lanzini so its not just movement its also passing.

Jasnik 6:28 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester

Jasnik 6:28 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
I'd like to see us try Martnez

Stubbo 5:23 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
I'd like us to play:


Zabaleta Reid Collins Cresswell





I expect we'll see the usual suspects:


They were largely that bad he won't drop anyone of them over another. Maybe Kouyate will be binned for being so bad at finishing, but see little more happening than that.

I'd like to see a team with a mix of reliable performers, players with a point to prove, and Lanzini (who remains our best and only creative force that is available).

Any Old Iron 5:09 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester
Infidel 7:35 Wed Nov 22

As usual you're talking bollocks. Moyes is not in the same bracket as BFS and Pulis. Everton played decent football under him for all those years and largely over-achieved.
There is no way that Manchester United, even with Ferguson's backing, would have hired either of those two anti-football merchants.
Moyes may come across as a dour Jock, just as Sir Alex did, but it's not refelcted in their football.
His problem with us is that I suspect he's been scarred since he left Goodison and he just doesn't have the confidence to send out an attacking side. I think we'll only see what he can do now when he's got a fit squad to choose from.

Hammers1993 4:26 Thu Nov 23
Re: Team against Leicester

Update the fucking opening message with the updated injury list then you clowns instead of locking worthy threads.

Confirmed as out injured:


Cleared as fit for tomorrow:


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