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stewie griffin 9:21 Wed Nov 22
West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
THE fans are angry at the players, feeling they are not fit to wear the shirt.

They are angry at the owners, feeling they’ve sold them a false dream.

They are angry about the ground, which isn’t a football ground and  never will be.

They are angry about the manager, who failed at his last three jobs.

The manager is angry at the players, feeling they are not living up to their reputations.

The players are angry at the owners about their choice of manager.

And they’re angry at the manager because of his choice of coach.

And they don’t like the stadium either because unlike their old home, there’s precious little noise to feed off.

The manager hasn’t taken charge of a match at the stadium yet but you just know he’s going to hate it.

Pretty much everyone else does.

West Ham United — the club which won England the World Cup and whose supporters dominate Fleet Street — is dying on its backside.

If Friday night’s home match against Leicester goes badly, relegation is no longer unthinkable.

This is what happens when a football club loses its identity. “You sold your soul for this s***hole,” sang Tottenham fans when they visited the London  Stadium — and many West Ham fans actually applauded them.

This is a toxic football club. Proof that a club’s ownership needn’t be remote and foreign to be out of touch with its fanbase.

David Sullivan and David Gold were boyhood West Ham fans who sold their club’s home in the ‘deal of the century’ to take up residency at the old  Olympic Stadium for a nominal fee.

But while much of the romanticism about Upton Park was overblown, the atmosphere at the place was worth several extra points per season.

In an age in which TV revenue dwarfs match-day income, a move to  a bigger stadium can be counter- productive if that stadium can never feel like home.

And the distance between supporters and players at the London Stadium is literal.

This physical disconnect only adds to the impression that this is hardly an actual club at all anymore.

It’s the sort of factor you need to “feel” to understand. It doesn’t work  if you see the stadium move in purely financial terms.

While Spurs also wanted the Olympic site, they would only have moved in had it been transformed into an actual football ground.

Friday’s match feels crucial because the London Stadium is a place in desperate need of a lift — and it is not difficult to distinguish between Moyes and a ray of sunshine.

If the manager gets off on the wrong footing on home soil, West Ham’s nosedive towards the Championship could be difficult to reverse.

Sunday’s 2-0 defeat at Watford was pretty dismal but Moyes doesn’t seem to have learned from last season’s  relegation with Sunderland, when his  compulsion to talk things down turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

On the Hammers training ground, the Moyes regime is already sounding rather joyless.

And as much as supporters might want their highly-paid players to be flogged hard — as punishment for a poor start to the season under the  apparently lax regime of Slaven Bilic —  in the modern world that isn’t always the best approach.

His drill-sergeant talk sounds horribly old school.

Moyes has employed Stuart Pearce as first-team coach — and, sadly, old  Psycho does not tend to be popular with  players either.

This sort of ‘bad cop-bad cop’ combination doesn’t go down well.

You can call players overpaid prima donnas all you like but if they do not look forward to going to work each morning, will they feel in the  best frame of mind heading to the Premier League’s most unloved stadium?

There is plenty of anger around West Ham United. But then again there is plenty to be angry about.

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Lily Hammer 10:30 Thu Nov 23
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Speak for yourself MDE; he who rates Jimi Hendrix a "one riff wonder."

Yeah, everyone's going to take your opinion seriously.

11MDE 10:27 Thu Nov 23
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
The only real thing that's wrong, is that the team are under performing. Everything else would be forgotten if this wasn't the case.

This article is nonsense.

the exile 2:18 Thu Nov 23
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Looks like WHO is pretty toxic these days too.

Full Claret Jacket 1:48 Thu Nov 23
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Man Up of Iron

Man of Iron 1:22 Thu Nov 23
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
I don’t know if the part about players not liking the Manager and Coaches is true or not but I can’t imagine it has been made up without some form of inside knowledge.
Other than that it is spot on and I’m amazed there are people that don’t agree.

The stadium is so shit its farcical. And someone on this thread thinks because we have 50,000 turning up each week the stadium must be decent.
I renewed this year because of my love for the Club and the fact I like meeting up with my pals for a few jars. Not because I believe the stadium is decent or even fit for purpose. And I would bet my bollox to a barn dance there are at least 20,000 others like me.

The fact is we as fans have been treated like cunts for as long as I've been a fan, and you only need to look through this thread to see the reason why:

“The stadium is there for another 98 years so grow up and get used to it and stop inventing problems like a schoolgirl on her first period...”

“Absolute FLOUNCE this is. Grow a pair of bollocks.”

“Sometimes in life change happens. You can either get over it and adjust your attitude or you can spend the rest of your days whinging and moaning like an old tart.”

