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FatboyChelseaScum 11:50 Sat Nov 25
Arthur Masuaku
Whats the consensus on him out on the left-wing? I think it suits him much better than leftback / wingback. He might not be fully polished but theres something about him that I really really like and i think he could become a great left winger with enough game time to fully adjust to the role.

Plus his skills are exactly what we want to see when watching football.

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Vexed 12:43 Tue Nov 28
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Has to play at the moment, the only bit of pace and energy we had on the pitch against Leicester. He gives it his all, isn't scared to try and take someone on and contrary to the twats on here can cross a ball well. Yes he can be frustrating but he's young and the decision making isn't the best but with some game time could be an asset.

Must start against Everton.

Hammers1993 12:17 Tue Nov 28
Re: Arthur Masuaku
I'd love to of seen him in the side with Payet, them two overlapping eachother down the left would of been beautiful to see attacking wise.

Would of been fucking awful defensively I imagine but fun watching them terrorise teams going forward.

jack flash 9:14 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
He's a difficult one to sum up
He certainly can't defend well, being far too likely to lose possession in dangerous areas & giving away needless free kicks
Going forward though he sometimes seems unstoppable with the ball, beating defenders with a powerful run before running the ball into touch or misplacing a short pass
Very frustrating
Its difficult to say whether or not he has it in him to improve

crystal falace 3:19 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Has some potential but seems to lack any footballing brain, evidenced by him trying to turn and dribble on the edge of our box.

Also ive never seen anyone dribble the ball out of play on their own anywhere near as much as he does, seems to do it atleast twice a game.

Sir Alf 2:58 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
As many say, he is too erratic to play in a purely defensive role. I noticed on Friday he was also sitting deeper when we had corners or a set piece. Moyes obviously worked out the problem we have been having with counter attacks and his biggest asset is his pace and decent close control ( most of the time ). In our squad and midfield that pace is much needed.

His crossing was dreadful like all our players Friday so lets hope the coaching team work on that.

southlondonhammer 2:51 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Why cant he get the ball out of his fucking feet?

dealcanvey 1:12 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Technically he is our best player and left midfield suits him better. Would like to see him there against Everton.

Your mum 12:39 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
"Arthur could easily be one of the best left sided midfielders/ forwards in the league. "

Are you fkin sure!?

El Scorchio 12:37 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Good as a winger for us. Especially while we're without Antonio.

Seems to actually want to take people on, seems to be able to do so successfully, wants to get forward and can put a decent cross in. Also won't shy away from tracking back and getting stuck in- handy. And can cover Cresswell at left back.

Northern Sold 12:17 Mon Nov 27
Re: Arthur Masuaku
As long as you keep him as far away as possible from having defensive duties he might be an asset... however he does things that I imagine if I was playing in the same team as him I'd have him by the throat in the changing room.

COOL HAND LUKE 8:58 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Arfa is perfect on the left there as per v Leicester. He made more progress down that side than Arnie, Ayew or even Lanzini - everybody else seems to play out there under duress.

I know a few moves went astray for him last ten minutes, but he was just tired by then, I reckon.

Agree about Cressy - he needs to find his form (and his attitude) again, or we need to move him on and replace.

threesixty 6:02 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
If it were redknapp in charge he’d tell him to stay behind and get some shooting practise.
Arthur could easily be one of the best left sided midfielders/ forwards in the league.
Not many players can actually dribble past people in this league.
I think he offers more than any of our wide players at present.
Just seems to actually want the ball and get in a cross.

ludo21 3:11 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
moorethanjustananon 12:08 Sun Nov 26

Agreed - he's about our only player at the moment who is at least prepared to try and take a player on.

Stickleback 3:01 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Masuaku is a bit like the National Lottery. Can be quite exciting until the final balls come out. Then total exasperation. Shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the defence.

RM10 2:45 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
I think cresswell wants to be up north, get rid in jan.

Gavros 2:43 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Cresswell was fucking shit on Friday. At fault for the goal and his crossing was abysmal.

Alex V 2:42 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Successful dribbles per 90 minutes Masuaku is 2nd in the premiership this season. Hazard is 1st.

Eerie Descent 12:45 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
But you're happy with Cresswell not having a clue where his man was for the goal?

They're both dodgy at the back.

master 12:38 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Cannot play Masuaku as a left back. He is liability as he always looks to dribble.Even in Friday's game there were 2 examples of why he is a liability (penalty that was not given and an attempt to turn on the edge of the area where Arnie rescued him). That is fine further up the pitch but not in defence. The current set up of Creswell and Masuaku in front is fine. Our issue is currently at right back where teams are targeting Zabaletta and his lack of pace & height. Byram will hopefully come back, get coached right and be our version of Coleman.

moorethanjustananon 12:33 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Eerie Descent 12:30 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku


Cresswell doesn’t stop crosses, make tackles or provide a decent attacking threat - not sure what’s happened to him but he’s a shadow of his former self.

Eerie Descent 12:30 Sun Nov 26
Re: Arthur Masuaku
When Antonio is fit, I'd drop Cresswell and play Masuaku left back. But error prone, but at least Masuaku has some ability going forward.

Cresswell has been shit for a long time now. Offers nothing.

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