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WHUDeano 11:53 Fri Nov 24
Today's MOM
The fans.

Amazing for the first 15-20 mins of the second half. Couldn't make it to the game myself, a toddler under 2 and a pregnant wife makes night games impossible these days with the time needed getting to and from the ground (great transport links eh?). But watching on TV I was blown away, the energy created went through everyone - including the commentators who haven't stopped talking about it.

It was amazing, and shows that when our backs are against the wall and we're at our lowest ebb, we still have the bollocks & East End spirit to stand up to anything.

I've got to say that the movement started by Andy Swallow & the others have really given us a boost , we're not alone in our feelings - the board are parasites. We all miss Upton Park, the board have lied, lied and lied some more. Enough is enough. We now see we have the numbers to make a change, make a difference and tonight it was clear that when the hardcore 5000 feel something, we can make a stadium our own wherever it is. Jamie Carragher is on Sky now talking about how the fans suddenly showed spirit & fight...this is no coincidence, we haven't just suddenly changed our minds and decided 'lets cheer our lads for running a little more', we now have hope that this board finally have a group of fans who can take them on and make a difference.

Fuck the board. We're West Ham United FC. We're Real West Ham Fans.

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orwells tragedy 7:49 Sun Nov 26
Re: Today's MOM
chim chim cha boo 1:40 Sat Nov 25


Private Dancer 3:11 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Descent - Nope. West Ham fans get behind their team for 20 mins and it's a 'big story' Sad times imo.

Eerie Descent 3:01 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Private Dancer 10:22 Sat Nov 25

You're trying a bit too hard, Dancer.

62Hammer 12:10 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
I was close to where it seemed to start, and my feeling at the time was that the game was pretty boring early in the second half and the fans decided to make their own entertainment with the old Ludek Miklosko song, and it grew from there.
Whatever, it was brilliant and certainly had a positive effect on the players.

AKA ERNIE 10:38 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
chin spot on mate
In the ground fof those 20 mins was amazing and it all started by the players actually working their nuts off

jack flash 10:26 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
When you draw some matches you feel like you've come away with a defeat
This game however, it felt almost like we'd come away with a win!
In fairness, it wasn't a good game though our point was reserved and we'll earned
I wasn't there but I felt so proud of our fans and the terrific spirit they showed. Just like the good old days at the Boleyn or an away game
I loved it when they really picked it up and got behind the team in the second half and the commentators were saying "I don't know what started it"
No other fans in the
The players were visibly lifted by it

Private Dancer 10:22 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Sorry, but a bit cringe and over-excitable for me. There were around 50000 people there, probably half of them pissed up and decided to have some fun o 20 mins or so. It had fuck all to do with Andy Swallow, whose name has hardly been mentioned in WHU circles for around 20 years until this week.

This 'fans' story is becoming just that now, a story, which imo is not what we're all about as a club. You have the owner coming out on Twitter saying how wonderful we all were. Nah.

We are such a different (and shittier) club these days.

Pub Bigot 10:04 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
I sacked it in last night and watched it on the box and I was left beeming because of the support last night. That was West Ham.

There was definitely a change in attitude from the players, and if we get more fight, they’ll get more support.

chim chim cha boo 1:40 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
I think it's a bit simpler than some seem to think it is.

When you see a bunch of cunts in West Ham shirts losing the ball then standing there shaking their heads with their hands on their hips or jogging back a bit it really doesn't engender much positive encouragement.

Tonight we saw MUCH more effort. The players ran and ran and chased the ball down pretty relentlessly. When you see players giving their all for the shirt (even if things are not really happening for them) they give you something to shout about.

Put simply, put the effort in and we'll get behind you. So many media outlets and even players get that simple fact the wrong way around.

13 Brentford Rd 1:38 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Best atmosphere I've experienced since the move..loved it. Has restored my faith.
The club is not dead yet.

Northern Sold 1:14 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Yup fair play the fans tonight were very vocal.... is it still a great stadium for football... no it ain't ... but fair play the fans giving it a real go and not turning

Headtheball 1:09 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
It takes time and effort and this Leicester game is one to add to the Palace Spurs and Chelski games for atmosphere. Who else would be this loud when they're in the bottom three. Special COYI.

madeeasy 12:58 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
What about the Chelsea and Tottenham games?

You can always make a stadium loud but everyone has to be on board.

I think the fans have realised how much we've been let down by the board and just got together rather than all be split.

But I don't get how some say it now feels like pur stadium because of 20 mins singing. It was like that for pretty much the whole 2 hours against Tottenham.

ornchurch ammer 12:56 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Not gutted at the atmosphere but concerned that the idiots in the media interpret it as a sign of getting behind the club and the board.

Mike Oxsaw 12:45 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
bruuuno 12:29 Sat Nov 25

You are so wrong. It wasn't the stadium at all.

It was the BADGE.

Having LONDON on the badge made all the difference.

tnb 12:33 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Tonight, that felt like OUR stadium. And for better or worse, that's what it is. Not the board's, not West Ham London's. Ours. I wouldn't fancy being a Chelsea fan next time out if we can keep that up.

claret on my shirt 12:31 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
bruuuno 12:29 Sat Nov 25

You're taking the piss right?

collyrob 12:30 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
There will be a few people gutted at the atmosphere tonight.

bruuuno 12:29 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
It wasn't the fans it was the stadium. The stadium is responsible when the atmosphere is poor, so in the same way it is responsible when the atmosphere is good


stewie griffin 12:27 Sat Nov 25
Re: Today's MOM
Well said, and agreed. For a brief period it felt like West Ham United again.

Will also say, There comes a moment in every relegation battle when the supporters realise we really aren't very good and because theyre shit they need more help. Felt a bit like that tonight.

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