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Justin P 1:40 Sun Nov 26
Team V Everton
Really need a result here!

Our next game after this is the 4pm Sunday kickoff at Man City! lose at Everton an by 6pm Sunday we could be bottom of the league and well up against it!

Start the same team v Leics

Zab Reid Ogbonna Cresswell
Arnie Kouyate Lanzini Masuaku

Give serious game time to Antonio and Pea if they are fit, 30/45 minutes, this is one eye on the city game.

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Mace66 12:37 Thu Nov 30
Re: Team V Everton
Mace66 3:32 Mon Nov 27

Yep, 5-0, Rooney hat-trick, 2 for someone who's never scored for them

Anyone wanna lend of my crystal ball !!

Roomey's first hat-trick since 2011 and Williams has scored just a handful in the prem in that time.


Takashi Miike 3:13 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
couldn't have picked a better game really to see where the players heads are at. we're up against an everton team off the back of two good hidings, low in confidence and playing like cunts. what could go wrong?

Dagenhammer 3:05 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
If as rumoured we have players with relegation c!auses, they will.be at the bottom of my team list, unless of course they have shown or are showing that they are up for a battle.

How on earth we sign players and have these c!auses in their contracts escapes me.

the exile 2:51 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
I suspect Sakho is being left out because he wants out and they thonk his head isn't right. At least no more right than it usually is.

goose 2:51 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
i will be praying that Sakho starts and Antonio is fit enough to play some part.
but you just know that dour scottish minge will play Carroll isolated up front, miles away from the other 9 outfield players.

he'll set-up not to get beat, they will score first and we will be fucked.

boleyn8420 2:47 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Everton have not kept a clean sheet since the first day of the season. Until tonight of course

Eric Hitchmoe 2:45 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Just read that Everton forum and I never thought I would see the day when Everton fans are saying that they 'might just be able to sneak a win' over us at their place.

Vexed 2:30 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Positive/improved performance against Leicester, Everton in disarray and look terrible, intuitively this should mean we have a good chance tonight.

Probable 3-0 defeat then!

dealcanvey 1:23 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Andy Carroll hasn't scored in any of his last 11 competitive appearances for West Ham. Since scoring in the 18th minute of their 2-1 loss against Hull City on April 1, 2017, the striker has gone 14 hours and 19 minutes without a goal and attempted just four shots on target in this period.

4 shots on target in 14 hours. Jesus.

Mace66 1:04 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Mate of mine has been following them home and away for 40 years.

Reckons they're the worst he's ever seen them.

Godwinson 1:00 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
The comments on that Everton site look uncannily familiar.

The post about Lukaku is hillarious.

franksfat&slow&wank 12:44 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
HA HA Grump

as someone pointed out on there, the obvious getting that first goal is massive
hopefully moyes experience will see us through tonight as he also knows that lot well so fingers crosssed

Grumpster 12:42 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Reading that Everton site has actually made me fairly positive of nicking at least a point!

Not seen any of their games, but sounds like Unsworth is doing the cardinal sin of playing players out of position and all are playing like cunts.

That's our shit trick!

franksfat&slow&wank 12:36 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
fuck me egg they really are in a bad place

their defence is clearly shocking

safe to say Carroll is going to play tonight

Eggbert Nobacon 12:20 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
their fans make us sound happy and confident!


Russ of the BML 11:56 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Lertie Button 11:53 Wed Nov 29

Not sure it's that mate.

Carroll is a relic from a bygone age of football. He is what strikers used to be in the 80's and early 90's. And when you have managers who are the same they go to him as their plan A as they don't have the natural talent and progressive attitude to what top level pro football is in 2017.

It's a lazy regressive attitude to football management. Because if you always lump something up to a big man there is a chance something can happen. Even in 2017. That's just football.
Don't blame Sakho.

Grumpster 11:54 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Decent test of Moyes credentials tonight, as quite simply I doubt Everton have had a bigger bitch over the years than us.

Lertie Button 11:53 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
How fucking bad must Sakho be in training to make Carroll look like a better option

Russ of the BML 11:51 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Sadly I fear we come at the right time for them. West Ham haver always been like Santa when it comes to giving teams what they want. If anybody needs a result desperately then just play West Ham. We solve everyone's problems.

On a more positive if we do play Arnie and Antonio and they do get at them we could nick a result as Everton are woeful at full back.

franksfat&slow&wank 11:43 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Antonio and Marko on the wings please as these full backs at everton look as shit as ours

lanzini behind carroll or sakho?

dealcanvey 11:27 Wed Nov 29
Re: Team V Everton
Sack Moyes already? Jesus Christ.

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