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Q: 2017/18 The RealWestHamFans March on March 10th
a. I'll be there, it's time for action now enough is enough
b. Not for me, I'll see you all at the Stadium
c. A bit difficult for me as I'll be on my stream with a cup of rosie
d. What march

chav_corner 7:53 Sat Nov 25
Real West Ham Fans - Updated with notes from Meeting on 10/2
I know mentioned elsewhere but thought this now needed it's own thread.New action group campaigning to get our West Ham back.7600 joined up in 4 days.Find it on facebook titled Real West Ham fans.

Meeting details courtesy of Brentford

I will post up just details of march and relevant WHO info now it is okay

*March starts Stratford Park - West Ham Lane, opposite police station... guests to speak before we set off.

Destination tbc.

WHO wreath would be good, paid for by WHO.

WHO banners & individual banners also would be good, there is a "fighting fund" available for this...Anyone wanting to make banners for the March please contact U.K. football flags there’s a donation for every order for Isla.
Wear colours.

Meet 11am, no booze, no trouble!


Were now ready to send the 5 points :

1 Must take up full away ticket allocation

2 : Memorial to be maintained regularly

3: The Hammer and Castle badge to be reconised with immediate effect on match programme and in future in the stadium

4 : The owners to be more proffesional on social media ie remove the sullivan kids from speaking on the clubs behalf :

5 The 15 minute interval must be addressed its impossible to get to the toilets get a drink and be back for the restart a for the second half . They club have 7 days to respond if they fail to deliver a full demo / march will take place .

Now we need 5 action plan for the disabled / elderly / family .
We now need 5 action plans to make our experience improved thanks


Link to the meeting in the Boleyn


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chav_corner 2:03 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Communist,your post of 10.03 is so spot on.-Bravo.

Fo the Communist 11:21 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Fishy. I agree there will come a time when a broader range of expertise will be required if this movement can bring about regime change and/or a stadium that is not a fucking mess.

For now though I think the group is doing just fine and all energy needs to be spent on getting behind the march (as we all are).

The RWHF have got us to the cusp of a protest the likes of which has been unseen at West Ham - and, arguably, any other premier league club -for ages.

Let's have the revolution first and see how the cards fall...

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 10:25 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
We are still cunts nevertheless, whatever the equation

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 10:19 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Fo. They certainly need a financial accountant on board. As a management accountant I really can't help. Accountant is a broad spectrum. The balance sheet valuation of UP of 70odd mill has to be taken to account for sure. Only at West ham can a balance sheet valuation of that be sold down for 40 odd million in possibly the most profitable investment area in the world (London not Newham of course) THAT is a massive one for me.

Fo the Communist 10:03 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Once again, I think we are arguing around the margins. I know you are fully being the thrust of the march and that your comments are borne of wanting the best outcome for those involved and the rest of us who care about the club.

But as someone with a bit of knowledge in the PR field, I am a bit torn on this one. The advice given by the guy on KUMB is undoubtedly sound but the issue is that the RWHF group is not your average client.

It is the rejection of the current obsession with flim-flam, hollow PR, branding, spin, marketization and corporate jargon that are the recruiting sergeants for the RWHFs group. And it is all the above, with an added splash of deceit, cunning, ineptitude, lies and cynicism that has cast the board adrift from large sections of the traditional fan base.

I think at some stage in the future the group is going to have to take on board other expertise, not just PR. As I have said before, if it wants to bring about fundamental, major change, someone also needs to be lobbying those with a political (small 'p') interest in the stadium - MPs, the London Assembly, Mayor's Office, E20, LLDC, Newham Council etc, all of whose input will be required to bring about a solution.

But I think, for now, the rough edges that would be shaven off by PR are doing the group little harm and considerable benefit.

Hope to see you on the 10th, mate. I’ll be the verbose one boring people to death…

Crassus 1:04 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Ahh, get you, sort of
Never go there, never consider them relevent
Fuck them and all who sail there is my stance, albeit that third party statement hit my buttons

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:55 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
I'm thinking stewie took the same view on your post Re Kumb, which resonated with me while lurking there last night. IMHO it's got a bit anti march over there, I suppose that's what PR plants do as its their job. I've always felt Kumb to be just that though, and a load of it. But I still lurked like dot cotton through the curtains of the fowler's.

I'm just felt a change today and yesterday. I could be completely wrong of course, and happy to be put right. As i was over the moon, as well as surprised the editorial had come over to the dark side

Crassus 12:20 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Sorry mate

You have lost me there, I never go on that site, cunt central in my long past experience, I merely commented upon a PR pro's angle that was lifted from there and hooked on here

So what's occuring then?

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:11 Sat Feb 24
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
It's weird you say that crassus. I was thinking i was a bit mental late last night, and a little bit pissed in thinking that up the junction had been got at somewhat. It was very subtle looking back now but it was there and then the bannings today.