This attitude is the exact reason we are in the shit we currently find ourselves. The owners know this and have exploited it to the fullest to fill their pockets, just like Brown et al before them.
The owners couldn’t give a shit if they lose the hard core support that has followed this club for 20, 30, 40+ years because they know there is a new bunch of happy clappy sky generation Cunts ready to take their place. So whilst everyone is “Manning Up” and accepting the dog shit sandwich that is getting served up every week nothing will change. The owners will rinse the club for as much as they can whilst you lot tell each other we’ve always been shit.
I just hope they can avoid relegation as the new breed of happy clapper will fuck off in a heartbeat if we happen to go down.

claret on my shirt 10:50 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Just read an article Moyes didin September ref Sunderland where he admits he did not do his due diligence well enough before taking the Sunderland job, in the post game Watford interview he said the same thing, I was not aware how bad it was here.

Are we spotting a pattern here David?


claret on my shirt 10:12 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Lily Hammer 9:44 Wed Nov 22

totally agree.

Because Sullivan has all the senior roles there who would report back to him, Slav was hardly likely to go back to him and say hey my training is shit. A Director of Football needs to sit between the board and the coaching staff.

Eric Hitchmoe 10:12 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
“and many West Ham fans actually applauded them.“
I doubt this is true but anyone caught doing this deserved to be chinned.

Lily Hammer 9:44 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
If Bilic's training sessions were so ill disciplined, are the board saying they knew nothing about it?

claret on my shirt 9:35 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
I am not buying into this spin they are not fit. They were fit last year winning stats about mids table in all premiership teams. So why the apparent sudden drop off.

Also don't the medical teams monitor them now especially in pre season and build fitness and diet plans for each player, then each player is continually monitored.

It's very funny how this was brought up by the club etc as soon as Sky found the stats, sounds like club and medai spin to me.

ChesterRd 9:35 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Thanks Jaan

Lertie Button 9:15 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
So we had a manager the players loved and he gave them an easy time and they couldn't be fucked to play for him and now we got one they hate and he gives them a hard time and they apparently don't want to play for him either.
Simple solution get shot of the players in question, bring in kids till we can make some signings.
Can't be any worse than the way things are

Jaan Kenbrovin 8:22 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
From The Sun I think , Chester.

ChesterRd 8:21 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
The article should be attributed to the author. I've read a couple of pages and not seen where this information is?

Jaan Kenbrovin 8:19 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
It's a bit opportunist to say that our current plight is all down to the move and reason why we should have never had done so.

We aren't even two years in, and whether anti or pro the move, it was quite obvious it wouldn't transform us overnight.

We finished 11th last season, which in isolation is a respectable position, but it was a disappointing season performance wise with very few highlights.

Whilst the move is a way of increasing our club's revenue, it doesn't choose our transfer targets, doesn't train the players, doesn't pick the squad and doesn't earn your club points. Just as it wouldn't be solely responsible had we have been successful over the last year and a half. It wouldn't mean we had 'made it' as a big club either, as form and results can quickly change.

There is a massive identity crisis with our fans though and it's painful seeing what a sad state we are in. Results aren't going to change the feelings, just dilute the platform for people to get angry and point the finger of blame.

Mex Martillo 7:55 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Oh dear, what a depressing thread, I hope we win on Friday

Pub Bigot 7:47 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Might start going Millwall. They’re real ‘am

Side of Ham 7:04 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
sTOWIE you numb nut I (ME) mentioned Birmingham because they were the very first to mention how they was having hounded them out of their shithouse club.

My point being the mincers love to come on here claiming to be the pioneers of knowledge about what cunts they can be.

It was never the case they wasn’t iffy it’s always been the case they were and the only hope was that they were actually fans of our club would know better than to try and mug us with over ambitious bollocks.

Pee Wee 6:20 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
I could have written exactly what Gentile wrote.

I'd have written it better obvs

Gentile 6:15 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
Had a season ticket last year and really enjoyed meeting up with mates and family to attend the games.

I gave it up this season because I hated the stadium. It is a soulless concrete shithole. The walk to the ground from the station is depressing at best and the athmosohere inside the ground was only gods for two games (Palace and Spurs, I missed the Chelsea cup game).

They have destroyed the soul of our club and I will never forgive the three of them for what they have done to our once great club.

Gavros 6:15 Wed Nov 22
Re: West Ham is a toxic football club (c&p)
I only ever dealt in FACTS with the OS.

I told you all about the gaps. I told you all about it being freezing in winter. I told you all you'd get pissed on when it rained; that was one of the reasons I fucked off the SAB after i got scoffed at by ANGUS KINNEAR and some of the wanker SABers when I pointed out that rain doesnt fall at a 45 degree angle from the sky all the time.

Perhaps if you'd actually paid attention you wouldnt now be so disappointed?

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