Thing is, i was surprised they got massively behind this. Why the change of tune now I wonder ??

Crassus 11:50 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today

Mate, don't for one minute think that I undervalue the weight the lads pull, aside of Billy Bonds sparking this up I can't think of a more unifying force - my comments are merely of galvanising that in a modern currency

If you refer to my comments you will see that I hold no truck with those that demand forensic accounting of spend or any of the fuckwittery that has been a fall out - my support is 100%, for what that is worth

For the absolute last time, and for the avoidance of doubt, my point is that the lads are taking on a corporate entity that operates within a specific media lead environment, fight them then in the manor so far suggested, then get the terms of engagement because in that world the best of effort and hours spent mean fuck all, it's what you achieve within those hours that count

And yes I will, I will also be retrieving my lad from Newcastle in order that he may too - we owe that to my late father and his before at the very least, with general respect to the club that I grew up next to and that which it symbolised to us all then as a beacon of the community, on and off the pitch

Neither of us will attend the match and will likely not again at 'home' under current circumstances

Fo the Communist 11:18 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Crass - I agree with what you - and most of what the PR chap on Kumb - are saying.
But the difference is this: neither me, you or he would be capable of organising a rally with many thousands lined up behind us and the prospect of which has the board collectively shitting itself.
The simple fact is that the RWHFs weaknesses are also their strengths.
You marching, by the way?

Crassus 11:08 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today

Could not agree more, but the post I referred too, further down this one here, are the views of an external third party that were posted there, big difference

stewie griffin 10:59 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
KUMB can fuck off. Basically banned everyone who posted anything anti board or had the common sense to point out the glaringly obvious flaws in the stadium. Wankers.

Crassus 10:40 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Sold has it bang right on every level, his views, my views, are echoed by that PR bloke who posted on Kumb, which I read with a corporate head rather than Old Skool West Ham - that is exactly where we are, engaging in a new media and sound bite marketing world

Can't run cavalry at tanks for all the glory it offers

Like him I too wish the lads well and really don't want to be negative, merely offer a view, there is a difference

Oh and Norm', we have never disagreed on here, both being what we are, but mate, there is a big difference from being of reasoned opinion and treachery, it's not binary, I understand where you are but I suggest that you read what some of us have said for what it is and not what you feel it is - funny thing is we are not all cunts, albeit I obviously sound like one

flyingV 10:22 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
There are so many valid reasons to march that even if you only care about one or two of them then you've got reason enough to participate.

For some it's about the stadium, for others it's about the reputation of the club being dragged through the mud on social media and the national press. But whatever your personal gripes might be, the perpetrators are those same three people.

They have spent 8 years here promising much and yet in many ways we have gone backwards. At the same time they have lined their own pockets at our expense and continue to do so.

For those who can't understand the purpose of the march - this is where it gets personal and not simply just about games of football anymore.

I've seen a few people take offence at the name, perhaps it's a misinterpretation. Certainly the one thing people dislike is to have their credibility as a supporter questioned (*waves at dicksie*)

But, people like Old Geezer and others - unless you can honestly say you like the way the owners go about running our club - please turn up on the day and add your voices. They are all needed if we stand a chance of restoring some pride. As was posted on here earlier, this march is simply a mass vote of no confidence in the board, taken by a large section of their core support.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 10:11 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
All 888 of them Take?

pulhampete 8:47 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Foam hand and a bucket of pop corn?

charleyfarley 8:00 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Well i had my WHO flag at the ready but I might get associated with Brenty and I don't fancy Andy Swallow nutting me and telling me I am not invited/banned so I'm going dressed as a tourist

Takashi Miike 5:50 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
soldo, I was on the pitch numerous times during the bond scheme protests and the predominant message was 'sack the board'. that obviously never or couldn't happen and brown remained being a toxic presence until he fucked off with a nice profit/lump sum, and as far as I know plenty bought bonds, so yes we stopped them becoming compulsory but there were still loads who bought one

Private Dancer 5:41 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
Northern Sold 4:04 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
On Saturday had an evening round a good mates house... 3 of my MATES are STH's... all three are going on the march...in conversation I asked them what was THEIR reason's for protesting... one wanted the three gone... another wanted the Stadium blown up and started again.. the other wanted BOTH all three gone and the stadium blown up... none are which covered in the five main points for discussion;

Erh, I would hazard a guess that's because the 3 stooges gone and the stadium being blown up are not really realistic? What do you think?

Rossal 5:38 Fri Feb 23
Re: Martin Lewis in the Mail today
The common goal for all members is for a change in personell at board level

Everyone wants them out, and I honestly believe that its quite a obvious motive and message from the members of the group

Yes the majority want the stadium changed/knocked down/made better for football but thats all more in hope than expectation

The owners however is in expectation that the movement and momentum of the group can force a change

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